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What are the types of bidding in Google Adwords

Google Ad words also known as ‘Google Ads.Its is online advertising system developed by google were advertiser need to pay for displaying his brief ads.

There are various Bidding strategies in google ad word. When creating a new ads campaign or even optimizing a current ads campaign, choosing the best option for your ad campaign is very vital. The wrong ads camping can leads to waste of money or create more work for yourself! There different bidding strategies are as follows:

What are the types of bidding in Google Adwords

Google Bid Strategy and there Goal

Bid Strategy
Maximize Click
More Site Visits
Target Search Page Location
More Ad Visibility
Target CPA
More Conversion at Target CPA
Enhanced CPC
More Conversions
Target ROAS
More Return on Ad Spend
Target Outranking Share
Outrank another domains ads on search
Maximize Revenue
Get as much conversion value as possible
Maximize Conversion
Get Many conversion  as possible

Types of bidding in Google Adwords

Manual bidding is considered the best Bidding Strategy to start the campaign when you are new to Google Ad Words. It can be risky to begin with another automated bidding strategies of Ad Words when are new and you have no knowledge or experience about it. Manual bidding strategy  gives you the option of setting and adjusting the bidding numbers personally according to your goals and business budget.

1. Manual CPC : A Manual Bidding gives the advertiser total control over bids. You can set your own cost per click for your ads. Manual bidding strategy gives you the option to select the amount you want to pay for each click. It is at default setting in Ad Words that you set bids for ad groups but you can also set bids for individual keywords and placements. You can  assign more advertising budget to a particular keyword which you find is more profitable in manual bidding strategy.

2. Maximise Clicks : This is an automatic bid strategy in Ad Words which sets bids accordingly to help you get as many clicks as possible within the estimated budget of your campaign. You can set any budget and Google will be adjust your bids which will bring maximum clicks on your ads. You don’t need to change or set bid amounts for ad groups, keywords or placements.

3. Enhanced Cost Per Click : Enhanced CPC is the method which will help you get more conversions. You just have to set the bid as usual and the rest of the work work done by Google’s Adword . Its will automatically increasing or decreasing manual bids on clicks which will more likely to lead sales and conversions.

4. Automatic CPC : Automatic CPC gives full control of their bid setting to AdWords The advertiser in this bid strategy has to set the budget and the rest of the done by AdWords of getting high clicks or conversions as per the goal assigned within the budget.

5. Target Cost per Acquisition :  Its optimize the bids to get more conversions at the target cost per acquisition. CPA cannot be worked without conversion tracking. Conversion tracking must be enabled for adopting cost per acquisition.Once you set the target cost per acquisition at the campaign its then Google who decides when to show the ads, whom to show, and how much to charge for each goal you accomplished that is for each conversion.

6. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) : Target return on ad spend helps you get more conversion. This is a smart bidding strategy of Ad Words where the bids are automatically optimized . It’s another option when you are using conversion tracking. The strategy is to go after to get more conversion value rather than the total number of conversions.

7. Target Search Page Location : It is an automated bidding strategy which aims to bid across multiple campaigns to show the ad on the top of the search engine result page (SERPs). This can be an costly bidding strategy. You are giving permission to Google to spend your money for being on the top of the (SERPs),and getting on top can be expensive. Google AdWords automatically adjusts the bids to show the ads on the top of the search engine result page (SERPS). 

8. Target Outranking Share : In this bidding strategy you direct Google to show your ad above a specific domain name. You specify a domain name, maybe your competitor, and then want Google to show your ads above that domain name which you have shown (organic websites). This bidding strategy automatically adjusts the bids for showing ad above another domain name.

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What are the types of bidding in Google Adwords


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