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How To Use Social Media Platforms To Gain Likes On Instagram?

Double-taps, likes, hearts, comments, and favorites which gets you popularity are the assets on Instagram that drives the audience towards you and your brand. Your main motive on Instagram is to create the content, the posts, the stories for your viewers so that they can view everything about your profile, appreciate your content, and share you and your efforts.  The major part of Instagram is getting likes through which you can attain your audience’s attention on your posted media. This number plays an essential role in determining your fame.

The Instagram’s algorithm work in such a way that the posts which have comparatively more number of likes as compared to the other posts, (from the same account or different account) are naturally more trending. This means that these posts with more likes appear on people’s feeds on the top. If you gained more likes on your post then the people who are following you will get to see your post first than the people who got less likes on their posts. 

On the other hand, the users who do not follow your account will also see your posts on the top of their feed, but on the “Explore page.” In short, the more likes on your posts, the more often you appear to the others. Remember to post the content which worth this appreciation.

However, we should know that if we consider the situation in today’s time, only one platform is not sufficient to gain popularity. You have to be versatile enough over all the Social Media Platforms if you really want to get your content to be popular and explored at a larger scale. This is naturally true because sharing the media over as many sites as possible could link maximum audience to your page. And if your post is worth it, it will definitely gain you likes, comments, and more shares..        

Here is the list of some of the commonly used Social Media platforms which will help you additionally, apart from Instagram itself to gain you more likes on your posts. We will guide you about the importance of each social networking site and how you should use them to gain likes on your posts.

Why Facebook Preferably?

You have the freedom to ask your followers over on the social media platforms to like your posts on your Instagram handle, but considering the popularity of Facebook among all the other social networking platforms, you should make sure that you definitely share your content with friends, and the sneak peeks of your Instagram posts. If it is compelling enough, it will be beneficial for you in many aspects- almost all of the people who use Facebook, use Instagram as well. And this is a plus point because not everyone uses the other apps as much as one uses Facebook. This makes the users’ to explore Instagram and create their interest in this site. Always make sure to distribute your Instagram post knowledge to your Facebook friends.


Facebook could be the most tempting and compelling channel when it comes to getting enough popularity in the digital industry. Facebook-owned, Instagram now relies on Facebook for most of its updates and features. Therefore, if you are running Instagram, try to link it with your Facebook account, which will get you the maximum engagement of your target audience

Perks Of Facebook:

This platform is the most common amongst all the top social networking sites. You can promote your content in many ways through this platform. Look out someone of the quick points about Facebook-

  • Make sure you add the social link of your Instagram profile, i.e., your Instagram username in the “About” section on Facebook profile.
  • You can share the link of the post which you shared on Instagram on your Facebook post, and then even ask your friends to like that post.
  • You can upload the same picture or the video from Facebook too by sharing the picture to Facebook at the time of uploading or even after uploading the post.
  • Since Facebook has come up with the new feature of sharing stories, so you can take advantage of sharing the information of the new Instagram post to your stories as well, and even ask your friends to like it.
  • Take advantage of the messenger app by sending broadcasted messages to your followers, to like a certain post. Make sure you provide your audience the link for the message.


We can consider YouTube as the second stage in the list of the most trending social networking apps because it has the ‘how to dos’ about everything. From the grandma’s cookie shows to the getting popularity on social media sites, from makeup tutorials to using the new technologies, we can learn everything on YouTube through the medium of videos.  And the videos make it more convenient to give several results to one particular thing.  Therefore, business accounts which use this app should definitely provide the users an option to link Instagram handles so that people can get more scope of marketing with them.


Perks Of YouTube:

YouTube is the top-ranked video sharing platform which has its own advantages. No one can defeat its features as well as the popularity it gained since its launch. Read on to know the quick benefits of YouTube-

  • You can share the information about your Instagram profile, your Instagram post, or anything for that matter by speaking about it in the video that you make.
  • You can also share the links to your Instagram profile by mentioning it in the description space below your video.
  • You can mention the link as a pop up in your YouTube video as well.
  • There is the option of even posting YouTube stories where you can talk about the shared posts on your Instagram handle.
  • You can ask other influencers to promote your shared media, and they can thereby help you to gain more likes.


With 335 million active users, Twitter is another one of the most important business marketing sites which helps the development of the business at a larger scale. It is becoming popular because nowadays, the site has started becoming a tool for news sharing as well. This has increased the activeness of the users on a larger scale. Many people have started to count upon Twitter to know about the latest happenings around the world. Hence, sharing the Instagram post information is considered as an important aspect on Twitter as well.


Perks Of Twitter:

Twitter is the best source of instant information and updates. Millions of people use the channel to get their business explored by maximum audience. Let see how the channel is a beneficial tool for everyone-

  • Letting you post the link of your Instagram profile on your Twitter bio.
  • Letting you share the link of your profile or your post through the tweets.
  • You can share the links in the comment section as well.
  • You can ask people to retweet your tweet, where you have mentioned the link so that more people can view your profile or your post.
  • Send direct messages to people by sending them the link to your Instagram profile or your posts.


Tik-Tok has been downloaded 800 million times. Its popularity is flourishing because of its presentation of the hidden talent from people all over the world. The app allows the user to make short videos. Moreover, the platform also enables users to include their information about their Instagram pictures, videos, profiles, as well as other content they want. 


“Note: TikTok privacy guidelines do not allow to post any inappropriate content on the site. If the channel finds someone’s content that breaches their policies, they immediately suspend his/her account. “

TikTok is the medium which gained a billion users attention at its initial stage and continuously making a profit because of its mesmerizing effects as well as the advanced features. Let us see with the quick points that how the platform could bring success to your business-

  • One has the advantage of sharing the Instagram handle in the description while they share their videos on this app.
  • Instagram also provides paid promotions from Tik-Tok, where one account is allowed to promote its Instagram advertisements.
  • One can also talk about their Instagram posts or profiles in the videos that they post on Tik-Tok.

All of these platforms thereby have their own respective relevance in order to promote the business of one another. We cannot say which one is most preferable or not, depending upon the importance, and the quick reach can define it all. The only reason because of which Facebook and YouTube are shown with preference in this article is because they have a comparatively larger audience which brings to notice more viewers and likes to your posts.

All of these websites’ cookies are linked to one another. This is because when you create different accounts from a common Gmail, the information gets connected, which is why you see similar account suggestions on different platforms. Hence, people will definitely find your account in one way or the other, but if you want to gain more appreciations, you have to do a little bit of more extra efforts.

All you have to do is remember to keep on promoting your handles, be consistent with your posts, create the content which your audience demands and would like to share. You can also make attempts of asking people to share your posts with others in direct messages, to retweet your posts, to add your posts to their stories or even share them to their profiles.

These are just marketing tools and strategies that help in your business development. Always make the best use of all the opportunities that are provided to you. People are completely dependent on social media for everything, and one should remember to call upon all the social media sites to promote their business and expand their marketing options.

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How To Use Social Media Platforms To Gain Likes On Instagram?


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