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Unique Ways To Get More Instagram Comments

Everyone wants to be in the spotlight, especially on Social Media networks. There are several social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc but among all,  people love to be on Instagram as it is a picture sharing app. We all have heard the saying “Picture speaks louder than words”, you get to see creative, lovely pictures every time. Isn’t that great?  Instagram can be powerful especially when you have a business for which you want huge fan followings and positive networking. Comments on Instagram is the only way to start a two-way interaction with our customers and fans. Additionally, it is an excellent way to start a conversation with your fans if you are a budding artist, singer or a cook. instagram comment can be a great platform to promote your talent and business in the online world.  In short, you fan will help you to reach huge audience globally with the help of all Instagram comments. Basically, you need to have great Instagram followers to get good comments. Everything won’t happens in a single day, everything needs right strategies and lots of human efforts.

Importance Of Getting More Instagram Comments

Today social media accounts like Instagram are not only limited to interaction with friends and family, it is an excellent platform to promote a business, brand, and services.Additionally, it is a brilliant platform to showcase your talent to mass audience, all you need is huge Instagram comments to promote. When you have an Instagram account with excellent comments, you can see a drastic increase in the organic followers too. People always look for the entertaining post where they can relate themselves, this will also have a good brand image of your business. You can use an Instagram comment to boost the brand value and increase brand recognition.

Here Is The Importance Of Getting More Instagram Comments

  • Comments are the best way to start with an interaction and conversation with your users and fans.
  • An excellent comment from the customers and fans is a positive sign and promotes the great brand value among audience.
  • Your audience can also forward your comments to their friends easily by mentioning their name in @. This will showcase your products and services to a mass audience. you can get more exposure and organic traffic with the help of Instagram comments.
  • Comments are an excellent and smart way to get feedback from your customer and audience. all the feedbacks are high in quality and constructive. The best part is there is no expense involved to get the feedback from your audience. These feedbacks can be worked on and can be used as a great value in order to promote the business.

9 Effective Way To Get More Comments On Instagram

 1. Increase Your Base

The most common and smart way to get more Instagram comments are to increase your follower base. You can start promoting your Instagram account on other social media sites, websites, blog, can add it to the email signature, business cards etc. Once you have good fan followers, you can easily receive great comment and can start with audience interaction too.

2. Look For Relevant Industry

Another smart way to increase the Instagram comments is to follow all the relevant people in your industry. They will usually follow you back, you can get started with a conversation and can notice a drastic rise in the comment number too.

3. Create A Unique And Perfect Post

The saying “quality over quality “goes very well when it comes to getting Instagram comments. People usually do not prefer to follow random Instagram accounts with silly feeds. They will be interested in your post on if you have a high quality and entertaining post. if the post is great in quality, you can see the comment section will start flooding with interesting and suitable comments. Always post pictures which are relevant to the post, it is an instant way to grab some eyeballs. If your followers are interested, they will surely begin the conversation with comments. If you want to get more information how to create a unique and perfect post then you should get detailed information here.

4. #Hashtag Is Your New Best Friend

I am sure, by this time you will know the importance of hashtag in the social media. If you want anything to go viral, start with a hashtag like minded people will take it further. Finally, you will reach your ultimate goal of quality Instagram comments. When you post a picture on your Instagram account, always hashtag the tile word and begin the conversation. Instagram hashtags will place your picture under the category and soon you will get more interested followers and comments on the post.

5. Quality Comment

When you have begun a great conversation with your followers, liking their comment is not only enough. If they have taken the time to comment on the post, it is must for you to take out time and leave a nice positive comment. this is another smart way to increase the brand value. Always make sure to comment whether it is positive or negative. All the comments are the reaction of people towards your brand, product, and services. Try to rectify the negative comment as soon as possible. This will boost up the reliability of customer. Always take out a time to leave a positive and friendly comment to your customers, this will increase your likability amount existing audience and you also will start getting new followers in no time.

6. Be Your Own Competitor

Be an expert in your industry, take out time and find common and innovative hashtag in your industry to promote your business. with practice, you will know the effective use  hashtag, start using it often to get great comments. You can quickly analyze the common hashtag used by your own competitors in which they are getting huge likes and comment. Apply those on your post and strike a conversation in the comment section.

7. Follow Relevant Account

It is great to have a huge number of followers but makes sure to follow excellent people from your relevant industry. Social media is a two-way street, people will interact with you. It is great to follow people who can start a conversation with you relevant industry, additionally, when you follow relevant folks from your industry with will help you to expand your circle. Don’t follow someone for the sake of it, quality followers will help to get quality comments and interaction on Instagram.

8. Tag Folks

Tagging your followers is another smart way to get your post shared immediately, this will also increase your visibility. when you start tag people, their friends will also get to see the post shared by you, if the post is interesting they will begin to comment.

9. Share The Post At The Perfect Time

Once you have the perfect post ready for your audience, make sure to post at the right. When it comes to social media sharing, everything has a perfect time. The best time to start a post is on Thursdays and Weekends during the evening.

Methods To Increase Comments On Instagram Photos

  • Start with an Instagram giveaway of contest to encourage your followers to comment.
  • Ask a witty question or start a controversial question.
  • Ask a revealing query to make the comment.
  • Create a post which is too sweet and cute to comment.
  • Be flexible and accept the negative criticism.
  • Inspire your folks with great posts.
  • Showcase your talent to a huge audience, never forget to thank them for their splendid contribution to your journey.
  • you can ask your followers to tag their friends and folks on suitable comments which they find relevant.
  • Create a funny and entertaining post so that your followers can share the same with their friends
  • make use of a relevant hashtag to promote the post.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking for innovative ways to get popular on social media sites. People come up with new strategies and ideas to get Instagram comments. It is an excellent way to boost up the audience engagement on your Instagram account. If you are an amateur singer, baker, cook or a small business who are in desperate need of audience interaction then the Instagram comment is a perfect choice. It will help you to promote your business and talent and simultaneously you can build a great social profile in no time. many people looking for a shortcut way to get those comments, but is always not the right idea.When you keep on saying tag friends in each and every post, people may not like it and there are more chances that they will unfollow you. Avoid using cheap and regular strategies. It will be seen as sleazy and desperate method which you won’t want to associate with your business profile or individual Instagram profile.  Above strategies will help you to fetch great comments on your instagram post. People usually look for the relevant, entertaining and creative post, they want to get associated with something which will add more value to their entire user experience.

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Unique Ways To Get More Instagram Comments


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