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Rehab Marketing Plan Leads [Top 7 Mistakes]

Rehab Marketing Plan Leads [Top 7 Mistakes]

Credit: Charles Davis

National Addiction Treatment Marketing | West Palm Beach, Florida |

Rehab marketing plan leads are paramount with the many business, and marketing changes affecting owners and operators. It’s apparent the addiction treatment industry is facing difficult challenges. Business, administrative and marketing changes are causing some centers to close their doors. Big brother is watching with the new laws in Florida, changing how centers obtain their clients. This is not isolated to just Florida, we have been seeing glimpses of the law protecting the vulnerable in California, and Arizona. Not only is big brother watching, but also the biggest kid in the marketing sandbox (Google) is now also trying to protect the vulnerable. These changes are seriously affecting rehab marketing plan leads.

Owners Lacking Business and Rehab Marketing Tools

These drastic operational changes have caused many centers to start examining their addiction treatment marketing, and business strategies. Many are realizing they need solid rehab marketing plan leads, and rehab marketing ideas resulting from a healthy marketing mix. They will not be able to survive using laissez faire strategies. One of the biggest areas centers are looking at is their web marketing. We recently spoke with a couple of industry business, and marketing experts about what centers need to survive.

treatment-center-marketing-web-traffic-Behavioral Health-Network-Resources-West-Palm-Beach-FL

The web’s audience, and traffic is staggering; it’s the largest place for marketing. By the time you finish reading this sentence there will have been 2.3 million searches on Google, over 200,000 new Facebook posts, 22,000 tweets, and 22,000 gigabytes uploaded. So, “Why are centers not marketing, or poorly marketing, on Google and social media?” We took that question to Jim Peake, CEO of Addiction Rep, a national known and respected addiction treatment center marketing company. This is what he had to say, “Many centers are short-sighted on their marketing, and expect immediate gratification. They want new clients immediately, and proper web addiction treatment marketing takes time, and work.” Many are realizing they need rehab marketing plan leads to generate clients.

Getting on page one organically of Google does take time, and knowledge, as does building a social media presence. But, as we are now seeing with the Google restrictions, it is one of the best strategies. Also, we need to consider that only 10-15% of page one Google clicks are paid advertising (top 3 ads on page one). Organic ranking (8 spots, and Google Maps) on page one receive a whopping 50-60% of the click throughs.

REhab MArketing Road Block Behavioral Health Network Resources West Palm Beach, FL

What is stopping centers from organically getting on page one with their addiction recovery marketing? We took that question Bryan Frye, CEO of Magna Technology, a well-respected website building agency. He told us this, “One of the biggest issues is incorrect, and poor website structure. Google spiders will penalize you, or not rank your site if they cannot read it. This is probably why we hear so many say that web marketing hasn’t worked for them. Without the proper web structure, any marketing you put on top will perform poorly.”.


Rehab marketing plan leads, and business strategies for PHP, IOP, detox, halfway house, sober living, or even independent practices are critical. The electronic assets are the largest portion of your business that generates revenue. Is your website's foundation correctly set-up to foster the heavy weight of marketing, or is it built on sand?

Marketing and Outreach Need Rehab Marketing Tools

For rehab marketing plan leads you rely on outreach professionals to establish relationships, and bring in new clients to keep your facility full. Do you train those individuals? You rely on their expertise to bring new business, and they network with other treatment centers. Are they establishing enough new relationships with other addiction, and behavioral health professionals to foster referrals? Are they positively, or negatively affecting your brand?

Rehab Marketing Plan Leads Owners Lacking Tools

You most likely hired your outreach employees because they convinced you they could produce clients. Most outreach professionals in our industry are “boots on the ground.” They have a limited amount of referral sources, and many do not have a formal marketing education, or resources to continually grow new relationships.

Your outreach staff relies on you for guidance to perform well. If your organization is short-sighted on its’ rehab marketing plan leads efforts, “How can you expect your outreach staff not to be short sighted?” Many centers use short-term solutions for long-term problems with their rehab marketing. All businesses require short, and long-term marketing strategies. The Google restrictions on paid addiction treatment marketing ads has brought to light the extreme importance of solid marketing strategies, properly built websites, organic marketing and having an audience that you own.

Treatment Centers Short-Sighted Marketing Efforts


Many treatment centers do not fully understand how to generate drug rehab leads. We look at many addiction treatment center websites, and many times, we can tell if they value marketing. Here are the top 12 addiction treatment marketing mistakes we see;

  • incorrect structure
  • no (or poor) SEO
  • no blog, or just old blogs
  • no social media share buttons at the bottom of each blog post
  • no listing of the last 3, or 5 blog posts at the bottom of each blog post
  • no staff page
  • no testimonials
  • no Google map, or embedded incorrectly
  • poor call to action
  • offer very little value to their target audience
  • no call tracking
  • lack of understanding on Google analytics

Other factors that may affect their rehab marketing plan leads include; no email marketing, no alumni campaign, no marketing plan, and no (poor) social media presence. These are some of the tools your outreach professionals need to rely upon every day.

BHNR has been educating CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Outreach professionals since 2014 with their Addiction Executive conferences. Their talk show host/town hall forum enables the audience to control the content in an open forum. Each event has at least 5 Executive thought leader panelists, providing proven business, and marketing strategies. You can check out their last “EMP” Addiction Professional Conference where they welcomed Addiction Campuses to South Florida in front of 180 addiction professionals attending the event. They provide many business, and marketing tools for CEO's, Executives, Directors, and Outreach professionals, gaining knowledge for your organization to survive the difficult changes occurring in our industry. This event focused on the future of patient brokering, website structure, SEO, branding, organic marketing, and tools for Outreach Professionals. If you would like to sponsor one of our 2018 events, contact Behavioral Health Network Resources CEO, Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

EMP Addiction Conference Behavioral Health Network Resources Rehab Marketing rehab marketing plan leads

Is Your Treatment Centers Website Built on Sand, or Rock


There are many reasons why rehab marketing fails. Some of the main reasons rehab marketing plan leads fail are; poorly structured website, bad SEO, no IoT assets built, few good back-links, no analytics, no tracking and not driving targeted visitors their website. Many poblems stem for the most basic component, a properly structured website that Google spiders can read. Many centers don’t realize what a good rehab marketing strategy can do for their organization. Many give-up, and resort to “word of mouth” as their main marketing vehicle. It's time to examine your rehab marketing plan leads strategy.

Word of Mouth Treatment Center Oaganic Marketing


Many treatment center owners, and sales/service organizations say, “We do best by, "word of mouth" for referrals. Being on page one of Google organically is the best possible word of mouth you can achieve. When you’re on page one, you get 1000’s of calls, and click throughs to your website. It outperforms all other addiction treatment marketing combined. Also, you need to consider, “What really is “word of mouth” marketing?” The problem is they have no long-term marketing strategy in their marketing mix. A good rehab marketing mix provides both, in a dedicated effort. However, it takes time, resources and an investment for a long-term strategy.

Word of mouth marketing is someone that endorses you to someone else. The addiction treatment industry is full of gossip. We hear a tremendous amount of gossip every day. This treatment center is brokering, this treatment center provides poor care, this treatment center is swopping patients, etc…


Many times, the accusations are incorrect, hurting that organizations brand efforts to build relationships, and get referrals. This drastically affects their “boots on the ground” efforts. It is happening every day, whether you want to believe it or not, and affecting your referral sources. One way to overcome untrue gossip is through effective branding. Making your message strong enough, reaching a big enough audience, for people to question the validity of the accusations.

Rehab Marketing Tools for Outreach Professionals

Your addiction treatment marketing team must have some essential tools in their tool box. Tools that not only help establish new relationships, but also promote the organization. You need to provide tools assisting your staff in increasing quality, and targeted relationships. These tools include; ways to grow an industry professional network, understanding social media, using social media, and using a marketing strategy getting your entire organization involved with generating targeted website traffic.


Your rehab marketing plan should include building your organization’s unique brand with the front-line professionals to generate targeted relationships, and find your niche in the addiction treatment market.

Outreach professionals may be hurting your brand with the messages they are putting out on social media. BHNR is on social media 12-15 hours a day. We own over 30 social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. We see many outreach professionals posting messages that are not good for branding.

Branding Builds Trust and Engages

Building your brand is not advertising. It’s establishing a relationship that allows your target market to get to know you. It is attaching your organization to their emotions and feelings. Think of it as if you are single, and looking for a long-term relationship. You causally meet someone. You are looking to see if they are attractive, and engaged with what you like. If they are, then you want to get to know them. As you get to know them better, you get feelings and emotional ties to that person. Branding is much like this, it is not about your organization, but about being attracting, engaging, and getting emotionally attached.


Branding is much bigger than marketing, and marketing should support branding. Marketing is your website, SEO, PPC, advertising, email marketing, etc…

Branding is the culture of the organization itself, that builds trust over the competition. It identifies, connects, touches the emotions, and feelings of the target audience. If repeatedly successful, your organization gets attached to those emotions, and feelings of that individual.This must be considered in your rehab marketing plan leads strategy.

Examples of Good Branding

An excellent example of good branding by an addiction treatment center is International Recovery Centers (IRC) video on how, and why they started their center. It is a raw, honest, and emotional video (2nd video on the page) by their CEO.  This video reached 29,000 people, has 10,000 views, and was shared over 200 times on Facebook. They also did a follow-up branding video (1st video on the page) honestly thanking their audience for the support.

Another excellent example of good branding is the Amy Winehouse Project. Their branding is much different from IRC’s. They identify with Amy Winehouse’s millennial audience. They are not just branding another treatment center, they are identifying with the largest marketing segment in history. They are connecting with an audience that has a deep, and emotional attachment to her legacy. They are a hip upbeat IOP, OP program that understands this large marketing segment.

Value of Social Media Rehab Marketing Plan Leads

Addiction treatment outreach professionals must completely understand the key social media (Facebook, and LinkedIn) in our industry. They are valuable tools for their toolbox. Used correctly they can generate clients, establish new referral sources, and brand the treatment center.


Facebook has 2 billion people that include many individuals seeking help, and behavioral health professionals. LinkedIn has over 550 million members, and a minimum of 20 million addiction and behavioral health professionals. There is nowhere else you can go to reach these large numbers, and must be included in your long-term rehab marketing plan leads strategy. These are the most powerful tools for outreach professionals. They must also be used by treatment centers to grow an IoT targeted audience they own. They are also the best way a treatment center can generated targeted visitors to their website. Treatment centers can use these for paid. and organic marketing. If your organization is interested in social media training, please give BHNR a call at 561-235-6195.

Organic Marketing on Social Media

Rehab marketing on social media is not social. I say that because there are specific goals that treatment centers, or sales/service organizations must strive for on social media. These goals include; attract, engage, capture, and convert. For social media to work you need an intimate understanding of how each one works. They all have their strengths, secrets, tricks and back-doors.

social media marketing addiction treatment marketing

A blog is one of the most valuable pieces of organic social media marketing, and is an ablsolute must for all rehab marketing plan leads strategies. However, addiction treatment centers, and sales/service organizations must realize their blog is not about them. It should be atrracting, and engaging to their target audience. Blog posts must be optimized for a key word, or a tail. Many center's blogs are not optimized correctly, and are not inviting for the target audience.

We've explained the power of social media, and why it is paramount for drug and alcohol treatment centers, and addiction treatment sales/service organizations to be organically marketing on them. Some treatment centers will hire an agency to do their social media marketing. They usually do this for a 3-6 month period, before they realize not too much is happening. At this point they have nothing to show for their money. Many centers, and sales/service organizations then say, "Social media doesent work for us". 

Addiction Treatment Marketing Behavioral Health Network Resources

You not only need to push your blog out through social media, you also need to capture a targted audience. This audience is part of your long-term rehab marketing plan leads startegy because their is a life-time value to owning your own targeted audience. A good social media push on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+ should generate a minimum of 500-1,000 targeted click troughs to your website. If the article is shared a lot, it could be much higher. BHNR has built one of the largest organic social media audiences in the nation. Our audience consists of addiction professionals, and individuals seeking information on treatment. Give us a call at 561-235-6195, and ask us about our 90-day social media marketing package that instanly taps you into our aurience, and builds an audience your own.

Addressing Poor Social Madia Posts

Addiction treatment centers must be aware of what their employees are putting out on social media. We see post like, "Sunshine Recovery, We are a PHP, IOP, are JACHO accredited, and have 2 beds available." A post like this not only hurts the person posting it, but also the brand of the addiction treatment center. Your entire organization needs to be on the same page with social media marketing. CEO's, Directors, and Outreach must be putting out a message that compliments, and supports the brand.

What's you Marketing Plan?


As a Treatment Center Owner, you've mastered the skills to start your practice, and provide a great clinical service. The missing component to getting clients is strategic rehab marketing. Where are your rehab marketing plan leads coming from? There many important aspects you need as a foundation, and components that should be in your marketing mix. Whether you are just starting out, or have a seasoned team, you need clients to keep your census high enough to keep the doors open. You put a tremendous amount of pressure on your outreach and marketing staff. Are you providing a solid foundation, effective tools, proven methods to foster new business, and a stetegic plan to grow your organizations electronic assets?

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Rehab Marketing Plan Leads [Top 7 Mistakes]


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