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Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

[Coming soon] Lead conversion flows are an upcoming Jumplead feature, currently slated for release in early April. We thought we'd bring you up to speed with the new feature and hopefully get some feedback.

Our goals for this update are to achieve the following things:

  • Allow full design control of forms via the UI
  • Allow overlays to be built and deployed via Jumplead
  • Allow multi-step funnel sequences
  • Introduce a fully drag and drop page editor
  • Allow automations to be fired based upon flow steps
  • Add consent widgets to meet EU GDPR requirements

Lead forms are great and being able to add them to any page on your website gives you a lot of flexibility around where and how you convert visitors into leads. But these days we need more, to get the most out of our marketing we need to be able to create multi-step interactions that give us the opportunity to up sell and make choices about how we respond to that particular Lead given the information they give us.

That's why we built Lead Conversion flows.

What's a Lead Conversion Flow?

To understand better what lead conversion flows are, let's compare them to basic conversion forms. A conversion form is used to convert a visitor into a lead, by requiring that your visitor gives you their details in order to gain access to content, or to be added to a mailing list, or to subscribe to a course. You are generating a new lead, or further qualifying a lead for your business.

That's great. But there is only one step.

So let's make it multi step.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

When you can add more steps and chain them together you can create a process that includes up sells, extra options and choices, giving you far greater control and flexibility.

Plus, being able to trigger an automation at each step you get a finely tuned ability to personalise and segment based upon each interaction. As well as the range of possible uses for your flows growing exponentially!

Lead capture flows, Sales page flows, Event flows, Survey flows, all of these and more become possible.

What about overlays?

Love them or hate them, overlays grab attention. They are a powerful way to generate leads from visitors that are leaving your website when used with an exit intent trigger, and can also be added as a step in a lead conversion flow, triggered when an embedded form step is completed.

So how do I set up a lead conversion flow?

Jumplead groups conversion flows together into 'Goals' which is a high level goal for your business, a goal could be 'Drive blog subscription' or even just 'Generate leads' whatever you choose to be your overall goal for your group of lead flows, you know that they'll all be kept together.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

Creating your lead conversion flow is a process of adding the steps you want to move your leads through. Each flow step shows you how many visitors have reached that step, how many times the step was completed and the conversion rate of that step, so you can see where people might be dropping off in your sequence.

Each lead conversion flow has the ability to either be shown to all website visitors, or to a filtered subset based upon the filter options you set, so you could create a flow specifically for people from a certain location, using a certain device type, or from a particular referral source, or even anyone coming in with a particular UTM campaign tag.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

Individual sequence steps can be dragged into new positions, for ease of editing your flow.

To add a new step, click the "+" icon at the position you wish to add the step in the flow.

The flow step wizard

Adding a flow step opens a 4 step wizard where you will add some details, choose the design template you want to use, edit the design to meet your exact needs with the page builder, then add any automation actions you want to trigger with that step.

1. Step details

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

First name your step and choose what type of step this will be, an embedded form or an overlay.
You can also select how many progressive fields you want to use in this step if you are using progressive profiling.

2. Template selection

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

Choose which template you'd like to use as a starting point.

3. Page builder

You can now edit your form page. The editor is completely drag and drop, allowing you to select from a range of components as well as having complete design control via the user interface.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

As part of the new page builder there is a 'Consent widget' that allows you to specify and track the consent mechanisms you wish to use to meet GDPR requirements for the EU.

Consents that are given when the widget's checkbox is ticked are recorded and stored against the contact and available to prove when and how a particular consent was given.

The new page builder works on adding and removing responsive content blocks that are designed to display correctly across devices from mobile devices up to desktop computers.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

4. Add an automation

If you'd like to fire an automation when this step is completed, add it here. You could change your lead's stage, add a tag for segmentation, start an email autoresponder sequence etc.

Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead

So that's how lead conversion flows work, and how you will be able to create them.

We hope that you like this new feature and would love to hear what you think in the comments.

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Lead Conversion Flows in Jumplead


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