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Drive Traffic to Your Website in 4 Easy Ways

Drive Traffic to Your Website in 4 Easy Ways

Drive Traffic to Your Website in 4 Easy Ways

The continuing struggle for business owners and bloggers alike is driving Traffic to their sites. It can be frustrating when one article is well received, results in a new sale, or engages a few readers, but your next post does not. It can be downright infuriating when you spend hours, days, or entire weeks writing and get none of these at all. Learning how to drive traffic to your site can help you overcome this when you consider the enormous amount of content that readers online have to sift through. This article’s focus will be to help you increase traffic to your website so as to increase the profitability of it. Unlike a previous post, where we talked about how to maximize your chances of hitting the gone-viral gold mine, this post will focus on day-to-day processes, habits, and best practices to increase your traffic.

1. Get a pulse on your existing traffic and keep your SEO in mind.

If you haven’t already connected your website to Google Analytics you are missing out on invaluable data that will help you monitor and learn about your audience. This is a must-do step before going any further. How do you know your increasing traffic without a way to actually see your traffic? I would recommend implementing Google Analytics over a standard WordPress tracking plugin because Google provides a lot more information regarding the demographics of your audience, it’s age spread, where they came from and what device they were using. All incredibly useful for figuring out what to write!

The search engine optimization of every post and page you write is paramount to driving traffic. We’ve covered the significance of this in a previous post. Something additional to keep in mind is that not everyone is searching for a single keyword. As search engines advance, their capability to understand entire sentences and return productive results is improving, and users are starting to take notice. People are beginning to search for incredibly specific things, using up to four or five keywords per search. These are called “long-tail” keywords, and you should take them into account if you want to help drive traffic. Be sure you have your competitive and focus keywords locked down on other pages or posts, but once you have them start writing about highly specific topics, products, or events. By using long-tail keywords you have the opportunity to capitalize on 81.41% of all internet search traffic.

2. Connect with numerous social media networks to drive traffic

This may seem like an incredibly obvious topic to mention, but you cannot underestimate the importance of using Social Media to drive traffic to your website. Our website can thank nearly 20% of its traffic this month to social networks alone! It’s important that you share your hard work on as many networks as possible: Facebook and Twitter being the essential two that come to mind. However, simply posting your new article once on your wall won’t be enough to really increase the number of visits you get to your website. Your friends might not approve of a constant barrage of articles if you repeatedly post them either, so utilizing a wide range of social networks is critical.

There are dozens of popular social media outlets that are ready to accept your shiny new articles and present them to their users, but which ones are worth your time? Ultimately, this could be a question best deeply discussed at a later time. But, consider StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as great places to start. You should have a business twitter account and a professional Facebook page as well. LinkedIn personal accounts and business pages are an amazing resource as they have become renowned for sharing professional content and stimulating discussion – the ideal outlet for any small business. Once you’ve gotten your content out there – follow up with it! Interact with your readers and engage them!

Be wary of forum or discussion-centric social networks, such as Reddit, however. It’s an outstanding website that accounts for a tremendous amount of web traffic, but its users are critical of advertising and aggressive marketing content. Occasionally sharing on the site can be beneficial, but be prepared to discuss your article – and make sure it provides a real value to everyone.

3. Host special guests and interviews to reinvigorate your posts

It’s hard to write something fresh and exciting on a consistent basis. If your content is stale or aging, you are likely to lose traffic – and your profits. Interviews are a great way to spice up your posts, add more depth, and drive traffic. Featuring a professional in your field, or one pertinent to your audience, in the format of an interview is a great way appear professional and relevant. Another great suggestion is to host special guests on your blog. Ask or invite a colleague/blogger/business owner to write about a topic that you can post on your site. Then do the same for them!

Both of these ideas not only freshen up the feel of your website and provide intriguing material for your readers, but they also drive traffic in entirely new ways. By featuring another person or business, either by interview or a guest article, they are incentivized to bring an entirely new audience to your website. They’ll share your article with their circle of friends, and all their social media accounts as well. It’s a great way to create mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals – and you should take advantage of it!

4. Utilize paid advertising for that additional push

Quite simply, the internet is flooded with millions of articles, websites, businesses, and an endless amount of content. When attempting to be found naturally, one way to overcome the incredible odds that are against would be to rely on pay per click (PPC) advertising. It’s incredibly effective and accounts for a significant amount of traffic to large and small businesses/websites alike. There are a couple different ways you can approach paying for web traffic: either through social media or search engine display networks.

Companies like Google and Bing offer individuals the opportunity to pay to get their post featured at the top of a search result – a huge advantage over the websites that share the keywords that were searched for. The process has become quite simple, and a majority of the PPC options out there offer great incentives to give them a shot. Google Adwords is known to match up to $150 of your advertising expenses on their platform via occasional coupons – and sometimes will give new sign ups $50 or more just for giving it a shot.

Social network advertising is much the same way. Your Facebook feed is crowded with posts, some of them from your friends, and some of them not. By properly setting up a Facebook ad campaign you can have your material appear when relevant to a very wide audience. Once set up, it becomes easy to get your new post in the eyes of hundreds or even thousands of readers.

With practice, patience, and a little know how you can effectively drive new and exciting traffic to your website. You’ll get more engagement, more leads, and maybe even more sales.

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Drive Traffic to Your Website in 4 Easy Ways


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