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Integrity in Management

Integrity in Management

Business world items in today’s environment are sometimes left behind.  Integrity is truly one of those ideas. People often forget how integrity is important to the company, education, and life in general.  This informative article provides information to show the importance of integrity in management level. A commonly approved definition of integrity in management is adherence to a code of especially moral or values which are imaginative incorruptibility. Integrity in management is also a condition that is unimpaired soundness.  Honesty, which discusses the following, is an element that is defined key of.  Data integrity, character, and truthfulness will be qualities that really need to be existing to have integrity.  They are key to creating and respect that is definitely maintaining the companies/organizations it works for and from the people that work for them. Integrity in management is extremely important to our economy and the reader for this article needs to worry whether the management it works for or interact with personally offers integrity today.

Today’s economy has lack of integrity in management in companies such as Enron, Worldcom, Tyco and others.  The result of these events has directed to a loss in prestige in corporate America by the ongoing companies involved and not enough trust in organizational management. These situations resulted in bankruptcy, employee/shareholder losses, public disgrace, personal lawsuits and felony convictions.

Integrity in Management and Business Ethics

The link between honesty and business ethics is not difficult. The thought of reliability involves honesty, truthfulness, and character. It also involves a strict moral or rule which is ethical this is where the term ethics and integrity connect. Several segments of society have produced a code of principles for their members to stick to. These codes involve principles of integrity and in certain cases moral or principles that are ethical members to follow. This is an example that produces integrity in management and ethics together.

The importance associated with the information in the paragraph which is previous be taken lightly. While integrity in management does require ethics, it’s important to note that the definition of integrity in management is limited to a set that is strict of right conduct and is definitely a theory or system of ethical beliefs. Ethics by definition also involve the rule or criteria governing the conduct of a person or members of an organization. This again is how business and integrity in managing ethics are connected. Types of the scandals that are corporate as ENRON, Tyco and Worldcom show how the deficiency of honesty, truthfulness, and character impacted definitely not precisely the personnel of they but also the stockholders and the economy, as the facts became known. The examples referenced show, which is above the conditions involved happened to be both unethical and were an endeavor to misrepresent the health of the individual companies noted.

Below are the qualities of reliability that management should have and the people should anticipate of any ongoing organization or company. Also involved could be the idea of respect for a position rather than the person who just fills it. This concept is something that all men and women should just know not management.

Today business ethics and reliability entail companies making sure the principles they have in place are the ones that are right that they’re strictly enforced. Without administration associated with the rules or policies in an ongoing company/organization they become meaningless. This can do indeed trigger a loss of prestige through public belief if what an ongoing company says they are doing is actually not being done. However, part of business ethics also involves using details that are created to appear at a conclusion that is honest. This implies that individuals in business, sometimes start using data to see the view they want even when the known facts do certainly not support their conclusion. Integrity in management involves drawing a conclusion based the provided information definitely not what we wish the data to say.

Another exemplary case of the text between business values and stability requires the administration of policies for company principles that meet ethical and integrity standards.


Honesty is important in integrity management as proof shows this element has been lacking as witnessed in news reports in the paper or on television now. Management must be open and honest with their employees and display this in their actions, not just their terms.

Management of any ongoing company or organization in integrity management must be honest with the public and their employees. There is a possibility of loss in respect of the employees. While doing their assigned duty employees should be able to discover positive examples of how management wants them to carry out. Management must always be open and honest with regards to their employees as well as the public with that they interact. This should be displayed in both their words along with their actions. All this must document for future verification, which may help in case of problems. It is not only the management which creates the perception of saying one thing but doing some other it includes many people. If management makes an announcement, which must later be changed based on new information, they should explain the best explanation for the change. It is a two-way street. Employees have the right to be expecting management be open to share the truth with all of them and a right is having by the management to expect sincerity from their employees.

Data Integrity

Management must make data in integrity management that are sure under their responsibility happens, to be honest, reliable and complete.

There is an announcement that honesty might policy that is best. This is a statement that is good, but sometimes the organization’s policy dictates that certain information is not made public. When the management of a company or firm is faced with following business rules or being honest and complete the person or company then it must realize withholding information may affect decisions made by some other person will harm the company eventually or organization. The truth which happens to be true eventually present themselves and a company who is actually placed in this situation lose far a lot more than they gain.

The image of an ongoing company in such case becomes tarnished and is hard to get over inside community perception how it works. If a continuous company is truly honest with their staff members and the public they are perceived favorably and normally have a significantly better profit return. This situation produces someone to become a whistleblower in many cases. The connection between honesty and truthfulness is the known fact in integrity management that if a person claims or is considered honest, the documentation or proof of this reality is validated by data which is nothing but the truth. It is if you find data that are consistent that information being transmitted from a person; company or organization is reliable.

This statement suggests the importance of being honest, complete, and reliable for data that is generated. Management must make information that is sure under their control is both honest and complete. Companies create much data that will make it to everyone through reports or the Internet today. The data transmitted need about a point of verification for completeness and accuracy if it’s not 100%. People must feel that given the information they receive is truthful and complete. It can affect the decisions people make concerning their lives and family if it is definitely not. This can be from buying stock in the company to a company that is buying the services. If the given information turns out to end up being erroneous and incomplete, the level of confidence and the willingness of the employee may affect to do any future company with the company. Therefore, a company, which transmits data that are unreliable will be hurt later on dealings. This is genuine, as the inaccuracies will be revealed eventually. It is the responsibility that is management’s place people with integrity in charge of customer service and financial reports.


Truthfulness in integrity management is the attribute of consistently telling the truth. The document is used as the process of verification. A company and its own employees must be truthful with the public whenever it is not the case, the company will usually suffer either through reduced profits or may disappear. By not exhibiting, documents of being honest in an ongoing company and its management will create a perception they do not want from the public. If an ongoing business is certainly not being truthful, the actions eventually will be found and the reputation of the company, its management, and its employees will suffer. People consider individuals, companies, and organizations that are generally truthful in their operations, especially in today’s environment of corporate scandals. A company, which is above board in its operations, will be profitable in today’s economy. This is especially true if they have a service or a product that is needed by the public.


Good character is actually one thing that integrity in management must exhibit if they and their company are to reach your goals. A character is the set of qualities or features that distinguish a person, thing or group from another. Character involves not only being truthful, but also following the integrity principles established as an individual, organization or group. The character of persons within an ongoing company or firm will reflect on the operations of the company and the perception that the public possesses that. Integrity in management must also exhibit a character that is great, their choice making process. This should generally be a result of putting some right decisions based on details, not in a position that is definitely pre-determined.

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Integrity in Management


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