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your amazingCan I just start by saying Confidence is not arrogance.  I feel like there is such a negative vibe around being Confident.  When you think of confident people do you automatically think of the most arrogant person you know?  Confidence is not what you are doing (or saying) but who you are being.

Let me explain.

As an OBM I face things every day, problems, expectations, mistakes that I am not always certain exactly how to fix.  But what I do know is because of who I am… because I am responsible, dependable and take ownership of my role… that somehow I will find and answer, solve the problem or fix the mistake.  I am confident, I will make it happen!

Does that make me cocky?  Arrogant? Prideful?

I don’t think so, I think it makes me caring, determined, a bit of a fighter and trustworthy!

Having coached OBM’s now for about 3 years I can tell you the #1 element that separates those who are working with clients they love making the money they want to be making is CONFIDENCE!

Signs you need to work on your confidence level as an OBM:

  1. Under charging clients!
  2. Not pursuing prospects because you don’t feel like you ‘know’ enough to move forward
  3. Fear of new projects or software
  4. Needing validation from everyone else (clients, peers, spouse)
  5. Indecision around any area of your life
  6. Tolerating experiences you don’t desire to have
  7. Work with clients who are not ideal
  8. Allowing clients to disrespect you

If you just thought… yep that’s me!  And you are working as an OBM we need to talk 😉

I am a muse of confidence, at least, that is what many of our clients tell me.  Often I will have a coaching call and someone will say ‘I just had to channel Tiffany to have this conversation with my client.’  Which is awesome!  Because you know what is happening in that moment that person is getting what they really want. 

Confidence gives you what you really want. But only if you are willing to ask for it, expect it or demand it.  More often than not we don’t.  We settle for whatever is offered because we have been taught to ‘not rock the boat’.  Maybe we believe we are not worth it or have been made to feel like we have little value, are not smart or are incompetent.  I know of business owners who try and control their team with this type of interaction… the sad thing is that the team allows it because they are not confident they can, get another client, pay their bills, etc… without this client.  I get it… but I want to say: GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Stop settling, step into the brilliant, dedicated, asset that you are to a business owner! Be confident of your value!

For years I wouldn’t send back a meal that was improperly cooked at a restaurant… I would just eat it.  I didn’t want to put anyone out, make people have to wait on me if my food was later than theirs, or get the waiter/waitress in trouble, I would just eat whatever was served me.  I can assure you that is no longer the reality.  I am not rude (and quite detest when I see someone being rude, simply because a mistake was made over a meal…) but I am only going to eat the steak I am paying for the way I WANT IT.

Pretty much that is my philosophy on everything… why not have it my way!

I know what you are thinking… geeze I didn’t know Tiffany was that arrogant. LOL

If you get to know me you will learn I am confident not because of what I do but because I believe in who I am.  I am caring and giving, I am loyal to a fault, I will always go above and beyond when it is needed, I will forgive quickly, share unconditionally and admit my mistakes with humility.  I am confident in me because I quite like who I am… I like my character and my values and I live by both daily to ensure I hold to the standard of integrity I believe is simply right as a human being.

So if you need to borrow my confidence this week… feel free!  I bet, if you look a little harder you will find you really like yourself too and you have a lot to be confident about!  So go out there and have it you way!!


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