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Yes, yes, yes!  The good ole methodical system…this is key folks!  The key to EVERYTHING Online Business success: Systems

I get that it’s not always that sexy to talk about processes, automation and systems.  But sexy or not it is the foundation of what any Predictable Success must be built on.  So as an OBM if you are a fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy or gal, you will likely not find yourself very happy in the OBM role (and even more so, your clients might not be that happy with you!)  Online business is desperate for solid systems and repeatable results. If you have to reinvent the wheel with every initiative it is hugely time consuming, money draining and over all stressful!

A good system is one that can be repeated over and over again without any real need for adjustment.  Every time we set these systems up we get to reap these benefits and many more:

  1. Once its set up we don’t have to think about it anymore. Isn’t that nice to give our brains a little mini vacation from that specific tasks.  Think about a good customer service system.  There are templates in place for various inquiries, there is a solid lead/follow up in place to ensure all upsells are made, there is a data tracking in place to ensure trends are being noted… ahhh that is a sweet smell isn’t it.  The smell of freedom!  Now instead of chasing these elements down when you need them, you have a container in which they can grow and flourish.  But the best part is someone else can ‘maintain’ it now that you have the process all systematized for success!  Freeing your mind to think about the next system or process that needs to be developed.
  2. A predictable result…essentially this is the real joy of being systematic, you get to experience a predictable success pattern or projection from the initiatives you are executing. This might look a bit like a solid plan/execution for social media.  You know exactly what is needed to be created and posted to ensure you are generating the expected leads or list growth.  Once you have this sweet spot figured out you can put it in cruise control and watch the leads come in.  Sure the formula may vary from client to client but the process of getting it set up systematically and running smooth is the same every time 😉
  3. Minimizes the need for continual decision making. Once the system is set all the decisions have been made then it is simply the execution that needs to be maintained.  That is a beautiful thing.  Think about how many decisions you make in a day… what if you could cut that in half by setting up a system for various areas of your life or business.  One of the ways you can minimize your decision is by meal planning a week or a month in advance.  If you have a monthly meal plan where you cook the same things each day of the month… wouldn’t that minimize your need to ‘figure it out’ on a daily basis… want to know what’s for dinner just look at the date… on the 17th we eat spaghetti… wow that is easy!

    The same goes with a cleaning chart or how you lay out a project… I like to lay projects out:  Creatives first, then Technical pieces, then Marketing elements… I do it the same way every time.  This allows me to not have to go back to the drawing board with every project I work out… and there are specific tasks in each of those areas that are key to the success of that plan so I automatically add them in (if they are not a perfect fit I can always go back and change it).

I would love to hear from YOU!  What is your favorite systems that help you as an OBM, wife, mom, etc… I know you have them… let’s share a bit and see what is working!

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