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Owner Beware! The Invisible Sales Killer In Your Call Center

So you’re at the car dealership and the car is right…it’s the one you always wanted.  The price is right and the timing is right. The stars are aligned for you this and everything is perfect.  Except…something doesn’t feel right.  You can’t put your finger on it until the sales guy opens his mouth again. And then it hits you.  It’s the salesman.  If he says, “What is it going to take to get you in a car today?” again, you’re walking! Something is off about him although you can’t pinpoint what it might be.  What is it?  It may very well be his energy.

One business trainer says that, “People buy the sales person’s belief and enthusiasm rather than their technical skill.” What does this mean in the above example? The salesman might be confident,  but his energy might come off as pushy—interested only in the sale and not in the best interest of the customer. It’s fine to ask for the sale, but in this case the salesman wasn’t radiating the right energy, and it cost him a sale.

We’ve been talking about the Pattern For Excellence, and your end goal to create a Wow Experience for those you serve at work.  Now the first principle found in the Pattern is to be positive. When you are positive, you give energy to others whereas when you are negative, you take it. Positive energy gives, negative energy drains.  How often do you work on how you feel? In other words, how do you make sure you always radiate positive energy over the phone?

 “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”

–Chuck Swindoll

 You want to make sure you’re actively working to keep your attitude positive so that you constantly give energy to others as opposed to take it. How does one regularly work on their attitude?

Here are some tips:

  • Consider the things you are grateful for and quickly write them down. Time yourself to see how much you are grateful for in one minute.  If you practice being grateful, you will soon find you can write more and more in that minute of gratitude as you become more aware of how good you have it.
  • You can also listen to great comedians such a Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan. Comedians make us laugh and laughing will improve your frame of mind. Pull them up on YouTube and let the laughs begin!
  • Subscribe to a Daily quote service and have a positive thought delivered to your inbox. ( will deliver a free daily quote to you, providing a positive shift in your outlook.
  • Decide to not indulge negativity. When you start working on being more positive, you will notice the negativity in others. Try not to let this discourage you. Instead, let your positivity radiate! You will be surprised at how your energy will help others to be more positive as well!


When you work on your energy, AMAZING things happen! Not only will you FEEL better, but also doors will open that you never knew were available to you! Opportunities and new experiences begin to appear.

PLUS you get to help people! Not only can you help them with the services your company provides, but you can also change their day for the better!

The Happy Walking Lady

Some days on my way to work I notice an older lady getting her morning exercise in early with a walk. This is a pretty normal thing to see these days. What is NOT normal is that she gives a big wave and a huge smile to every car that passes her.

The first time she did this I thought, “That was nice! She must be a nice lady.” It put a smile on my face as I headed into the office.

The next time I saw her she did it again! Same enthusiasm. I could feel that she was genuine in her positive wishes. Once again, my entire energy level changed!

Now, when I drive down that road to work I wonder, “Will I see the happy lady today? I could use a dose of positivity!”

Now, I am not saying that you need to run out and start waving at people, or stalk old ladies in your neighborhood. What I am saying is that if you put a little effort toward being more upbeat and maintaining a positive outlook, more people will want to work with you, and you will avoid the Invisible Sales Killer that negativity can bring into your office.

Everyone can use more positivity these days. If you feel you could use some help creating more WOW Experiences over the phone, don’t hesitate to reach out by visiting, or calling us at (801) 253-1004.

See you next week!


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Owner Beware! The Invisible Sales Killer In Your Call Center


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