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How to know yourself to develop positive personality? (BLOG)

Know yourself plays a major role in the Personality development. 

Knowing yourself can help you understand and develop your personality. Today the world has become very competitive. With rising competition all around, we need to develop new skills and polish the existing skills. 

There are many aspects when we say Personality Development. It is a vast topic. So rather than covering the entire topic in one blog I have decided to do it step wise step. And the First Step is Knowing Yourself.

Know Yourself

After reading this blog you would be able to identify yourself, your strengths, and Weaknesses. While reading this blog I want you to be true to yourself.

Objective: The objective of this blog is to identify you, know your Strengths and Weaknesses. 

What is Personality?

When I say Personality, what do I mean, more importantly what is your definition.

I want you to write down on piece of paper what do you think your personality is like. Try to include every aspect of your personality in it. And keep the page aside as we would be using it in an exercise that we will do later.

If your definition of a good personality is good looks, height and body, it's time to change and look at things with broader mind. Personality is much more than that.

Personality comprises of your outer self as well as inner self. 

Let's take a personality test to understand you better. Click on the link and answer the questions and be true to yourself. BrainBench

Please note that you will be asked to register first. The personality test is free of cost and the result is sent to your email id.

After taking this test you will understand what personality is. 

What is Personality Development?

In simple language Personality Development is about enhancing yourself; it is about identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses and to bring positive change to be a better you. 

For now we will discuss in brief about Personality Development. 

Once Know Yourself is done I would write in detail about Personality Development.

Let's do an exercise now.

For this exercise I need you to take a pencil and paper. Now make a Chart as below: 

Strengths                       /                              Weaknesses

Now list your strengths and weaknesses. Take as much time as you wish, but be true to yourself and list your strengths and weaknesses. 

Write as many as you can think of.

Once your list is ready, read it for yourself, evaluate and make the required changes.

Before, reading further question yourselves do you need to focus on your strengths or work on your weaknesses.
For some it may seem difficult to answer, but it is not that complicated.

“Focus on your strengths and face your weaknesses”

For example, if you hesitate speaking in public. The best way to overcome your hesitation is facing the audience.

Let me tell you a real life incidence.

In 2007 when I was told to give a speech at farewell function, my heart started beating very fast. I still remember I was sweating in an air conditioned room.

As I walked my way to stage, a very old school memory became alive.

In 7th standard I was given responsibility to read the news during morning assembly. It was a disaster. I was standing clueless. I stood blank till I heard my classmate whispering amongst themselves.

“She spoiled today's Morning Assembly”.

That was the last time I spoke in public. After that incident, I was never given a chance in morning assembly, debate or any speaking competitions.

As I reached stage the voice “She spoiled today's Morning Assembly”, became louder.

Taking my steps towards the stage, I wished the journey from my chair to the stage should never end. But it had to end and I reached and saw the mike which was staring at me.
Then something came across my mind. I cannot let this happen to me. I cannot let people make my fun again. Not this time. I cannot fail. I will speak and not run this time. I have to face my fear and that’s exactly what I did. I faced my fear and spoke with confidence and since then I have become a confident speaker.

“I faced my fear and defeated it. And believe it was not difficult.”

Therefore, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you understand, change and develop your personality.

Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses, I want you to sit back and think about the reasons of your weaknesses.

As in my case, the fear of facing the public was the reason of me not being a confident speaker. The day I faced the fear of facing the public, I overcame my weakness.

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How to know yourself to develop positive personality? (BLOG)


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