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10 Quick tips about Self-Awareness. (BLOG)

Self- Awareness is an ability to recognize oneself. As I Have mentioned in my earlier blog 
Know Yourself.

Know your Strengths and face your Weaknesses.

Knowing yourself is Self-Awareness. Before I write further let’s admit to a fact that we are not perfect. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. It’s not only about Weaknesses but also acknowledging Strengths too. Positives and negatives are part of our life. We all want to improve and learn initiative is what is needed.

Let’s ask a question to ourselves.

“Would we like to improve or live with your weaknesses?”

If the answer is, “Yes! I want to improve”.

Read the blog further.

Improving yourself is difficult without admitting that you need to bring change in your life. A positive change, Self-Awareness is a simple step towards self-Improvement. Never ever in the entire process feel negative about yourself. Weakness is the road that leads towards a stronger version of you.

How can weaknesses make you Stronger?

Every person has one’s own personality, strengths and weaknesses. Facing your weaknesses and overcoming them means converting your weaknesses into strengths.

Thus, adding more strength to your personality.

Below are 10 quick tips about Self-Awareness

Know Yourself- An important tool towards Self-Awareness. Read my blog Know Yourself as it will help you to understand the entire process in details. Without knowing yourself Self-Awareness cannot happen. It is the first and powerful tool. You are best judge to judge yourself. This leads to the second point, which is honestly.

Honesty- Self-Awareness will not be successful if you are not honest about yourself. Be honest and understand why it is important.  
Remember : Self-Awareness is important tool for Self- Improvement.
Identify yourself, your needs and will to do so. Be truthful, be fair and take it in honorable way. It is an honest opinion of you about yourself. You can fool world but not yourself. No one is listening and you are the one who will benefit.        

Record- Write down what you feel about yourself, the changes that you want to bring, how you will do and your achievements. Keep record of all of them. Give ten minutes for yourself. Writing helps. Write about your strengths, areas of improvement, goals, hobbies, dreams, what you did right, what went wrong and on some day do write how you feel about yourself.  

Set Goals- Now all the talking, realizations, recordings are done. It’s time to get real. Change can be difficult. Self-Awareness is a process and cannot happen overnight. It will take time. In beginning things could get messy therefore, it is important to set goals. Know what you want to achieve and give your best. If end result is not what you aimed at, do not give up try and you will achieve. During the process you will learn many things, yet setting goals can really be helpful.

Positive Attitude- Stay positive about yourself. No matter what never get negative about yourself. Negativity is the biggest barrier in the way of Self-Awareness. Often talk to yourself. Admitting that there is a problem that I need to address is a victory itself in Self-improvement. Be True, Stay strong and positive.

Patience- Another tool to help you with Self-Awareness is Patience. It is a skill that helps you not only to realize the need but also assist you during the entire process. It will help you to implement. Let me repeat, “Self-Awareness is an important factor in Self-Improvement”. Do not rush in understanding yourself. Take time, ask few questions to yourself.
Do I really want Self-Awareness?                                                                                        Am I ready?                                                                                                                          Will I be able to?                                                                                                                  And if your answer is                                                                                                            Yes I want to.                                                                                                                        Yes I am ready                                                                                                                   
Yes I will stay strong and positive.

You are ready and Self-Awareness will help you to bring positive change in your personality.     

Don’t over think- Yes! You read it right. Do not over think. Self-Awareness need thinking but over thinking can cause stress. Do not try to bring out un-necessary problems. We want positive changes. At no point compare yourself with others. You are special. You have your own strengths and qualities. You cannot be perfect. No one is. Excess of everything is bad. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead.                                     

Self-Appreciation- Self Appreciation is as important as Self-Awareness. In the entire process of Self-Awareness do talk about your good points too. Explain them to yourself. Self-Awareness is about knowing your strengths and strengthening them. Adding new skills are important but polishing the existing ones is equally important.

Focus- Whatever you do, don’t ever lose your focus. Life is beautiful and it deserves to be lived beautifully. Self-Awareness is to let you know that there are certain things about you that can be changed and certain things that are beautiful. Focus what you aim at. Positivity and self-believe plays major role here.                                                                  Remember: You cannot be defeated; it’s only that you gave up before victory.

Self-Assessment: Self-Awareness is a learning process that needs revision and self-assessment too. Give feedback to yourself and prepare a review about yourself .

Tips to Remember
“Know your strengths and face your weaknesses”
“Self-Awareness leads to Self-Improvement”
“Be honest to yourself. Cheating cannot help”
“Change can be difficult but end result is positive"
“Stay Strong and Positive”                                                                                

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10 Quick tips about Self-Awareness. (BLOG)


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