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74 Awesome Valentine’s Day Quotes For Him

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On this Valentine’s Day, make your man feel loved and cherished with some memorable and enchanting Love quotes. You can simply send them as texts, or write them down artistically on greetings or post cards or your hand written love letters to make an everlasting impression on his mind and heart. Here, we present 49 love quotes for you to choose from.


The sweetest and most adorable lines from ‘Pooh’ can be your perfect Valentine’s Day message to your boyfriend or husband to promise an everlasting love and companionship. After reading these words, he is simply going to melt in your arms.


A heartfelt note of gratitude and love that you can send to your man to appreciate the fact that he is always there for you and accepts you the way you are. Send this message on this special day and celebrate love with an open heart and cherish the precious moments together, always.


If your partner has truly proved his mettle and is totally committed to the relationship, acknowledge and appreciate his efforts by sending him this awesome love quote on this Valentine’s Day. After all, love is all about going that extra mile for the sake of your partner’s happiness.


Wish to confess your love to your man this Valentine’s Day? Tell him that you want him to be your Valentine for this life and the next with this cute and adorable love message. He will find the words simply irresistible and embrace you in a warm hug for sure.


It is a sweet and simple message to convey your genuine feelings towards him and the confidence in the relationship that it will last forever, and can even beat time.


If respect is something that is fundamental for you in a relationship and your man gives you that in ample, declare your feelings about how much you cherish the fact and can think of spending your whole life with him without regrets.


If meeting this man made your dream of finding the perfect soul-mate come true, then send him this cute little message on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day and see his lips break into a smile.


Love is constant and eternal. On this day of love, celebrate the eternity of love and let your man know how much you treasure him by sending this adorable message. He will surely be touched by these warm words from you.


If you believe that this is it, and he is the one who is the soul of your life, do not waste time in keeping things suppressed. On this Valentine’s Day, express your feelings through these words and see the magic of love.


It is an endless love and the companionship goes without any break. To cherish such moments and to show your man how much you care, send this message on the special day to make him feel wanted and cherished by you, always.


If you feel truly blessed to have such an awesome man for life as your life partner, do not forget to show your happiness to him too. Send this wonderful message without delay and let him know how special he is for you.


As the stars are eternal and ever shining, so is your love for your man that is not tarnished by the flames of time. This Valentine’s Day, show off your love and care for him by sending him this confession of your love in simple yet sophisticated words.


Distance and time are the true tests of an eternal love. However much the distance and time lapse, if your love for your man is still true and strong, tell him with love using this adorable and mesmerizing message of love


If he crosses your mind a thousand times a day and there is not a moment that you forget about his part in your life, this Valentine’s Day is the best time to celebrate the occasion and tell him how you feel.


Express the extent of your unconditional love and how materialistic things are of no use to you if he is not there with you to share the joys of life. Tell him in plain words how much you need him in your life using this love quote on this Valentine’s Day.


True love is all about accepting someone the way they are. If you can identify and relate with these words, then let your guy know how you feel about him too. Send him this awesome love quote on the special day and drown him in the showers of your love and affection.


Sometimes we never realize that the special person we are always looking for is just beside us all the while, helping us in the difficult journey of life. He can be any one – your best friend, or your mentor or even your super senior. Confess your love for him this time with confidence using this simple and sweet love quote.


When living the reality seems much sweeter than the best of the dreams, then you must realize that you have found your dream man. Don’t hesitate to show your gratitude and appreciation that you feel for him. Send this love quote to make him feel special.


It is awesome message that can make your boyfriend feel so lucky to have you in his life. And also let him show how truly you belong to him only in every way and need his love and care to lead a happy life.


What a cute and mushy message it is to share with your man. He is definitely your prince charming whom you will treasure for life. Share this love and happiness with him on this special day by sending him this awesome quote.


If you are in a long distance relationship but still going strong after many years, this is the perfect quote you can send to let him know that your love for him is everlasting and any obstacle is not big enough to come between you and him.


Here is an awesome line to let your hubby or boyfriend know how much importance he holds in your life. And why not do it on Valentine’s Day to make it even more special and celebratory? Something that he will remember and cherish forever?


With the span of time, you may feel that the love is fading. To rekindle the flames and make him realize that he is still the one for you, send this love message with oodles of charm and loads of love and see how he finds you just irresistible.


It is a loving and caring message that you can send to your husband this Valentine ’s Day. The simple yet meaningful words reflect how easy it is to be with someone who understands you perfectly. Celebrate love this day by sending him this love quote the first thing in the morning.


If your partner is your lifeline then these are the exact words you need to say to him. Not only will he feel special but also needed, something that any man would want from his love.


What a passionate and loving message this is to send to your boyfriend and appreciate the chemistry that you two share. A kiss can really go deeper than the skin and this love message shows exactly that to your man.


A quote by Lord Tennyson, it perfectly highlights the thoughts of a love-struck girl missing her man and almost raising a garden in that process. Send this cute love quote to your partner and see how much he appreciates this warm gesture.


A perfect bet for a win-win situation it is. This witty one liner filled with humour and a smart mouth can really tickle his funny bones and also make a lasting impression on his mind about how much you admire him.


Tell your partner in true words how lucky you have been to find him in your life. Dreams do come true and if yours have too, by his presence, then it is definitely the best message you can send him on this day to truly surprise him in every way.


Love is a spark of flame that is ignited in one’s soul for eternity. If you can connect to that feeling and your man can ignite such passions in your heart, then it is the perfect quote that you can send him as a text message to tell him how much he is treasured by you.


Love is timeless and forever and it is not restricted to just one birth but goes to the next and so on. Make him feel special and wanted on this Valentine’s Day by sending him this awesome love quote reflecting on the eternity and formlessness of love.


Like stars are eternal celestial bodies, so is your love. And to cherish that feeling, you can send him this love quote and express your desire to be with him, in this lifetime and the next.


Is he on your mind all the time? Such a sweet feeling it is for sure. Express your desperation to see him and the fact that how much you miss him utterly send him this awesome and emotional love quote quickly.


If being with him makes you the happiest soul in this world, then you are really lucky to get a man like him. Show your gratitude and affection to him too and never take his love for granted.


When you realize that your man is the angel of your life, do not lose a moment to confess that feeling of love to him. Use this love quote as the perfect excuse to declare your love to your man with style and grace.


If love had been a life changing incident for you in a positive way and your man has really put a lot of efforts to keep you happy and protected, then you must appreciate his doings in the truest manner. This quote will help you express your thoughts for him in the most appropriate way for sure.


If your man is the first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes in the morning, then he must have done something really worth mentioning. With the help of this quote, you can shower your love on your man and express your true emotions of love with ease.


It is actually impossible to explain in words how you feel for your man. But these words are quite apt at portraying the intensity and depth of your love for him. That is why, this quote makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day love message for your partner.


If you are that lucky one who can’t just get enough of your man and if every time you two are together is like the very first time, then this love quote can be the perfect words for you to express the feeling to him this special day.


Love makes you stronger and gives you the confidence to face any situation or circumstance. If being with your boyfriend or partner gives you that sense of confidence and security then this is the best quote you can dedicate to him and celebrate the togetherness.


To cherish a boundless and exalted love, you must appreciate and work for it first. This love quote can be the one message that you need to send to your boyfriend to let him know how strongly you feel for him.


Tell your man how important he is for you to survive with the help of this awesome love quote.


It is a sensuous love message with a deep meaning that you can send to your man to ignite his fire.


If he is constantly there on your mind, then send him this awesome love message.


It is yet another beautiful and unique quote to describe how he is always on your mind.


To connect deeply with your man, there is no other way than to find a connection with his soul. This love quote will surely give you an amazing sense of togetherness that he feels when with you.


If your man’s smile makes you weak in the knees, send this quote to him and see the magic of love.


Send this love quote to your prince charming who means the world to you.


True love is never bothered about imperfections but accepts the person for what he/she is. If you have found someone like that, cherish that moment by sending him this awesome love quote.


If you’ve planned a beautiful night for him, then what better way to start your day? Write a few Valentines day quotes for him notes and leave them in his closet, his glove compartment, and in the loo, for him to find and be prepared for the evening.


They say there’s no measurement when it comes to love. But it can surely be expressed like this to tell him he’s awesome on the most romantic day of the year.

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The greatest thing about Valentine’s Day is that the romantic feelings and proposals start from a week before. So if he’s the one who always makes the move, then why not take the initiative this time? Spend the week playing treasure hunt, with some goodies and a few Valentines day quotes for him.


Another short yet sweet way to ask him out for Valentine’s Day. All it takes is a few honest words from your heart to make him fall deeper in love with you and want to be yours forever.


A promise of togetherness is probably the greatest gift you can give your man. In today’s time, people are anyway insecure about their relations and this quote for him will mean much more than any gift.


Till eternity! A promise of loving him forever. Wouldn’t you love to be at the receiving end of this beautiful quote?


Not all couples are lucky enough to be together on the most romantic day of the year. Careers and life sometimes send them different ways. When it’s like that, you only need words like these, and one or two Valentines day quotes for him, to soothe both your hearts.


Isn’t this just the best? We always dream of living our dreams and when that special someone makes your reality better then he truly is ‘The One’ for you.


This Valentine’s Day, show him that he’s the man who means the world to you and is your hero! It’s a sure shot way to that beaming smile on his face.


This is a deep and meaningful way to tell him how much he means to you. He probably can’t have enough of these sweet Valentines day quotes for him, especially on Valentines’ Day.


You don’t always have to be a sweety-pie. How about being the bold girlfriend who takes charge and gives him an indication of what to expect?


This is how you convey two messages together. On Valentine’s day, thank him for the way he treats you while telling him that he’s your Prince Charming!

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All in all, it means faith. Wish your guy Valentine’s Day with Valentines day quotes for him like this one, and tell him you love him and have so much faith in him.


When we’re in a relationship with someone, we often wonder about our impact in their lives. So if you give him a surety like this, it would mean a lot to him.


Like I said in the beginning, words can be used in any way to put your thoughts across. If you wanna use simple Valentines day quotes for him, like this one, then go for it. Even something as blunt and direct as this quote will work perfectly well on a romantic day like Valentines’.


Those who love us help us reach greater heights. They inspire us and motivate us to do better and be better. Through this quote, you show gratitude while wishing him for the day.


It is a man’s greatest need to be the only one who makes his woman laugh. Isn’t this the greatest way to assure him that he is?


Love leads you on a path of light and belief. But it is not the feeling of love which does that. It is the one who loves you who takes you to a better place. This Valentines Day, wish the man who has done all that for you, with one of these Valentines day quotes for him.


Every man wants to be the one who brings light to his woman’s life. He wants to be the reason she forgets all her troubles. He wants her to be happy while she’s with him. So why not tell him that it all came true for you?


Love knows no boundaries. It is a feeling that forever grows into something much bigger and better than what it previously was. This is a great quote to express those thoughts.


We’ve all had pasts that we’re not happy about. But finding ‘Mr. Right’ makes you forget about those memories and only hope for a happier future. Valentines day quotes for him, like this one, really let him know that he is your ‘be all and end all’.


A confirmation and promise like this for spending your lives together? Priceless!


And this quote will mean much more than most things. Because it only proves that those thoughts about losing the spark in your relationship mean nothing.


You don’t always have to be like a character straight out of a romantic novel. Expression of love can be done in whatever way suits you best. Even if it’s something as goofy and funny yet adorable as this one.

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And finally, a belief about togetherness and a confession about always wanting to put in your best to make the relationship work even though you show no fear.

So these are our top picks for the best Valentines day quotes for him. How about you start your day with one and keep sending him more of these after a couple of hours to keep the mood special? What do you think?


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74 Awesome Valentine’s Day Quotes For Him


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