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Top 8 Hen Party Games

Games are a must at any Hen Party as they are a great way for all the girls to get to know each other and get everyone in the party sprit!!  

8 days to the Golden Ticket, lets see our top 8 Hen Party games!  Tomorrow we will feature our 7 Top Hen Party accessories!

8. Dares

No Hen party would be the same without a few dares, and you can be as wild or tame as you like. From daring to go up to a random stranger and tell him he had you at Hello, to pole dancing in the middle of a bar! Don’t forget to write a few dares before you go though, so you can pull them out on the night.

7. Mr & Mrs

Another Hen party must, this is always a great way to get a Hen party started and find out how well the Bride really knows the groom!! Always a giggle when the bride gets even the easy answers wrong!!

6. Who am I

This is a nice tame game and good for photos. You will need a pack of post its and a pen. Give everyone a post it and get them to write a famous person’s name on it without anyone seeing, then you need to stick your post it on the forehead of the person to your right. Starting with the Bride to be, you have to guess the name on the post it on your forehead, but you can only ask yes or no answer questions. As soon as the Bride to be gets a no answer then the person to the right starts asking questions to find out the name on their post it. And this continues around the group until everyone works out who they are. It’s always fun to try and get someone to keep their post it on their head for hours!!

5. How we met

Another nice day game. Before the weekend ask everyone to email one member of the group with a sentence on how they met the bride. Print these off, cut each sentence out and place them all in a envelope. Then get the bride to pick them out one at a time, read the sentence out and then remember who she met that way. Or to make the game harder, why not get members of the group to guess who wrote the sentence?

4. Celebrity two word tango

Get the whole group in a circle and get the bride to name a celebrity, the person next to her then has to name a celebrity using the first letter of the surname as the first letter of their first name eg if the Bride names Gary Barlow then the next person could name Beyonce Knowles. To make it more fun you can drink while you think, but of course always drink responsibly.

3. Pin the veil on the Bride

Print off a big picture of the Bride to be and a picture of a veil. Then take it in turns to be blindfolded and try to pin the veil on the bride.

2. Score the boys

Have a set of score cards from 1 to 10 and then go around getting photos with the boys and there score card.

1. I have never

Get everyone in a circle with their drinks at the ready and then starting with the Bride, she has to stand up and tell everyone something she has never done, anyone who has done that then has to drink. This is a great game to find out all those naughty little secrets!! But remember to drink responsibly!!

Hope these games help to get your party started and if you need any help with the dares why not check out our dare cards and other Hen Party accessories

Alicia x

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Top 8 Hen Party Games


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