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Hen Party Game Ideas

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So you have negotiated the minefield that is the task of organising the hen do. You have successfully, compiled the guest list, you have chosen a city and Hen Party activities that you are sure the bride to be will enjoy, you have even managed to get everyone’s money and paid up before your deadline date! Not an easy feat! Well done you!

But as the date is looming ever closer there has been talk of ‘looking forward to the games we will play’ and ‘I can’t wait to embarrass the Bride to be’ and perhaps even ‘drinking games are a must!’. You start to panic! You haven’t even thought of arranging games for the group to pay, and the kitty has run dry! Help!

Never fear! Here at UKGirlThing we are the Party experts and Hen parties are our speciality! Read on to discover the best and cheapest games that you can play throughout the hen party. We have given you a full list of the items you will need and the rules to play. Simply print off this blog and take it with you. You will be the hen party highness in no time at all!

Mr & Mrs

Design the dress

make a man

guess the groom

Been there, done that

beautify the bride

mr & mrs

Mr & Mrs

This is possibly the most popular hen do game but with good reason! It can have some hilarious consequences and does a damn good job of embarrassing the bride to be too! There are a few variations to the rules but the preparation needed is the same. A little bit of pre-thought needs to be put into this one.

Items Required: Compile a list of questions that can be as tame or as embarrassing as you like. Here are some examples to get the juices flowing!

1) Name 1 thing he would save (apart from you) in a fire?

2) What is his favourite part of your body?

3) What did he say was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

4) What's the most unusual place you have had sex?

5) Which Celebrity does he have a crush on?

6) Which Celebrity does he think you have a crush on?

7) What did he say you would prefer to be; 4ft tall or 7ft tall?

8) Where is his ideal holiday destination?

9) On his stag night would you rather he went to a strip club or got arrested?

10) What did he say your bra size is?

11) What did he say is your most annoying habit?

12) What do you find most annoying about him?

13) What is her shoe size?

14) What’s her favourite film?

15) Which animal would she be and why?

16) What animal would he be and why?

17) What is his favourite sexual position?

18) What did he say your favourite sexual position was?

19) Who did he say “wears the trousers” in your relationship?

20) Would he rather have arms for legs or legs for arms?

Before the hen party ask the groom to answer all of these questions in secret.

Version 1: During the Hen party sit the Bride to be down in the middle of the room. Explain that for every answer she gets wrong she will need to do a shot or a forfeit, and start asking the questions! Compare her answers to his, make sure you write her answers down too so that you can show the groom where he went wrong! The outcome is she will probably reveal some embarrassing stories about herself or the groom will do that on his behalf through his answers! And if you are doing shots as punishment, she will probably end up very drunk!

Version 2: The rules are as above, with the additional rule that for every question she answers correctly everyone else must drink a shot! The outcome is everyone will hopefully end up a little tipsy!

Version 3: The quiz host asks the question and everyone in the hen group has to give what they think is the correct answer first before the bride reveals the actual answer and it is compared to the grooms. This can be hilarious as guests start to make up answers to questions they really don’t have a clue about!

Design the dress

Design the dress

Items required: Toilet roll, a clock for a timer. (You could also add other household items such as tin foil, cereal boxes etc )

Rules: Separate the group into several equally sized teams. Each team is handed the same amount of toilet roll and household items in a box. They must select one person to be the ‘model’. Set a time limit (we recommend 5 mins) and the task is to create the most stylish wedding dress on the model in the time allowed only using the items in the box. The Bride to be judges the ‘dresses’ at the end of the time and selects a team as the winners! All other must drink a shot! Don’t forget to take pictures of the creations!

Make a man

Playdough Man

Rules: Split your Hen party into 7 teams. (You could reduce the number of body parts to fit your group size) Ask each team to pick a body part out of the hat. Their team then has 5 mins to sculpt that body part out of their modelling clay. At the end of the time limit the Bride to Be pieces the man together. The outcome is hilarious as not all the body parts are in proportion with each other!

guess the groom

Guess the Groom

Items Required: This takes a bit of organising before the hen party. Ask each member of the party to take a close up picture of the following parts of their boyfriends body. Chest, Stomach, Left Arm, Left hand, Right Arm, Right Hand, Bum, Left Leg, Left Foot, Right Leg, Right Foot. Sneakily also ask the groom to be to take a close up picture of these body parts too. Print them all off.

Rules: Present the pictures to the Bride to be by body part. E.g. Show her all of the chest pictures. She then has to try and identify which picture is her man. The aim is for her to recreate her man using all the correct body parts. If she gets a part wrong there’s a forfeit or a shot to be had!

Been there, done that

Been there done that

Items Required: Pens & Paper

Rules: Each guest writes an embarrassing or unusual story relating to men or dating on a piece of paper anonymously. They are all placed in a hat and mixed up. The Bride to be then has to read them aloud one at a time and each person has to make a guess at who the story belongs to. Once everyone has guessed the owner has to own up! Every person that guessed wrong must do a shot! This is a great ice breaker if there are members of your party who do not know each other and there will be giggles a plenty if the stories are risqué enough!

beautify the bride

Beautify the bride

Items Required: Make-up and Hair accessories (the gaudier the colours the better!) something to be used as a blindfold.

Rules: The Bride to be is placed on a chair in the centre of the room. Each guest takes it in turns to apply a certain part of the hair or makeup (i.e. Blusher, eye shadow, lipstick) Unfortunately the person performing the makeover must be blindfolded! The results are hilarious! Other members of the group can shout instructions and depending on how evil or nice they are they could be quite cruel!

We hope the above inspires you with some great Hen Party Ideas. As long as you make the bride feel special and ensure that she has a good night you can't go wrong!

Author : Rebecca Lee

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Hen Party Game Ideas


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