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What if it rains on my wedding day?!

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Wedding in the rain

After several weeks of glorious sunshine and the hottest temperatures in 7 years in the UK it is just my luck that 3 days before my Wedding the heat wave breaks and we have thunderstorms and lightening with torrential downpours and localised flooding! All thoughts of beautiful pictures in the sunshine in the grounds of my venue have disappeared, a certain line from Alanis Morissettes’ ‘Ironic’ keeps playing in my mind and I’m considering going last minute brolly shopping!

I have spent the last week obsessively checking the weather forecast which has changed every day leaving me with a slight glimmer of hope that I may get a few hours of sunshine on the big day. I keep telling myself (as I’m sure all brides do) that it is the one thing I can’t control and what will be, will be, but this doesn’t stop my heart from sinking a little bit.

To try and perk myself up, I did a bit of googling about superstitions surrounding Rain on your wedding day and what you can do to prepare yourself. It did make me feel a lot better about everything so I thought I would share these nuggets of positivity with all of you Bride to Be’s out there.

Don’t Panic – Rain on your wedding day is Good Luck!!!

It appears that there are several cultures where rain is viewed as a good thing on a wedding day. Water and rain symbolise blessings, cleansing, unity, renewal and fertility many of which you would wish for throughout your married life. I don’t think there is a Bride and Groom out there that doesn’t want their marriage to be blessed. Rain as the symbol of unity stems from the phrase to ‘Tie the knot’. Have you ever tried to undo a damp shoe lace? It’s a damn site harder than a dry one let me tell you! Marriage is often seen as the start of your new lives together as one unit and I’m sure the ‘In-laws’ have probably already started on the grandkids talk so it all seems to make sense to me!

You can’t change it, so prepare yourself for it!

The human race is yet to invent a machine to control the weather. If they had, I’m sure we would have seen it being used at Wimbledon before now! Try not to worry about it, think of the positives that could come from a rainy wedding day and prepare for it.

There are tonnes of funky brollies available on the market now even ones that light up. They make for great photo opportunities and can even double as a parasol should you get a break in the clouds. A nice touch is to arm your ushers with several brollies and ask them to greet guests as they are getting out of their cars and escort them inside the venue thereby saving aunty Mavis’s blue rinsed bouffant from certain deflation.

Bride in Wellies Bridal party with brollies

If you haven’t heard of ‘Weddington Boots’ and you are predicted rain on your wedding day you need some of these in your life! They are stylish and in bridal colours and you can even get them with a heel to add an extra bit of glamour! Perfect for watery wedding photos!

In Britain when we have a good storm we always get dramatic skies. Think dark clouds with sunshine breaking through or even bolts of lightning lighting the sky. How amazing would these look on your wedding pictures!

If you have got an outdoor wedding ceremony planned make sure you have a back-up plan. Ideally this is an indoor space already set up with chairs so if at the last minute the registrar shouts ‘Everyone in! It’s spitting!’ people can take their chairs in a dry room that’s already prepared for them. If an indoor space isn’t possible consider if you have space for a large marquee or gazebo to be set up nearby so everyone can make a mad dash. If none of these options are viable result to umbrellas. You can always ask people on your wedding invitations to make sure they come prepared or alternatively provide umbrellas matching your colour scheme for each of your guests.

Covered outdoor ceremony

Failing all of the above, how romantic is a kiss in the rain?! Imagine following ‘You may now kiss the bride’ with a gloriously deep kiss in the rain. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Above all else, keep things in perspective

Whatever the weather, you will have an amazing day. You will still go to bed that evening having married the love of your life whether it rains or not and every time it rains from that day onwards it will remind you of the fantastic day you had getting married in front of all your nearest and dearest.

So you see, here at UKGirlThing we aren’t just handy for great Hen party ideas. I hope you Bride-to-be’s have found this article useful and have an amazing wedding day whatever the weather!

Author : Rebecca Lee

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What if it rains on my wedding day?!


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