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10 Quick Hen Party Games

Here at UKGirlThing, we understand that hen parties consist of groups of all size with all different types of personalities. We understand that not all the girls necessarily know each other at the start of a hen weekend. Luckily, at UKGilrThing we are full of hen Party ideas that will get your party started and these 10 quick Hen Party Games will get everyone laughing!

1.Mr and Mrs Quiz 

This is a quiz for the bride to be to see just how well she knows her future husband. Make a list of questions to ask the groom before the Hen Party, and then test the bride to be to see if she gets them right. The harder the questions, the funnier it will be on the night, and if she gets any wrong you can be in charge of her fate with a forfeit.

2.Sticker Stalker

This game requires stealth and ninja like skills! Each hen is given ten stickers and a pen with the aim to stick as many of their stickers on other members of the party without them noticing. They can be stuck anywhere on the body, their legs, arms, back or even their bum! If that person notices you or the sticker then they will return it and stick one of theirs on you as a penalty.

3. Been There, Done That

This ice breaker is sure to bring out a story or two as each hen anonymously writes down an embarrassing story about themselves relating to men and dating. After everyone has finished, the hen will collect the papers and randomly pick them out one by one and decide who is behind the story. 

4. ‘I Have Never’

This is another game that will bring the dark horses out of their shells! Gather everyone together and make sure everyone tops up their glass (they are going to need it). The first person will start by saying “I have never…” and admit to something that she has never done. Anyone in the group who has done this has to drink, then the play moves round to the next person in the circle who will start again with “I have never…”. Everyone will have a giggle as you uncover truths about your hens that you never imagined possible!

5. Truth or Dare

This is a classic game where the leader goes around the group asking ‘truth or dare’, and it’s up to that person what they would like to choose. If they choose truth, they have to answer the question asked truthfully! If they pick dare, they will have to fulfil the dare to the best of their abilities. This game is hilarious and gives you all the opportunity to be as creative as you like! 

6. Pass the Orange/Balloon

This is a fun and simple activity that will get everyone involved. Split the party into even teams of at least four and line them up in rows. The person at the front is given an orange to place under their chin. Once everyone is ready someone will shout “go”, and then the first person will pass the orange to the second person without using their hands. Continue to pass the orange down the line and the first group to reach the end of the line wins!

7. Pin The Male On The Model

Everyone knows the game, ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. A player is blindfolded, handed a tail and spun around a few times, then attempt to pin the tail in the right place on a picture of a donkey that is tacked to the wall. This game is exactly the same, but the picture is of a naked male model and the player is handed a… well you can guess the rest!

8. Design A Dress

Do what Vera Wang couldn’t and design the most beautiful wedding dresses out of loo roll! Split the party into teams and pick a model for each. Each team must dress their model in a wedding dress made completely out of toilet paper so the bride to be can choose the best dress!

9. Banned Words

This is a game that will keep everyone on their toes and will only get harder as the night goes on. Decide as a group on a few ‘banned words’ or phrases that nobody is allowed to mention all night. These might include ‘bride to be’, the grooms name, the brides name, wedding, shots, etc. If anyone let’s slip on any of these words, the penalty is a shot (or a ‘small one’). 

10. Mould a Man

Split your hens into teams and set them the task to build a specific male body part out of play dough. Attach all the parts together to create the perfect man, and the team with the best sculptured body part wins! 

Enjoy that? You’ll love our other blog post about hen Party Games too! Having relaxed and happy hens is key to making sure you have a blaster of a hen weekend and these hen party games are sure to get everyone into the swing of things no matter what their age, personality or tastes! 

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10 Quick Hen Party Games


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