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Hen Party Games – Part 1

Here at UKGirlThing we are full of Hen Party ideas! Turns out hen party game ideas are one’s we are particularly good at. Dealing with hundreds of thousands of hen parties over the years, we have gotten many-an-idea of the sort of hen party games you girls enjoy. Icebreakers, risk takers and belly shakers – we’ve got them all! Follow our series of blogs giving you the very best hen party game ideas we’ve come across …


A hen party classic



Previous to this quiz interview the groom to find out some information… ask the bride and see if her answers match! How well does she really know her Husband-to-be? Time to find out!



According to the groom, what are the bride-to-be worst habits?

What is the groom’s star sign?

If the groom was standard in the desert, what 3 items would he take with him?

If the groom could only eat one dinner for the rest of his life what would it be?

Grooms favourite song?

Who is the groom’s celebrity crush?

What is the grooms most disliked pet name/nickname?

If the groom could pick one superpower, what would it be?

What were the groom’s first impressions of the bride?

Where did you go on your first date and what was the bride-to-be wearing?



Play nice girls, it’s not a competition – oh wait?!



Think up a list of questions about your bride-to-be for everyone else to try and answer (check with the bride first to avoid embarrassment!). As a member of her bridal party you should find making these questions a piece of cake – however if you need some inspiration take some of the questions from below! All hens will need a pen and paper – the person who guesses most the questions correctly wins a prize and the person with the least correct answers has to do a forfeit!



Where did the bride-to-be grow up?

Who was the bride-to-be’s first boyfriend?

Is the bride-to-be a righty or lefty?

What shoe size is the bride-to-be?

What is the bride’s most over-used phrase?

How many children does the bride-to-be want?

What are the bride-to-be’s 3 biggest pet peeves?

If the bride-to-be was stuck on a desert island, what 3 items would she take with her?

When the bride was a child, what did she want to be?

In Which month did the groom propose to the bride-to-be?


Sounds simple doesn’t it? Not so easy!


How to play:

This is a great game for those of the bridal party who, let’s say, like to be merry! Pick a few ‘taboo’ words that are banned for the night – every time someone says a ‘banned word’ they have to do a shot! Simple right? If you need some inspiration, below are some ideas for banned words guaranteed to make people slip up!




The bride-to-be’s name (instead give her a funny nickname for the night!)

The Grooms name

In fact, anyone’s name!

Any swear words

“Married” (and/or “marriage”)




“Hen party” “Hen do” “Hen weekend” “Hen night”



Warning: Can get naughty pretty quickly!


How to play:

Never have I ever is a great ice breaker for those of the group who have never met before! Sit in a circle and take it in turns to say something you’ve done for example ‘never have I ever had sex outside’ and everyone who HAS done it has to drink. This is an easy way to get everyone giggling and sharing embarrassing stories! Need some inspiration? Look below!



Never have I ever slept in the bath when drunk 

Never have I ever kissed someone on the first date

Never have I ever lied to stay off school/college/work

Never have I ever had a crush on someone 10 or more years older/younger than me

Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter (stayed up drinking until at least 7am!)

Never have I ever been in a police car

Never have I ever sleepwalked

Never have I ever streaked

Never have I ever been skinny dipping

Never have I ever been sick from drinking alcohol


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Hen Party Games – Part 1


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