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Find your Wedding color palette to compliment your Zodiac Sign

Wedding color palette and Zodiac Sign

As you are all set to go with your planning of everything for your big that are mirrored and evoke your personality. Don’t forget about the inclusion of Color Palette on your to do because it is the most arching element at your big day which will set up your guest’s mood and affect the overall ambiance of your big day. But try to incorporate your Wedding Color Palette according to your zodiac sign as it influences your every aspect of your life. Don’t know how!! We have the answer

Aries: Glam Up Boldly

The first sign is known as a bold fiery sign of a zodiac. Generally, people of this sign makes a statement of daring, energetic, bold and upbeat personality. According to that, they can more likely go for the Color that makes an exact statement about their personality, which can be shades of Red. It will give a bold yet a romantic effect on your big day and if you opt to wear white then shades of rich red will give a beautiful contrast to it. So you can go with a bold red color palette and glam up boldly on your big day.

Taurus: Root Down with an Earthy Touch

The second most on zodiac is known for its earthy nature. Peoples of this sign contains an attribute of practicality and always remains grounded. They are super dependable by their nature. So, they should incorporate the nature-inspired color palette on their wedding ceremony and reception which match up with their personality and also satisfies their down to earth tendency. You can also get inspired by the natural elements like stones, pebbles, crystals feathers and plants which gives an earthy touch to your nuptials.

Gemini: Keep Things Light and Airy

An air sign with most optimism queues up to be the third most zodiac sign with happiness as the main goal stream. People of this sign shows up the traits of notoriousness and unpredictability due to this reason it is also called a chameleon sign. Also, it is an airy sign you want to everything light and airy, generally in a soothing tone. So, what should be done? Resolving your conundrum, you can balance your both fiery trait as well as your coolness with magenta and calming blue.

Cancer: An Intimate Affair

As an intuitive fourth most water sign of zodiac they have traits of genuine and nurturing nature, which makes this sign easy to fond of.  Like as the crab carry their shells wherever they go, people of this sign similarly make their surrounding cozy and inviting, they always carry their home wherever they go. Vintage and classic are the names of their game, so go for a vintage color palette like lavender, dusty blue, pale grey, cream, buttery yellow and rose that defines your romance which you are looking for.

Leo: Tap Your Bright Spirit with Boldness

Peoples of this fifth most fire sign reveals the attribute to be courageous, passionate and vibrant due to the sun as their ruling planet. Likewise, the sun they are energetic, radiant and enjoys being the center of attention. So, to embrace your bold personality opt for the punchy yellows and cheerful peach hues or get accented by lavish details with a sunshine-inspired color palette like abundant greenery and metallic gold which will uplift your bright spirit and indulgent side as a fire sign.

Virgo: Detail Up with Jewel Tone

A keen attention to the details for which they are born under this sixth most zodiac sign. They are very discerning and quintessential earthy sign with crazy good taste. So to coupled up with your personality, you can go for jewel tone which requires impeccable execution and planning otherwise it becomes an overload. As you notice the little things you would inspire with crystal wedding or gemstone wedding decoration to pay homage to mother nature due to your earthy sign.

Libra: Balance Up with the Timeless Duo

This seventh most sign of the zodiac is the charming one as it is one of the closest to the planet Venus. When we discuss libra’s way of living then equality and fairness are non-negotiable for them. As the scales in the sign defines symmetricity and balance in their life. To speak up your desire you can incorporate with the timeless duo of black and white as it provides harmony and balance, or you can accent with greenery to showcase your softer side too.

Scorpio: Dive Deep to Embrace Your Passion

When we are talking about relationship and marriage then this water sign is worth beating off. Those who born under this sign have three words to describe them passionate, mysterious and deep. This energy transforming emotional sign have unwavering desires for control and mystery that no other sign can compete off. Incorporate your wedding color palette with dramatic and sultry shades of moody hues like burgundy, crimson red and even black.

Sagittarius: Reflect Your Traits with a Touch of Free Spirit

The last fiery sign of this zodiac known for its free mind spirit and boasts a collection of traits in them. Your attributes of being open-minded, adventurous and optimistic, leaving the trails of charisma. Being a little unexpected by adding up some complementary color like dark blue and rust orange you can incorporate with playful wedding color palette like light blue and copper which will reflect your free spirit.

Capricorn: Follow Your Tradition with Modern Trend

This earthy sign is well known for its traditional and sensible attribute. Though you bend towards the traditional way of a wedding ceremony you are also attracted towards the modern trends too. Peoples born under this sign gives their family utmost importance. Incorporating an understated yet timeless beauty with modern trend and following the traditional way you can opt for ice blue, slate, dove grey, and stark white.

Aquarius: Wonder Like Clouds

Peoples born under this second last water sign considered to be more creative and littler eccentric at times. They are always full of imagination and love to dream big. Likewise, your sign your nature is to be free and easy going. So, incorporate your wedding color palette with ethereal white and lavender. This airy duo makes a perfect sense of dreamy and inspirational personality like you.

Pisces: Showcase Your Mythical Nature

This last water sign of zodiac considers being unique, contemporary and quirky. As the zodiac showcase the sign of fish which represents elusiveness, emotion, and sensitivity. Peoples born under this sign considered to be a dreamy and mythical creature at times. As your signs describe go for the color that will be flowy and calming in nature like dark blue, seafoam green, coral and sandy taupe.

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Find your Wedding color palette to compliment your Zodiac Sign


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