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Re-elect The Donald! Go to War With Iran!

Do you own stock in the companies who make the vast bulk of their money from American taxpayers?  I'm talking about the Military industrial complex.  The companies in this 'industry' have three basic objectives:

  1. Profit by using taxpayer funds to develop patents on new technology that they will later claim they earned through hard work and smart thinking (that taxypayers paid them for), that they then produce and sell to the taxpayers.
  2. Profit from protecting the global shipping lanes and keeping them open (800 US military bases worldwide) for corporations to profit from shipping raw materials to impoverished countries to manufacture products that they then ship back for poor and middle class consumers to buy.
  3. Profit from manufacturing and then exploding war materiel on a regular and ongoing basis.
The PRINCIPAL source of income for these firms, essentially, is US taxpayers.  While the first  and second sources of profit are steady and secure (although the US hardly needs to be the only country with hundreds of global bases), since they've successfully lobbied to keep the US military budget so high that universal healthcare and education is apparently impossible to afford, the REAL injection of profit at the expense of the 99% of Americans comes from regular and continuous ongoing and brand new wars. They haven't had one in awhile, so they are pushing hard for a new one.

If YOU had old stock in your pantry, you'd want to use it up too!  Old bombs are just the same.  Gathering dust while the factories that produce them sit idle.  It's now about time to clear out the inventory, just as Donald Trump helped them do on (virtually) Day One (April 6, 2017) when he authorized exactly 59 cruise missiles to be launched against a conveniently empty Syrian airfield.  (59.  Against an empty airfield...)  It is now more than two years later and there are a lot more cruise missiles (and millions of other types of aging armaments) gathering dust.

Having funded the creation of all these armament, you'd think the average American would benefit from their production and sale in some way?  No.  What you do is provide them with tax breaks and bailouts while providing all of their ongoing income.  Which Americans DO benefit?  The wealth-hoarders who are lobbying to reduce their taxes while reducing your services.  Win-win.

The Republicans elected into the US government know a couple of things in January of 2020:
  • Their Super PAC contributors need a new war to hoard EVEN MORE wealth.
  • Donald Trump has proven to be a gift, another Ronald Reagan rubber-stamping anything they put in front of him.
  • Trump is likely to NOT get re-elected if the Democrats manage to front a palatable and believable 'agent of change' (the Sanders-Warren ticket being the most powerful ticket possible).
  • War Presidents get re-elected because FEAR is the best tool to manipulate voters -- no one wants to rock the boat with more change when a war just got started.
Expect the many steps that have been taken already by the so-called 'Trump administration' to be added to:
  1. Those inital 59 cruise missiles into Iran supported Syria, 
  2. The cancellation of the superbly working Iran nuclear deal, 
  3. The mysterious withdrawl of US diplomats from Iran,
  4. Israel banging their US-supported war threats against Iran (exacerbated by the end of the Iran Deal),
  5. The unexplained missile fired into the side of that Japanese tanker by likely Israeli operatives,
  6. The attacks whose origin is inexplicable on the Saudi oil refinery, blamed on Iran by the US.
  7. US attacks on Iranian-backed forces in Iraq.
  8. What appears to be a largely unprovoked attack (Trump doesn't trust US intelligence information, until he sudenly does...) that took out Iran's most reverred military leader when Trump's impeachment trial is about to start in the Senate.
Ah....where do YOU think this is going?  Lots of poor Americans working in the only barely adequate paying job they could find in the US military are about to be maimed and die, then get denied compensation back home after their sacrifice.  And who is going to make a shitload of taxpayer-funded profit?

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Re-elect The Donald! Go to War With Iran!


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