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Liberalism is Dead in America. Conservatism Won in 2010.

Republican voters who 'get' that the party they've always voted for is manipulating them just as much as the Democratic party is manipulating their die hard voters are closer to the truth regarding the state of Politics in the US. The hardcore 'GOPers' keep going on about 'punishing the other team' and how corrupt 'the other team' is, and how Obama and Hillary should go to jail, and how pure and innocent and righteous 'the Republican team' is are falling for a simple trick of manipulation. People, let go of the identity politics! Use facts and smart arguments to make policy points that ACTUALLY benefit your family and your tribe.

There is only one team in American politics at the moment and it is the team that has the bottomless pockets: the stockholders of the banks and corporations. Once they bought and paid for the Supreme Court to pass 'Citizens United' in 2010, the game was over.  All they do now is manipulate the 40% of hard wired for Conservatism Americans via the Republican's bullshit, and the 20% of hard wired for Liberalism Americans via the Democrat's bullshit. The smart people in the middle who want to understand POLICIES are forced to simply vote for change, more specifically for THE MOST CHANGE. The most change was Obama in 2008 and Trump in 2016. [It might have been Bernie, but the Oligopoly that runs American politics kicked Bernie out. (Remember that little chat he emerged from with Obama? I'm pretty sure he was told that it would not be good for his health to carry on. The interests of the Elite are best served by the likes of Booth, Ray and Oswald.)]

The Republican team's ongoing shouts of "Libertards!", "Morons!", "Liberals are immoral and should die!" are just silly. Really. Why? Because the liberal forces in the US are washed up in politics. The GOP owns the Senate, the House and POTUS (well, not really as he appears to be an independent and was a former Democrat supporter, but as he blunders and lurches about in the White House the GOP are doing everything that they ever wanted to behind his back). The 'owners' of all of the Republican politicos who are in office (their coffers are filled with corporate cash and their future wealth depends upon staying in line) are dictating what they want and they are getting it. They did the same when Obama was in office with a few concessions here and there. The Dems are just as beholden to the very same corporate donors as the GOP, and let's face it: corporate Capitalist interests are Conservative, not Progressive or Liberal. The fight is OVER in America.  Liberalism is dead.

The solitary place that the hard wired Liberals have any sway is on campuses, and they are desperately playing out that hand, but they will be crushed over time because ALL the universities are now indentured to the banks because they all lined up to suck on the teat of the corporate donors and the banks that dole out the money that comes from having jacked up tuition 20 times over during the past 2 decades. Eventually the money train will ship all that Liberalism that is so pervasive in higher education out in padlocked stock cars to obscurity. 'Political Correctness' is just a concession made to fill the universities with kids who don't have the wherewithal in terms of smarts of money to be there. It's a ruse just like all the other 'identity politics' bullshit that keeps the people voting for 'their team' while taking it up the backside in the legislature as more and more laws get passed that favour only the rich.

Figure it out, guys, before they pull the rug out from under you completely. You are all being had and you prove that every time you blindly 'side with your team'. Your guns don't 'make you free', they enrich the corporations. Welfare hasn't empowered the poor, it has enslaved and ghettoized them worse than ever before, destroying their families by only paying single mothers.  Wars don't 'protect your freedom', they make the bank stockholders richer at the expense of the taxpayer and the poor for whom the military is the only job they can get. 'Affirmative Action' has put minority students into environments where they are 'set up for failure'.  University degrees no longer benefit you by guaranteeing a career, they impoverish a generation with loans they can never default on. "Keeping my money by paying less tax and reducing Government control (regulation)" is bullshit as most Americans don't (and never will) achieve 'The American Dream' of making 10 times what their parents did, it is just a cover story for the wealth-hoarders to make themselves even richer (for what reason is not clear as they cannot spend what they already have).

Get a clue. Fight the good fight. Demand what is ACTUALLY good for you and your tribe, not what is good for the manipulators.

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Liberalism is Dead in America. Conservatism Won in 2010.


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