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Best Wedding Registry Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

Wedding Registry is an important part of Wedding planning. It is so exciting to choose the gifts planning your wedding! It seems to you like a thing of the good old days? Actually, it is one of those traditions that many couples treasure. With a boom of international communication and people moving around more freely in Europe, this tradition experiences its second birth. When spouses-to-be come from different cities or even countries, the newlyweds often have to start their life together from scratch. So no wonder that they need all those essential things that make a house home. A Wedding Registry is a great opportunity for couples, who have just moved to get something that they really need.

There is a number of situations when a registry is a lifesaver. Say you have moved places to be together – you’re definitely going to appreciate a new frying pan or two! But even if the happy couple has been living together for a little less than forever, it still works. It seems that your house is fully furnished? Well, you might still need household items that are typically associated with a wedding registry. Wedding registry can help you upgrade your home style, or get that expensive porcelain set you’ve been secretly craving for. Making a list will fill your house with items that would remind you of the happy day, so you’d better choose carefully. Think twice – you are to use the things.

You are going to get wed soon, but you think that wedding gifts are unimportant? Well, it is always a good idea to help your guests and let them give you something that you really want. It is always better than having to think what to do with three identical porcelain sets afterward! Moreover, keep in mind that modern day wedding registries allow you to include much more than just household items. Even if you don’t think you need the wedding registry – think carefully! There are so many wedding registry ideas, that you are sure to find something that you find appealing.

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wedding registry ideas presents room

1. Organizing Your Registry Ideas

First of all – let’s consider what is a wedding registry? Choosing a gift for a wedding is a very complicated process. There’s a high chance that unless the guest is very close to the bride and groom – which is not always so, – the wedding gift would miss the point. Remember that there’s always that second cousin once removed! So the idea is simple: wedding registries help the guests save time and money. These lists state exactly the things the newlyweds need – and are a great help. Be sure: a well-organized wedding registry is a must for any practical couple.

If you have never tried to make a wedding registry before, don’t worry. It’s not that difficult if you think of things you really need, instead of the things that are typically associated with a wedding registry. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, and you might feel out of inspiration, but let us give you a hand. Take your time and take a look at our modern Wedding Registry Checklist. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with paper towels and other small things: only the essentials. This carefully chosen list would surely get your ideas flowing. We’ve tried to combine some traditional ideas with more up-to-date ones, to make a perfect list anyone will find helpful.

Remember that a well-thought wedding registry checklist can give you some wonderful registry ideas. It is bound to help you not to miss anything important. So get inspired and don’t forget to send out a copy of your wedding register details with your wedding invitations!

2. Checklist For The Best Wedding Registry Ideas

Making a perfect wedding registry is not so quick, so you’d better get cozy before you start. Brew yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee, whatever you like best. Take a pen and a notebook, if you are into traditional lists. Create a new cloud service document, if you are a hi-tech person. Whatever you choose, it would serve just fine, so read on and take notes. We’ve organized the ideas into thematic groups, to make it easier for you to browse through. Room-by-room, we’ve collected all the best things you could put on a wedding registry, so behold, here is our ultimate list of wedding registry ideas for the best wedding registry that can be found online:


They say that cooking is art. Well, it is, and one that takes a lot of ingredients and instruments to make a real masterpiece, too. The kitchen is a sanctuary of a kind, where magic works. There is something wonderful in the way meals bring family and friends together. However, if you take aside the poetical part – yes, when you are married and start living together, you eat out less. Even if you don’t cook much, being a busy couple, you stay in much more and would rather just order a pizza than going outside. But even if you are a takeaway fan, a fully equipped kitchen is a good thing to have.

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wedding registry ideas kitchen presents

• Items For A True Chef

Let’s start with the basics. A true chef would never be happy without a nice set of knives, complete on a knife block. A good, high-quality set of knives with every knife you might need for cooking, as well as kitchen shears. Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. Ordinary people seldom need more than 5-piece-sets, but if you are a Jamie Oliver fan you might ask for a bigger set. Don’t forget the knife sharpener and a set of cutting boards! You’re going to need them in different sizes.

Make sure your list includes a multi-piece cookware set, with several non-stick skillets of different sizes and one or two saucepans. Big sets often start with a 10-piece option. There are so many of them available: ceramic, aluminum or an old-style cast iron ones, with different non-stick hot-spot no-oil needed technologies.  A high-quality wok is also a must-have for any kitchen. You will surely need one if you are a vegetarian or simply dig Asian food. Don’t forget the tempered glass covers to match.

• Kitchenware

Even if you are not into cooking much, kitchenware is a good idea for a present. You are not a morning person? In that case, you should really consider a coffee bean grinder. Yes, freshly ground coffee beans make the best coffee ever. Also, no coffeeholic could live without an espresso and/or coffee machine. There are different kinds of them available. It could be a manual espresso machine or a filter machine that provides a hot coffee that’s always ready to drink. There are also simple-to-use coffee pod or capsule machines. A nice cup of coffee makes mornings more palatable!

If you’d rather brew a nice cup of tea, you will definitely need a tea kettle and a French press. This way you sure get all the taste from your favorite kind of fancy tea. A cute set of tea jars could do nicely to organize your collection of teas.

• Modern Household Appliances

Ask yourself: what morning could be perfect without a fresh toast with some jam on it? A toaster or a panini press is definitely a must-have! Just the thought of freshly toasted bread can make any mouth water! And don’t forget a juice squeezer: one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice would make every morning a brighter one! It could also boost your healthy lifestyle: carrot fresh, celery fresh, apple fresh – you name it! Such everyday items on your wedding registry will help you make a perfect breakfast for your loved one!

Actually, a number of modern household appliances make our hectic life so much easier. For example, a good food processor would cut or mince everything you need. You won’t need to spend ages in the kitchen, cutting all the ingredients. More advanced models even have special add-ons for making delicious home-made creamy sauces and purees.

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wedding registry ideas kitchen devices

• Kitchen Devices

If you like baking you will surely need a good mixer, and sports addicts or families with small kids are sure to appreciate a blender. There’s nothing better than a home-made baby food. So if your family is about to get bigger – believe me, you really need this item!

Microwave ovens are also rather helpful when you are in a hurry. All you need is just heat up the leftovers or a ready-made dish for you and your loved ones – and Bon appetite! If you prefer a healthier diet – well, a high-quality slow cooker or a pressure cooker also save a lot of precious time. Just set the timer to get a healthy meal. It is one of those little things that help a lot when you are a busy person with no time for cooking. And, of course, as soon as you finish the meal, a dishwasher is among basic essentials for any couple, willing to live happily ever after. No more quarreling about the dishes. Put them in a dishwasher and forget about it.

• Cookbook

To top the kitchen part of a good wedding registry there is nothing better than a good cookbook. Yes, of course, the internet has lots of recipes, but a good quality printed cookbook with colorful photos is still a must-have for any household. You might also like to add to the list a special notebook for family recipes that are passed on from generation to generation. Even if your family doesn’t have any secret family recipes – maybe you can be the one to start a tradition!

• Fun Wedding Registry Items

The last, but not the least, as they say. There are kitchen items, that are not exactly necessary, but still, it is nice to have them in your household. Especially if you have kids. Fun wedding registry items include several items. Why don’t you try a waffle iron – who is up for some hot waffles with maple syrup? Or maybe you want to try a self-made organic ice-cream? Such a delicious, but healthy dessert is easy to make with an ice cream maker. If you have a sweet tooth, you will appreciate tasty homemade milkshakes, that can be made with a milkshake maker. A fondue set can be a highlight of any party (fancy thing, fondue, but isn’t it simply delicious?). Cooking can be fun too!

Dining Room

It could sound a bit old-fashioned, but after you’re connected in holy matrimony, the bride becomes the lady of the house. From this happy moment you are to have twice as many relatives and friends as you used to. What does it mean? For a practical person, it means that your family celebrations would probably grow in size. Which means… Yes, right. You definitely are going to need more plates! Moreover, it would be nice to have both formal and casual sets. Dinner plates and dessert plates, soup bowls and serving bowls, to say nothing of the cutlery. Your guests are going to need all of that, won’t they? And don’t you forget a teapot, teacups and saucers, a creamer and a sugar bowl, and some coffee mugs too!

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wedding registry ideas dishes present

• Porcelain Is A Great Wedding Present For Centuries

Porcelain is quite expensive, and it’s been considered a great wedding present for centuries. Why don’t you put some of it on your wedding registry? It is quite a common thing when porcelain sets are handed down from generation to generation. Who knows! If you get a beautiful porcelain set you could even start a new wedding tradition! You would probably need a new tablecloth as well, and the rest of the linen. When your guests come, you could use a new table runner, napkins and napkin rings. Serving details are important. Such small details of home decorum will bring the atmosphere of cosiness into your home. So all you need to do is just add all of these to your wedding registry, and stay cool. When holidays bring all the family together, you won’t need to worry about laying the table. All in all, these items would make a wonderful present to celebrate the birth of a new family.

The Bar

It doesn’t need to be a big family holiday for you to need to serve the drinks. It means that bar items might be even more essential than everything mentioned above. Imagine inviting friends to come over for a drink or two! Wouldn’t it be great to impress them with your home bar?

First of all, a good bar would include red wine glasses and white wine glasses. Wine is a most popular beverage to go with meals, so it is quite important to have at least half a dozen set of each kind. Don’t forget a wine bottle opener! The cork might be really hard to get out. Wine might be the most common drink among married couples, but not the most formal. Of course, no celebration of a truly important event is complete without some champagne on ice. Which means – you are going to need a set of champagne flutes! They come in sets of 6 and 12 – depending on the usual size of your parties. You could also add to the list an ice bucket and tongs. These are the items that add some glamour and style to any party!

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wedding registry ideas bar present shampagne

• Good Bar Items

By the way, you can use the ice bucket, tongs, and champagne flutes right after the wedding, to make the end of the day even a more romantic one! Just imagine your first night together as a man and wife, when all the guests are gone and you are finally left alone. Ooh, what a romantic evening you might have! Just joking – after the wedding reception most couples are too tired for such romance. Probable it would be best to leave the champagne on ice for the day after. Also, a pair of personalized champagne flutes, decorated with your names and the date of your wedding could make an amazing souvenir. It can be a great present to remind you and your second half about the day you tied the knot. You might want to use them straightaway on your wedding day, and they keep for the anniversaries. Wouldn’t that be romantic?

For a less formal occasion, like meeting with your pals, you will need a different kind of beverage – and the same applies to glasses. Each man needs a 6-piece set of iced beverage glasses. By the way, the present would be even better with a bottle of good old whiskey to match. Just a hint. Also, beer mugs are a must-have for a night of football with friends. I’m sure that every party needs a pitcher and a decanter. And don’t forget a set of coasters – whatever you drink you surely don’t want to stain your beautiful furniture.

Wedding Registry Ideas For Bedroom

Talking about romance – the next group of items to consider on your wedding registry is something you are going to need bedly. Badly, I mean. It doesn’t matter if you are just about to move in, or you have been living together for a while. The bedroom is the most intimate place and the most romantic part of the house, so it is only logical that bedroom household items are among popular wedding gifts. There is always something you need for the bedroom, be it fancy bed sheets or a night lamp. You are going to spend a lot of time there together – probably not less than one-third part of your life, if we think about 8-hour sleep. It is no surprise, that a place that you are about to make your ‘family nest’ needs to be the most comfortable place ever.

• Mattress Pad

First of all, one should never underestimate the importance of a healthy 8-hour sleep. Taking it into consideration, it is a really good idea to think of a nice mattress pad. There are literally thousands of options: finding your perfect mattress providing the optimum support and pressure relief is not easy. So as soon as you know which exactly mattress you want, make sure you list specific details on your registry. Remember, that it might be one of the most crucial things you will need in your married life.

The bedroom is the heart of the house – so you will need some extra comfort there. Believe us, a good mattress can make your nights your favorite part of the day! Some mattresses are best for back-sleepers, and some for side-sleepers, there are foam mattresses and interspring ones… Just find your perfect mattress and put it on the list!

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wedding registry ideas pillows plaid

• Pillows

Apart from the basic things, such as a good mattress pad and a mattress topper, there is a number of bedtime accessories. First of all, you should really check out those memory foam toppers. Pillows can be memory foam or old-style feathery type. You are going to need bedsheets and pillowcases – don’t forget to mention the size! Also, an extra soft and warm duvet are a must-have on your list to keep you warm all year round. You might want a pair of small lamps with their lampshades and delicate light. Standing on the bedside tables, they would add to the atmosphere of romance. Or allow you to read in bed without bothering your partner, which is also nice.

By the way, a thing that newlyweds seldom think about, but would absolutely appreciate is a portable serving table. It can be quite handy. Especially if you want to make a surprise breakfast for your significant other. Imagine waking up to the smell of hot coffee and a croissant, served to you while you are still in bed. What can be better than breakfast served with a flower in a cute little vase? Or with a newspaper, whatever you like best in the morning.

Living Room

I think you would agree, that your family nest needs to be cozy. It would be wise to include some things that create that special atmosphere of peace and comfort. You know, that feeling that makes us call the house we live in ‘home’. Think of all the possible decorative accents you need. The wedding registry might include vases large decorative ones, or more practical smaller ones. Depending on the style you have chosen for your place, you might want something antique, or more modern.

Now that you are newlyweds you will definitely want to hang some family photos, won’t you? So you are going to need pictures and picture frames of different shapes and sizes. Scented candles and decorative pillows will add some inspiration. You might also want a decorative wall clock – there is a number of ideas. You might even want a personalized wall clock with your photo on the background. All of the above, combined with other sweet details of decorum you can think of, will make you feel that there’s no place like home.

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wedding registry ideas fireplace hall

• Beautiful Items For A Fireplace

If you are a lucky owner of a big house with a fireplace, the wedding registry is exactly the thing you need! Or, more precisely, your chance to get all the things you need. It could be wise to put on the registry some items like for a fireplace. It might be an intricately forged cast-iron grate or a complete set of accessories. Every fireplace needs pokers, bellows, tongs and other devices. You might also want a new holder or a basket for all of these things. You do not have a chimney? Well, there is always an option of the electric fireplace. What could be better than such a romantic gift! Imagine long winter evenings you could spend together, basking in the heat of the electric chimney. It is surely something that will make your new house feel like the home straightaway.

• Devices Are The Good Ideas

Though it is not necessarily for a living room, it might be a good idea to add some less romantic, but more practical devices. Why don’t you think material? You could add a wide-screen TV to the list. All these modern smart ultra HD TV devices, with Dolby surround and 3D glasses! Talking of sound – don’t forget to add an entertainment system, especially if you love music. Such things usually are too much for an ordinary present, but more than expected on your wedding register. Why? Of course, they are costly, but they would make a great gift from a group of friends or several family members. It’s important to keep in mind, that after all, this is your wedding. That’s what wedding registers are for: they exist to help you state your wishes clearly.

So if you think that a new laptop or an audio system is exactly what your family needs to live happily ever after – well so be it! Don’t hesitate to put the items that you really need. Each person is unique, and so are his needs. It’s better to ask for what you truly want, rather than the standard things you are supposed to want. Different people, different lives, different tastes.

• Practical Devices

Among other more practical home items, you can put on the list is a vacuum cleaner. Any household needs one for sure, and a modern one too! Mops and buckets are long gone, and the ordinary vacuum cleaner is so yesterday. Why don’t you try new technology in action? There are so many types: bagless and bagged, cordless, upright and cylinder ones. You might even ask for one of those modern fancy digitally operated robot-cleaners.

If you are an office worker, you would greatly appreciate a steam iron or a garment steamer. Actually, a garment steamer can be a great addition to a traditional steam iron. Garment steamers are especially handy if you need to wear suits and shirts every day from 9 to 5. They’re best for soft fabrics and garments that are difficult to press, like a suit jacket. You will certainly love a portable model if you often travel.


Let’s not forget, that your home is the place of comfort, your place of strength, and your place of relaxation. Your bathroom part of a wedding registry could include two big extra-soft bath towels. Why? Because you can never have enough of high quality extra-soft bathroom towels  – one for him, and one for her. It could even be a set of towels – complete with hand and wash towels. To match such present it is a nice idea to think of all the accompanying items. For example, you can ask for something more practical, say a towel dryer or a laundry basket. Yes, these gifts might not be very romantic, but hey, we live in a material world! Sometimes down-to-earth gifts are the best.

Two soft cotton bathroom robes, one for each of the loving newlyweds, is another great wedding registry item. It would be even better if it is a set of matching bathroom robes, embroidered with your initials. Such a personalized set would make a perfect wedding gift. Moreover, it would make your evenings together more comfortable and pleasant.

Need something more glamorous? Well, a large vanity mirror in a beautiful frame will bring some chic and elegance to your bathroom.


Every house starts with a hall, which means there is also some more space for creativity. Your wedding registry might include a stylish coat rack or an old-fashioned cast-iron umbrella stand. It could sound a bit old-fashioned, but actually, these things contribute a lot to the air of cosiness. They add style, which newcomers would see right from the threshold.

Don’t forget about sweet little details: a Mr & Mrs sign (wooden or forged), some art that you can put on the wall, or ‘Welcome home’ doormat. Why don’t you add some smaller details to your wedding registry? It could be a vintage doorbell or a special little cabinet for keys. Such things will make you feel very special each time you come home.


If you are a hospitable person, there is a number of ideas that are must-have for your wedding registry. You enjoy having BBQ parties in the backyard? Well, then an outdoor grill is definitely a thing to put on the list. Because special moments, like a family party or a celebration with friends and neighbors, are so much tastier with a grill! What can be better, than throwing a wedding afterparty for the whole neighborhood? Wedding registry might be your resource for all the things you need for a large party. You could do with a barbeque set, complete with tongs, thermometers etc. Also, different yard games for active guests is another great idea. There’s nothing better than a collection of lawn games: it could be Frisbees, or badminton rackets, or even a croquet set if you are into it.

• Outdoor Ideas For An Introverts

It might happen that you are more an outdoor introvert type, and don’t like large groups of people. In that case, your registry needs a picnic basket for romantic picnics with your significant other. A classic picnic basket, woven of textural natural rattan, usually includes everything you need for a picnic – plus plenty of room for food and wine. A picnic basket might be not very practical, but it has all the things you might need. A basket, complete with a tablecloth,  two wine glasses, two plates, flatware and a wine opener, makes a perfect gift for a summer wedding.

If you are more of a backpack outdoor person, probably you already have a long list of all the things you want. It might be a larger tent for two or two sleeping bags. Or might be that portable gas stove – you surely know better. All of these could be quite an unusual wedding registry items, but hey, your list, your rules!


Talking of outdoors and traveling. When you have said the wedding vows, it is time for the newlyweds to get on their way to their honeymoon. A wedding registry could include all the things the happy couple would need. Especially if such things you can use to celebrate the beginning of the life together. It might be gift cards for the honeymoon, flight tickets, hotel bookings or simply donations to the honeymoon. The wedding is a costly event, money is always a welcome gift, which would help to cover at least some of the expenses. If you choose an option of a gift card or flight tickets, it doesn’t have to be Niagara Falls, Paris, Las Vegas or any other popular honeymoon destinations. What can be better than exploring the world together? It doesn’t matter if you spend your honeymoon in Europe or some exotic country. As long as you are together, anything will do.

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wedding registry ideas honeymoon

There is one more idea for a wedding registry, if you mean to travel a lot. Be it a honeymoon destination, or a business trip, there are things you are going to need. When making a list, don’t forget to include luggage sets. One suitcase will be hardly enough for traveling together. Matching luggage pieces is the thing you need to satisfy all your travel needs.

• Experience Days Vouchers

Another great option – and a much cheaper one, than flight tickets, is experience days. They say that the greatest gift you can give is a new experience and a memory to last a lifetime. Experience days vouchers usually have a variety of options for everyone to enjoy. So no matter who you are, or what you love to do, you can always find the right experience to have a dream day you both will never forget.

The last thing on your list – but surely not least! – is a good digital camera. It is important to make sure that you capture all of your adventures for the future generations. Of course, you might simply use your mobile phone, but with a digital camera, your photos and videos will get a more glossy and professional look.


Modern registries can include much more than just kitchen utensils and household appliances. Hobbies that newlyweds share can be a great source of inspiration too. There are endless options for a non-so-standard wedding registry: paragliding, horse-riding adventures, kayaking – it all depends on your imagination. The groom might also appreciate a box of cigars or some rare alcoholic beverage.

You have read all of the article above, and are still not sure what you want? Be practical. Pick wedding donations as a present option. Wedding donations are always a great idea. Just put them on the list, and then save the received presents for the time, when you know exactly what you want. You might even want to open your first joint bank account, or to make it your first contribution into a mortgage. After all, it is your wedding, your rules, and your life. It’s only up to you what to put on the wedding registry.

Set Your Imagination Free

As you can see, the wedding registry ideas can be very different. The range goes from old-fashioned list of kitchen utensils and other traditional gifts to a less standard tandem parachute jump. Anyway, there is always one thing to consider, before you hand in the list, so to say: tastes differ. Do specify even the most traditional items – you are the person who is going to use them. Always keep in mind that it is you who is going to live, surrounded by the gifts received. It’s easy to avoid disappointment if your guests know which exactly frying pan you want. It might need a bit of extra research, but it is definitely worth it. There has been a recent trend towards gift-list services that allow you to add almost anything to your list. Don’t be afraid to use that wonderful trend and set your imagination free.

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Best Wedding Registry Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy


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