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Legends of the Fall - Part Two

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Continuing with the look at different stories and myths about the creation of humanity and evil, an interesting version of events is provided by Edgar Cayce a.k.a. the sleeping prophet.

According to Cayce, God, together with a collection of Souls and an assortment of angels collaborated to create the universe.

Fallen Angels

The Souls were given the gift of Free Will which made some of the angels jealous, among them the one that eventually become known as "Lucifer", who allegedly stormed off in a huff to do his own thing.

With the gift of Free Will, some of the Souls began to experiment with matter and energy projecting themselves onto the physical plane and creating many hybrid creatures.

These creatures remain in our collective unconscious as half-memories and are apparently the source of legends about centaurs or mermaids etc.

Some of the Souls descended into matter and became so entranced that they couldn't return to the realm of energy and forgot where they really came from.

Amilius and the Master Plan

One of the unfallen Souls called Amilius (apparently the first Soul that God created) volunteered to descend to the Earth and bring the Fallen Souls back.

God agreed but also devised a plan which involved reincarnation, forgiveness and karma which meant that the Souls had to earn their way back home.

Amilius incarnated on the physical plane as Adam and the twin soul Eve. These were the first humans who were part energy and part matter.

But descending (or falling) into physical matter meant that they too could not remember their true origins.

Forbidden Fruit

However Lucifer was apparently skulking in the wings ready to thwart God’s plan to release the souls from Earth. So he disguised himself as a serpent and told Eve that she could save the fallen souls much faster if she would only eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil because then they would be like God.

Adam wanted to play the long game but Eve eventually persuaded him to eat the fruit so that they could take a shortcut and redeem the souls faster.

The rest is as in the Book of Genesis with Adam and Eve getting found out by God and banished.

Many Lives, Many Masters

But then, according to Cayce, Adam (and Eve) continued to incarnate on Earth for many more lifetimes to continue their attempts to bring the Souls back to the realm of energy.

Some of these Adam-personalities are well-known figures from the Bible like Joshua and Enoch. Others are less well-known or completely unknown figures from the past.

The most well-known figure who was an incarnation of the first man Adam (according to Cayce) was that of Jesus Christ, hence titles given to Jesus such as the ‘First Born’, ‘Son of God’ or ‘only begotten Son of the Father’.

And the most well-known figure who was an incarnation of the first woman Eve was Mary as the Mother of Jesus.

An account of Cayce’s theory about the incarnations of Jesus can be found in the book Lives of the Master.

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Legends of the Fall - Part Two


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