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RESPECT Me......Please

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I think my blog posts make me come across as if I'm sexist or have no Respect for women. You ever think how somebody can read a Facebook post, a tweet, or see an Instagram post and think they know you? I always sit back and think about my legacy. If I was pass away today, people will only have my blogs to get an understanding of what type of person I am. I don't want to be judged on my writing tone or perception. But at the same time I don't want to change how and what I write about. So it's a fine line I'm trying to walk. I never want to start off by saying "I don't hate women, I have female friends." Because then I sound like that guy who says "I don't hate black people, I have 2 black friends." But in reality I don't want people to read my blog or see me online and think that I have zero respect for women. I always use this analogy of if a racist walks into a room and I was sitting in there and they said "fuck all you niggers!" I wouldn't get mad because they aren't talking to me. It's just like if I write a blog post about unsavory women, real women shouldn't bat an eye because I'm not talking about them. I don't have the same feelings about every woman. I believe that all women don't deserve respect because it is something that is earned. Just like all men don't deserve respect for the same reason. That doesn't mean I hate all women, it just means there are raggedy bitches walking the face of this Earth. Are all women raggedy bitches? Of course not. But it does bother me that women expect respect, and here's why.

Men live by male rules.  So if I walk into a setting and walk up to the males and say "you've never met before but you all have to immediately respect me regardless" they would look at me and laugh. Respect is earned by continuous actions. So a man has to show that he is an honorable individual to gain respect. And once he earns that respect, he can't just revert to being a piece of crap, he has to continue to show that he's an upstanding individual. Or that respect can be lost. And that's how men think. Women come in with the perception that because they are a woman, all men have to respect them off the bat. Men have unwavering rules. Which means they aren't going to have one set of rules for one group of people (Males) and then a different standard for others (Females). Everybody is going to typically be held to the same standard. But women have the opposite standard. They expect everybody to earn their respect from them. When dating a male, he needs to open doors, be polite, not try to get sex immediately, etc. And what do they call that? Being respectful. Why is it fine for a female to expect immediate respect from the jump but not for a man to expect the same.

Men are expected to be respectful to all women from the jump just because they are women. But every woman doesn't deserve respect. So who are these women who don't deserve respect? Whores, the cast of all these ratchet TV shows fighting and throwing drinks, gold diggers, scandalous women, women who sleep with their man's best friend, and that chick who was on Worldstar sucking dick for hair gel (yes that really happened). The fact is that every woman is not a positive representative of the female gender so you can't demand respect based on that.

Women have to earn my respect because that's what's expected from me. But that same female can't get my respect and then turn around and be a dirt-bag. She needs to constantly keep my respect. Because that is what is expected from me. So ladies, if you want a man to respect you, you need to earn that respect and then maintain that level of respect. You can't come in with this fake privilege of "I'm a lady respect me" but then complain why society isn't equal for males and females. As a man, do you know how I feel when I hear another male say "they don't respect me......" I'm disgusted, because why would anybody respect a man who whines about lack of respect? You need to go out there and get it. And it's the same for women. If you are complaining about people not respecting you, the very first thing you need to do is look in the mirror and ask what are you doing wrong. The reason why people don't get respected in life is because their is no repercussion for not respecting them. Disrespect is inevitable. So in life people need to know and understand two things about you:

Why should I respect you
Why should I not disrespect you

If your only answer is because "I am a woman" you don't deserve to be respected.

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RESPECT Me......Please


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