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Keeping In Touch Weekly #3

Hey, guys!
It's the end of another week and time for another Weekly update! It's been 3 weeks since I started this weekly series and I'm getting more encouragement from you guys. Thank you for your awesomeness!

keeping in touch weekly by cameroonian blogger

I'm loving this series too because it's helping me to be more conscious on the notion of time. It also makes me feel accountable to my readers and so I make an effort to reach my weekly goals. 

This week has been a very calm week. I have been recovering slowly and enjoying regaining my strength.

Feeling old school.

Old school indeed!

Songs like 'Birima' by the great Youssou Ndour from Senegal and 'Brother Brother' by the young Ghanaian artist Bisa Kdei. Such great music! The song 'Birima' reminds me of my growing up.

I remember loving and singing the chorus when I was opportune to hear it (back in the day TV and computers were not found every where as it is the case now). I didn't understand what it was talking about until I googled the meaning some weeks back. No doubt Youssou Ndour is one of my fav artists from Senegal.

As for Bisa Kdei, honestly, he blew me with how well he did the high-life music. The sound is so original. And again, I don't understand the language he sang in but I will definitely check the meaning one of these days.

I'm back to yoga again!

In fact, it's since last week that I've been feeling as to start again. I did a little Yoga on Thursday and I got inspired to do more on Friday.

I tweeted a lot about my starting yoga again last week and I also mentioned that I declare Thursdays to be my Yoga Thursdays. Lol. Let's see how it goes. 

The one thing I realised was that my body had gone back to zero flexibility. The last time I did yoga was in January. Yeah, that long! And what was I expecting? 

Now my body has gone back to being as tight as before I started. And I am back to square one. I hope I learn the lesson and be more consistent this time.

By the way, I just created a section for yoga on the blog where I will be talking about my yoga journey, it's benefits to my life and new discoveries concerning that. My fellow yogis can find their way to my yoga posts easily. So please subscribe to my blog if you want to get full details of my yoga journey.

I'm setting up my Youtube Channel

Surprise! I'm even surprised myself! Hummm, shy me will be doing videos. I don't know when I will start oh. We will see with time. No rush!

ngumabi youtube channel cameroon

Well, vlogging. I just did my youtube channel art, added my social media links and setup my settings. I think the only thing lacking there is a video. Lol. It will come in due time.
I just felt like finding out more about

I've been feeling like taking a risk and coming out bold!

This week I've been feeling like I could take risks and do things. This explains why I started setting up my youtube channel.

This voice kept saying to me 'do a video'. And I wasn't very sure so I decided to set up my youtube channel in the mean time. Lol. I don't feel courageous enough though. I feel like people won't like me.

Ahhh! Can't believe this! I'm doing the negative self-talk even after writing this post on how to fight it! So let me correct that: I am bold enough! I will make awesome videos that my audience will love!


That feels better.

A Shift of Pressure

I have been under a lot of pressure within me for the past months because of certain things but now the pressure has shifted to something else.

It has to do with school and my blogging. I had been feeling some serious pressure to do my school project ever since, but this week I didn't feel that pressure that much again. It rather shifted to my blog because of my desire to take my blog to the next level and gain more readers as well as working with brands.

Hopefully, I'm working on that.

New inspirational finds

Tyler Perry, Steve HarveySteve Rizzo and Eric Thomas are the people I have been listening to a lot this week! The message I got is to:

- believe and work on yourself,

- invest in and develop yourself,

- spend more time with those who think like you and let go of those who drag you backwards,

- quit complaining because everyone has got a situation to deal with,

- stop comparing yourself to others because they might not even be happy,

- focus and do the work you have to do in order to be successful.

The lesson I loved most of all was that your past was necessary to make you who you are today. It's the things you went through - good or bad, that gave you the skills you are using today. So there is no need to regret your past.

Like they say 'A calm sea never made a great captain'

I mean, I'm loving me some inspirational content right now and I'm really glad that I made the decision to consume at least one inspirational content a week. it could be a video, an article or a blog, or even a podcast. I haven't found really inspiring podcasters yet so if you know any good one that you would recommend then please let me know in your comment. 

I finally finished some projects

And this made me happy especially as they were projects linked to my business. I made time to go see my business partners and talk about projects that have been on hold for a while now (close to two years!). And I wasn't happy with some of the outcome though but I'm glad that we talked about it and we were able to resolve what we could resolve. And I think that is really important.

I also got to work on a few projects that I couldn't complete while I was sick last week and I'm so glad that I could complete them and put them up in my online store.

This week I'm going to show you what I do. Because I noticed I don't give much of a view of my products in these weekly posts. So today I will show you a few things.

Like this bag which is one of the products, I completed this week. It's a simple tote bag and a matching small purse for your beach outings, work, school or picnics.

fab bantu ankara hand bag

There is also this clutch and a head wrap which is perfect for a little black dress or a white dress as well.

ankara clutch, cameroonian designer accessories

New things!

To crown it all I experienced a few new things this weekend that I am so excited about. That's all I can say about that.

This week has been over all great for me. Looking forward to the new week.

And you how has been your week? What were you excited about?

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Keeping In Touch Weekly #3


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