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5 Things I learned from The Descent

There’s no “late” in watching good movies, they’re kinda ready for a lifetime. This film was suggested by an online magazine, sorry-I-forgot-the-name, as one of the scream-worthy horror movies. And I couldn’t agree more.

Watching a movie about adventures and friendship plus a good wine is my kind of mood tonight. Not to mention (oops, I already mentioned) this is a horror effin movie! Yea, my fave movie genre in this boring yet stressful life. So yes, you read that blog title  right. I loooove traveling and adventures and this movie is one of the bestest teacher with regards to that.

1. Always bring a complete set of medical kit. (Isn’t it redundant? Set? Kit?) Well, I’ve been bring alcohol and bandaids anywhere I go, but a medical kit? I learned that it is more than important to bring one. Inclusive of medicines, adhesive tapes, bandages, cotton swabs, ointment, etc. Who knows you could be the saviour of the group.

2. Aside from the medical kit, also bring the following:

  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight
  • Electronic flare
  • Lighter (I always have one!)
  • Extra batteries
  • Rappel/Climbing gloves

3. Go to the park and work with the monkey bars! Of course, why have I never thought of that? Climbs? Oh, common sense.

4. Don’t dare be a discoverer! Actually it was one of my dreams - discovering places and naming it. I just realized it’s hard and creepy and deathly.

5. Mark your track. Especially when you’re not with a guide or you’re not comfortable or confident in your trek.

See, there’s good in staying lazy and watching movies - you’ll learn, you’ll realize something you thought didn’t matter but is truly important.

I really liked the movie and I’m giving it 5/5. But I have some thoughts and comments on some parts, though. (Spoiler alert!!! As if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Lol)

  1. I think the monsters were humans, and that their bodies just adapted to the cave life. But they, for sure, know the way out (the entrances were not blocked). I was wondering if they chose to live there and be those monsters or they’re just another specie.
  2. Knowing they’re (monsters) used to the life in the cave, I expected their hearing abilities are waaaaay much more better than just hearing screams. I mean, they should be bothered by the girls’ laughs, cry, talk, or heavy breathes, crazy pumping hearts, and body movements (especially in water).
  3. Beth was stabbed by Juno in the throat. No. THROUGH the throat. But after a few minutes, Beth was still able to talk to Sarah. Sumbungera pa ang lola mo.
  4. I actually knew it from the start! Kabit ni Paul si Juno. I liked the necklace, anyways, minus the “love each day”.
  5. It’s disgusting, but if my eyes served me right, Sarah was swimming in a pool of human blood with mouth open. Wth?!
  6. Well, as expected, Sarah has gone mad and took her revenge with Juno. She stabbed Juno’s leg and let her be eaten by the monsters. What is good in revenge, people?!?! Anong kinaibahan nya sa monster kung ganon sya jusko. I honestly wished na hindi na sya makalabas. Am I a monster, too? 
  7. And the girls are screaming their hearts out even when they already realized the monsters are using their ears to hunt. Talk about anong bago sa horror movies.

It feels good watching an awesome (wth awesome? I’m running out of words!) movie and writing about it right after. Your thoughts are still clear and the comments haven’t faded yet. You can let the words (and nonsense word) just flow out of your brain with no worries. Off to see The Descent 2!

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5 Things I learned from The Descent


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