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The Essential Guide To Turning 40 Blog
This is the essential guide to turning fourty and my attempts at reclaiming a lost decade and adjusting to another..
2016-03-19 18:53
Four long years have passed since my last post. I have been counting my bitter grudges and nurturing for a vengeful return. I am rearing for a fight and someone somewhere will pay and pay bi… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
In my middle-aged fugue, someone does me harm. Something uncorporeal is using me as its own private latrine for its dysenteric ways. Somebody without a telephone number or gonads that I can… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Suck a little too hard on a ciggie and you are bound to rent something in your throat. A little cough can rape you violently and a sneeze threatens to lop your head off. Loose a little slee… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Poking about my fogshrouded greybleary past, I have been casting anectodal glances at the deaths of my life. You know.. giving my stock of remembrance a bit of a stir... recounting the dead… Read More
2005-08-05 06:04
It is funny how the little things keep slipping away from you. Some loiter in the front garden of your memory gradually becoming invisible and shimmying out unnoticed through the gates of ob… Read More
2005-07-28 06:45
You have to admit. The collective display of synchornicity and creativity by God and his chum the Devil is quite astounding. Leave the poor fuckers alone for fourty years of their lives and… Read More
2005-07-27 09:22
So...the medley of forty-something ills, that so delightfully contrive to bugger you up, can be all bunched under the euphomism 'middle-aged'? Perhaps.. but I dont see anything too middle-no… Read More
2005-07-23 17:32 loiter through life inconspicously. Without the dubious delight of the clouds parting for you with its customary cliche of deliverance and light.You live your life carelessly trespass… Read More
2005-07-22 06:20
Mephistopheles..heh... fucking brilliant!Has that spannered you some? Made you rush for an exit click?What is really gonna bake your noodle is whether:1. Mephistopheles exercises his evil by… Read More
2005-07-21 16:46
What if the devil was not the teethy, horny, forked tailed, boil suppurating, vermin, that we make him out to be. What if Mephistopheles descended upon earth in the shape of 'turning 40'? Y… Read More

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The Essential Guide to turning 40


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