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Blast of the past for Diary of Fantastic Discoveries

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We all know that familiar feeling of the year coming to an end and nothing grandiose to celebrate about it. I know that most people are only looking for a better year in hand than the one we are seeing as it stands but years aren’t great unless we make it great. A new year’s resolution setting is like starting your year up for disaster.

I like to reflect on the past as if it was a learning experience to make me better as a person, and not a tragedy that only brought forth more pain. You can’t leap into the future without a time machine just like you can’t head into a new year without reflecting on what brought you to where you are today.

My log is a little under a year old but let’s take a road down some of my fantastically horrid posts along with the posts that will blow you away. I will also ring in a thank you to all my followers by linking back a list of them from wordpress and twitter.

I guess I will pick what I think are my two Worst Posts of the year and discuss why I find them so bad with some phrases scattered in the fray to help express it. ( If you find two posts you think are really bad please share. I like to see what I am doing wrong here along with what I am doing right.)

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My top three Worst posts

The very first post that I found is horrible that I have wrote over the year is this one :

My post here is a rambling of words except it has no spaces as it’s written in just paragraph form. I’m hoping that’s not a default problem with all my posts at the moment. ( hahaha.) I strategically wrote the post without a paragraph because it is a rambling of thoughts. I found this to be on the top three worst posts because it is stylistically not all there. “Why do we hate? Cause we love too much. Why do we see murderous rampages? Because someone wasn’t loved enough.”

“Sometimes I’m crazy” made the list because I think it lacks important content creation compared to my other posts. I mean it rambles about a lot of things but doesn’t stick to one set topic. I have a love hate relationship with this post which is why there is a burning fist colliding with an ice fist as it’s image.

The second post that will make my top three worst posts of the year is Fantastic Discoveries: E-Cigs. You can read it here

Somewhere in this post I discuss the changes our smoking community are facing and if E-cigs are really healthier than actual cigarettes. I’m not an avid smoker nor do I smoke but I like to read up on the topic just to see what commotion is going on here. In fact, I know of plenty of vape shows that have sprung up lately just around my town. I’m sure the same is happening everywhere.

I think this has made my top three worst posts simply because it has had very little impact in getting attention. If you think about the topic was top news when I released it but I could not gather enough readers for it to stand or have an effect.

Last but not least is my final worst post We are connected by the web. I would minus my formatting issues because I am working on fixing that as I go. You can read the post here:

Have you ever walked down the street and breathed in the air, grabbed a child’s hand before he walked in front of a bus, or chased a cat off the street to save it’s life? If you have..I give you kudos today because many of the younger generation are missing this feeling. “

I found this post has a lot of great points but again lacks the connectivity to bring more views to it. It’s one my worst but not completely garbage at the same time.

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My top three posts – P.S I am biased here

My favorite post that I love to death is the embodiment of stories as it is inspiration to a book I want to publish that covers some of my ideas for getting out better writing. It would be my first chapter to the book covering the power stories have held over the ages.

“A story is a conveying of events in words using images, metaphors, and other elements. It is a narrative that is shared by cultures as a means of entertainment, education, cultural, and forming moral values. “

This post tells of how storytelling will remain a major part of our world, and will remain so for the future. I’m biased but this post truly has my heart and soul dished out in it.

Following the embodiment of stories is the power of choice. The hardest part in our life is picking what we want to do it with it, who we want to share it with, and how we want to evolve as a person.

“Money though is not everything. Everyone tells me I should go into accounting there is money to be made. Follow the money and it will bring you happiness. This constant badgering makes me feel that I should be an accountant even with my very bad math skills. However, what I want to be is a writer. “

I can drone on and on about how great this post is but I would much rather have you read it and find out yourself.

My very last post that I find is grand is The unorderly process of writing is one of my top favorite posts and I can’t talk about it because the post itself does the talking for me.

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A thank you to all my blog followers – pingbacks galore

A thank you to twitter

Many thanks to everyone else as well. I just can’t link all my followers here but you are loved.

A thank you to my linkiden influencers

A thank you to everyone who has helped through this year. Times are tough for me right now, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can take. But thank you for supporting me every step of the way. Comments, donations, clicks, word spreading, and messages are always welcome. Let’s give it to another year guys.


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Blast of the past for Diary of Fantastic Discoveries


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