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Today on Fantastic discoveries : I can’t believe the Arthritis I just heard of

I’m not much of a personal complained but here is my life story written as an Arthritis survivor. Nah, I’m kidding. My post is actually going to cover a personal story I am witnessing with my own eyes. “ It is in criticism when a person believes they have fooled the fox. But is it not the fox that is fooled but thyself.” I find this quote that I made up is very relevant right now in my life. Let me start explaining the situation yet again like one of those sad people. We all have troubles, we all have difficulties, but when it comes to me I feel like life kicks me in the foot at every turn.

My mother is not your typical disabled person as in what you picture is a woman in a wheelchair, or a child with a speech disorder. Wipe that from your mind for a second. My mom has a handicap where she had a stroke when she was born, and the effect was to lose the ability to use both her right arm but could still walk. Her Money was about 1000 dollars for a month. Imagine living off that every month…with two kids? I don’t know how she did it because my dad wasn’t much help at all. Number one hero my mom I swear.

Anyways, Today I found out after she went through Botox to try to move her arm that it gave her arthritis in the leg. I’m not sure how I feel about that but I do know I feel when I watch someone scream and yell at a woman who has to live off of such small portions of money because the person worked for a living. I’m sorry …but I work for a living too but if someone needed food I would feed them, if someone needed something I would help them. It is greed to tell someone just because you work for a living you are better than the person asking for help when she isn’t exactly capable of living on her own because in the world’s eyes she makes too much for section eight, and too little for rent. I mean reality is she can’t even get food stamps but my brother can? I work, I pay taxes…I would rather see my money go to someone who needs it than a man who can fully work, and go to college on his own? Or to a man who has been known to sell his foodstamps for drugs? -sigh-

So what I witnessed was someone being greedy. Yes. You work for your money like every other fucking American in the world. But you know what you don’t do. You don’t put the money back into your house, you don’t show that you appreciate what you have, and you don’t understand what you lack. In my eyes, the person who yelled at her sounded like because he’s about to retire he should save, save , save. Well smart alec, you’ve been saving for eight years because we have not spent more than we need of your filthy dollars. I work part-time during the winter so my paycheck is cut in literal half. Which is about 287 bucks every two weeks? This money goes right back to feeding me, and paying medical bills plus my degree. Let’s say, I have about forty bucks leeway a month for me. But my money goes to taxes just like his. Yet, he doesn’t have a problem with my brother living off of state when he has perfect capabilities to get a second job?

I can go on for days about this but I want to know what you folks go through? I want to hear your stories. Please comment, share, and I beg of you spread the word. Greed will kill this country. So, I think I just got Arthritis of the soul. Hahaha….

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Today on Fantastic discoveries : I can’t believe the Arthritis I just heard of


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