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On Writing: That English flow hommie

Yes, I skipped a beyond that place post because I want to complete my second chapter before posting it. Sorry. It takes a lot of work to write fantasy. -wipes brow a little- Anyways, I may have two On Writing posts, or I might spice up my blog a little and write up a quick script for fun. Who knows..right?

Let us face the facts that the web has made our language even more difficult for English Learners. When we text nowaday, we use words like U, or HRU, or even try to shorten every word due to a 150 character cap. I think that having a one hundred and fifty character cap should make us more adventurous with our word choices. Maybe, I am old school, but I would rather see a full word on a text than a one letter response.

How does this affect our English Flow as readers, and writers? We need to better understand the three pinnacles of writing- Grammar, usage, and style. My grammar is beyond atrocious at times. I hate grammar which is probably the funniest fact about me as a writer. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the lion of the English language. Grammar refers to our entire system and structure of a language that governs how words should be combined to make sense to our listeners or readers.However, what we are taught as grammar is not based on the structure of English or how it is structured. Have we been being taught grammar wrong? What traditional English Grammar does is borrow from the classical languages like Latin, and Greek. Let me tell you, Greek is not that hard to learn…You just have to bang your head for a bit to understand the charts.

I call Grammar the lion of the English language because our teachers are fast to point it out as a mistake in our writing. We are taught grammar in the form of drills, and memory worksheets but never taught how to use it in actual writing. We are just expected to understand it after reading stories, and flipping through sheets. I doubt I ever learnt grammar. I just adapted to what I read, and worked from there. I mean no one points out when our spoken grammar is wrong. Ain’t is not a word but people still use it. I guess for me this is the hardest part of the language for me.

Our English flow is affected when our grammar is unusual compared to what most people are use to reading. I hate grammar but sometimes a good grammar farce is needed in life.

Style is one of the most divisive ways our language can fluctuate. Style is considered the way we use word choices, sentence structure, and paragraph structure. Grammar is what we do, and style is how we do it. In a nicer way of saying this is grammar is like a sport, and style is how people play that sport. I prefer style over Grammar.

I love a style that makes writing breath. I like to just be swept away by prose like a ship passing by. If one could hit the pause button with writing would we see as many wonderful books written? Writing is a flow of style that makes people envision worlds like Harry Potter, or Zootopia. We are the pioneers of story making which means our words have to put images inside your head of dragons breathing out flames, or a tiger growling. I like to mess with writing style because there is no perfect style of writing. It’s either your words flow bro if you got the talent. Or they sit stagnant like a rock.

If you have ever heard the word bro used it always makes you kind of cringe right? Bro is like a word we use for a friend as a way of showing respect maybe? I would say it’s just a shorter way of saying brother.

Style in my eyes like the fennec fox in the wild. It is enrapturing like medusa’s eyes, and diversive like a chameleon’s skin. We can not tell someone we do not like the style they write on. Rather, we just do not read the person’s work. I mean the Twilight craze had to be because of the writing that sucked us in like a vampire, and tricked us into believing vampires can shimmer in the moonlight. ( I will always love Lestat baby.)

Word use is one of the most important parts of being a writer versus someone who is just talking to people. On average, when we speak we do not think about the selective word choice to use. “ Hey, how are you?” or “ Hi,” are the most common words used in speech when it comes to speaking face to face. We just talk without really wondering what words we are using or why. It’s like we just know what needs to be said, and say it.

However, writing is not so simple. We want readers to believe the words on the page and not decide that what they are reading is utterly crap. Naturally, we select particular words to help smooth out our writing like we do with hair products. If we select a hair product that is too stagnant it makes our hair look horrid..just like if we select a boring word it makes our writing sound stagnant.

Word choice is the snake in the jungle. It wants to wrap its body around us, and sink its teeth into our open neck forgetting to let go. Writers must make our work look like it easy but in reality the choice of what words we use are like solving a rubix cube. You don’t want stagnant words in prose. It makes to rolling of the waves licking the sand sound more like waves crashed to the shore. No one likes to just read. We want to hear, feel, and breath our words.

This my friends is the perplexing part of being a writer. We are supposed to make our work look flawless, or easy breezy like a cover-girl, but our brains hardly ever want to cooperate. If you are anything like me it may take having to shut the world out for a bit to get a few pages out.
Anyways, which part of the English Language do you find difficult? This hommie is my writing flow.

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On Writing: That English flow hommie


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