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Pfft, Blogging is a Piece of Cake

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Pfft, Blogging is a piece of cake…Said no blogger. EVER. I’ve noticed over the last two years of me blogging, that when I tell people I run my own blog in my free-time, a few of them will stare at me with a lost expression as if to say, ‘Is that it?’ Almost as though blogging to them is ‘easy’. Oh sure. I find it particularly difficult at times due to having a full-time job and other commitments here and there. Here’s what some people assume blogging is all about:

You write some stuff on why you love a product.
You natter on Twitter.
You get stuff for free, just because you say you have a domain.
You snap some pretty pictures.

I could go on. But simply put, blogging is not easy and I’m going to share with you my reasons why it’s not. This isn’t to justify the time I spend sitting with my laptop, but just to bring a little more awareness to the ‘behind the scenes’ of piecing a post together and maintaining a blog.

Maintaining your blog.
When you set up a blog, you need to regularly maintain it to keep it working and looking fresh. Everything from the likes of renewing domains, keeping the general layout of your blog easy to navigate and appealing, plus regularly checking the likes of Google Search Console for any technical errors. There’s a lot to consider to keep a blog running. But, there’s also a lot of learning involved too. Knowing what to look for in the likes of Search Console doesn’t happen the moment you log in, neither does understanding how to fix an error if you find one. It’s a learning process that takes time and commitment.

Post ideas.
When it comes to writing blog posts, you need ideas for content. Post ideas don’t come easily as the likelihood is, every other blogger within your blog niche has already been there, done that. The trick is to gather innovative ideas to make readers pick your post over someone else’s. Again, that’s not easy. A good chunk of my blog posts cover topics that have been covered by thousands of bloggers; blog tips, the popular monthly favourites and more. But the way you can make it unique, is by being you. Stick to your tone of voice and let your personality shine through to make youstand out.

Writing posts.
Once you’ve finally collated a handful of ideas to last you a week if you’re a daily blogger, or even a month if you go by weekly posts and so on, you’ve then got to spend the time planning, researching and writing. Depending on my current knowledge of said post idea, I could spend any time between 30 minutes to 2 hours putting pen to paper so to speak. Then you’ve got proof-reading, the inter-linking if possible and also coming up with a catchy post title. There’s more to just supposedly writing a paragraph or two.

Quality content is key for growing a blog, but equally good photography to accompany the text is also important. I could spend hours on end producing a handful of photographs for my blog and still not be happy with the outcome. You want the products to be visually appealing, so they ‘need’ to be Pinterest-worthy to even be accepted in the blogging world these days. That’s what it feels like most the time anyway. Personally I use natural light for my photos, so I depend on good weather in the evenings (during spring/summer after work) or a good morning over the weekends. I live in Britain, so half the time I am left feeling disappointed. Then of course, editing photos. Eurgh.

Responding to emails.
Responding to PR emails is the bane of my life when it comes to blogging, as I can never seem to respond to them in a timely fashion. Again some may think, ‘It’s just an email, just respond!’ It really isn’t that simple. I receive a handful of emails on the daily offering opportunities and products to review, but having the time to read one, understand what’s on offer, and think of how I want to respond can take some time.

I don’t like rushing into opportunities as the likelihood is what’s on offer isn’t for me or the blog.  Sometimes there’s a lot of back and forth communication until a decision is made, and others involve a little negotiation on deadlines. Either way, it’s not a straight-forward task.

The ‘free stuff’.
Sure, blogging has its perks with the ‘free stuff’ landing on your doorstep, BUT it’s not technically free. In return for press samples being sent to me, I need to go through all of the above for each product. That’s a hell a lot of effort for a lipstick don’t you think?

Social media.
Don’t ever expect to write a post, click publish and then have a stampede of readers head over to your blog.  It just doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. You constantly need to be interacting with your followers on social media, promoting your content and expanding your readership. That means just signing up to Twitter alone isn’t going to be of any use. Sign yourself up to various social channels AND be active on the daily/weekly to keep people interested and aware.

Disclaimer: This post features what I would typically do for my blog, which by all means does not mean every blogger does. Some bloggers even have side-businesses and projects linked to their blog so are even more on-board than I am! Either way, to conclude, blogging is not a piece of cake! 

This post first appeared on Scampi & Chips, please read the originial post: here

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Pfft, Blogging is a Piece of Cake


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