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Risk is Life!

They say "Risk is Life", if you haven't risked it, you haven't lived it. Now, what does risking our life actually means? What's this all about?

Life? It's a roller coaster that only goes up my friend! It's full of ups and downs, disappointments and joys, failures and success, it has the evil and the Adventure too. There's one evil inside us that needs to be overcomed. Most of us try to run away from it, but my friend that won't ever work, this evil will follow you up till your death, and you just have to face it, and prove that you can actually accept the challenges life throws at you.

Every problem and every Mistake brings a great new adventure with it. And you haven't actually 'lived' until you enjoy that adventure. It might be a great risk to do something new, something you've never done before. But that is all what life demands, risks. Don't waste it, live it, every moment if it, enjoy while it lasts.

There comes time, when life gives you many chances, chances to live rather than 'survive'. You take some of those chances while leaving the rest hanging like our lives. You're scared to take those chances, thinking negative instead of positive. You cry later because you left that opportunity, that One Big Opportunity which could had changed your life forever! And then you live your whole life thinking about what would had happened if you actually went for that opportunity? Disappointing? Isn't it?

We're Humans! We make mistakes, but it's a test to be passed not to be failed, life gives us many problems, we try to find many ways to deal with them, we get hurt, we lose hopes, our dreams get broken, a huge twist happens in our life, everything changes! Our whole life just changes in a flash.

There's always this one Monster inside us from which we try to prevent and escape from it. Our whole life we run from it, we're scared that it will take control over us, we try to find peace, but this 'Monster' always takes the lead upon us.

So bring happiness to your life only then you can succeed. Hope is what makes us stronger, so keep your hopes high, dreams big and let people call you crazy, it's their job to stop you, to make you decline in life, take that as a motivation and never move from your path, keep aiming for that One Big Aim you have even if people say many different negative things. Because at the end of the day, you're better off caring about yourself than anyone else.

Thank for the things you have, because those people who are surving and struggling in life are being admired and inspired from you. Because without sufferings there's no compassion. Face that Monster Inside you, that monster which we call 'LIFE', our whole life we actually run from life. So face it, and let yourself succeed! Suffer now, and live the rest of your lives as a champion.

Risk It & Live It!

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Risk is Life!


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