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Respect Women!

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I don't like the fact that all guy jokes are sexually based, and the fact that people actually accept jokes aimed towards the female members of their family as well as the general public. I hate those things and if I ever get into a fight, ever! It would be because of those Women, that should be getting the respect they deserve and not have an undermined influence in the society.

This whole male dominating society bill shut posses me off tbh. Women bear childbirth and still go through torture by families just because their newborn child wasn't a boy. Males are actually the worst. Everyone you see who is a male, doesn't even thank the God that he's a male, they think they're the best? And that women are their slaves, but they are wrong!

Doesn't matter if it's me, my friend or whosoever. Women get blamed for something a male is responsible for and that's ridiculous I saw these articles about honor killings and I lost my mind. Did you know a 16 year old female was killed by her elder brother just because she spoke to a male outside her family. What's even worse is that her father forgave her brother and saw the act as right and that, it was the only solution.

Females are the ones who are slur-shamed and there's no counterpart aimed at men. Males blame women in cases of rape just because they wore clothes that caught their attention. Like wtf? it's a damn excuse! A man will stare at you even if you're fully covered in a veil in which only your eyes are uncovered. Some people literally date to "kill time." That's just literally unfair to the girls! And why the hell is woman impurity considered a taboo topic? It's something that is supposed to happen no matter what! But still it's subject to shaming. There's this 'Religious Indian' who stated that he would install machines that detect impure women so that they could not be allowed to enter the temples as they're impure. Apparently it's okay for a man to enter a temple in a state of impurity, but a shame for an impure women to do that.

A women's duty is to raise her child in a respective manner. I strongly oppose the standards of our society has for the women. And why do women get paid less than men in some areas? Especially for the same job that the men are working in, and then they get criticized harshly upon any error. While men are set loose! I resent the fact that I'm a male in this society but I want to change it too. Women are beautiful things, they are delicate and fragile. They should be treated like a queen because they deserve it. They should be respected!

Women are stronger than men in my opinion due to the fact that they're surviving here. Men are weak! I myself being a male can say that. Women are the ones who are showered with acid by their husbands. They're the ones who are abused sexually, not men. Women are the ones who are hit by their husband's, men are not the ones who get hit by their wives. Even if a woman hits her husband, it's because of his mistake, she would never unanimously just hit him, it's all because of a reason that she's holding up for so long time, or should I say, Reasons?

Honors of this human category is just killing me. Daughters are said to be a blessing and that is what everyone should ask for. Women are the society's mothers and I say let's treat them like that. Plus women are even body shamed! No one wants a girl too fat, skinny or ugly? There's nothing such being that. Everyone's beautiful inside and outside! It's just what you think of someone. What difference does it make if a girl is just not perfect? Are you perfect? There's a famous quote which is one of my favorite:

"I will shed that skin to the very bone of yours, to show that appearance is not what makes a human beautiful."

So, if you just cannot respect a women, then atleast just respect yourself! Restore the Humanity within you, everyone is a human being, and not only women, but we should all respect everyone! Neither degrade someone, nor make fun of them and hurt their feelings. What do you know about them that what they're going through? What if they are going into the worst of situations but still smiling like a bright star? As because, they are strong and you are weak!

Sent in by
Talha Waqar

Edited & Published by
Ali Asghar

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Respect Women!


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