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The Most Awaited Day

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"Without Pain, How Could We Know Joy?"

White buttonup shirt contrasted with a jet black skirt with a pair of black wedges. My perfect winged liner, and demure lipstick. “This looks better” I said while giving myself a last look in the mirror by my closet. I held my bag and walked out of the room. The house was empty like always, everyone’s busy in their own lives. Mom might be at some party from last night, and dad well,  he’s always out of the country. Jake my little brother he’d be in his room, snoring probably. My phone rang and there it was. Zach’s text, “I’m here”. I came outside, and his metallic grey Audi is standing right infront of my house and he’s waving at me. I put a big smile on my face and walked towards the car.

We reached the college, everyone’s just staring and obviously admiring us. Prom is by the end of this month and I have to buy clothes and do stuff after all I want to look the best of all. The queen title is mine, its Aria’s for sure. I am so excited yaaas. And yayy mom and dad are finally coming home for a reunion. Jake and I miss them a lot. They have separated their paths since 2 years. That was the day that changed my life upside down. Jake and I had been each other’s support in times of grief and joy. We haven’t been deprived of anything but the only thing that matters the most is the absence of love and a complete Family. But well, I am just so happy, it’s the day I have been waiting for so long. Perhaps the most awaited day. I just can't wait to meet them.

Chloe, my bestfriend, Zach my life. We’re sitting on a table in the café, talking about prom, when suddenly Zach’s hand touched the coffee so hard that it fell all over the table and on me too. I took out a tissue paper from my bag and wiped it off my hand, Zach kept on apologizing which made me and Chloe laugh so hard. So we were having quite a good time, I will definitely miss all of this so much!

I took out my phone to check the time, what? Ten missed calls? From Jack? What even. Blegh. I called him back, he wasn’t picking up. “I’ll call him later, me and Zach are going out, meet you soon Chloe” Zach has always been the best, he is everything for me now. The one for whom I can  simply leave the whole world,  and be alone just with him and live the life because with him I am complete. My whole life is just complete with him.

He has changed a lot from the past two years and that he changed for good. He does everything to see me happy. We have tons of memories but we’re planning to stay with each other even when the future and our career options are different.

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It was 2:00 pm when Zach and I did a light lunch in a restaurant.  Now we were heading to my house, because mom and dad would already be there and I don’t want to be late. I can't wait anymore, I am so freaking happy. I’ll just insist them on staying for a few more days, and we would go out on a family picnic and introduce Zach to them too. I’ll buy my dress for prom with mom, and play tennis with dad just like old times. I was drowning in my thoughts, when suddenly Zach pulled up and came up with a stupid fight which had no valid reason. I was trying to calm him down but then my phone rang and it was Jake again. I got so pissed that I banged the door of the car and got out on the road. Receiving the call I said “WHAT THE HELL  JAKE, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM?” But he didn’t reply. Zach started the car, I looked back and he was gone already. “JAKE STOP PLAYING WITH ME AND SAY THE FREAKING SHIT YOU WERE DYING TO SAY.” He didn’t reply again, and again I became pissed as hell. But then I heard someone cry on the other end of the phone. “Jake? You okay?"

I reached the hospital he told me about, I still didn’t know what had happened. I saw Jake sitting on a bench just outside the hospital. I ran to him, he was crying so hard. “Jake! Jake! What happened? Look at me? Is everything okay? Jake.” He said in a very gentle voice; “Mom is in the ICU, Dad came home and later mom came too, I went to take the album I made of our family memories. When I came back both were fighting, and dad even hit mom. She was crying, I tried stopping him but he slapped me too, they were arguing. He took his gun out and threatened mom to shoot her if she said anything more. She tried to solve the issue and was about to say something when dad already took a shot.” 

It was hard to absorb all this, nothing has ever happened like this, never. The doctor told us after a day that mom was in a coma, as because the bullet affected a nerve to her brain. Dad was nowhere to be found. We tried contacting him but that number was no longer in his use. We even asked his friends and employees but no one knew where he'd be. Chloe was there with me all the time, and all my friends stood by me. Zachary Anderson, the guy I trusted the most loved the most, stood by and left all for that one guy, was gone without even saying a word.

No questions, no explanations. It just ended like that? He didn’t contact me after that fight, and I heard he was doing fine.  

I am not in my senses anymore, its over, everything. All that mattered the most was the only love and trust left in my life but its gone too. All my expectations had been thrown like that. No family, no friends, no love, no trust? Is that all? Or there's yet to come? I don’t want to have a reason to be angry with God. Its so hard to believe that the people you trust the most leave you without even looking back? They do not care how you feel, or what you did for them. They always leave you in your hard times. Caring less about you yet you try to work it out. But its hard. Life is hard and demands the pain to be felt. I couldn't feel anything, it was time to realize nothing lasts forever and this world is just full of mean and selfish people. 

"My Thoughts Are Stars, I Can't Fathom Into Constellations." 

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The Most Awaited Day


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