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Confused. Ten different things came to her mind at once. She sat there wondering. Yes they had became friends, just friends for a long time back, but why didn't it felt like that? Why did they still talked like they weren't the one? They had started talking from like eight months, the first time she had felt something like this happening inside her, it was just two months later they had chosen separate paths. But fate had made them one for once again, but again, for how long?

Three weeks later, they were now just friends and still, it didn't seem so. Why was she drifting towards someone still unknown to her? Why was she trusting someone she had never known before? It seemed like everything had changed but nothing actually had. They knew what they meant to each other, they knew how important they were for each other, they knew they couldn't live without each other. Nothing was unknown, but still they couldn't be together. Even after knowing everything, they still felt something missing, something hiding beneath everything else.

Life just couldn't accept them as one. No matter how hard they tried, things kept drifting them apart. They used to talk for hours and now, just saying 'hey' seemed so difficult. A lot had happened. They had met new people on their separate journeys, lost people and yet they returned to no one but each other attracted by something which even they themselves didn't knew. She was so confused; it was like she was trapped inside a maze, whichever path she took, she always returned to the same moment where she had just started.

Life was playing with her and she knew that. All she needed was support from 'someone' and yes, confirmation. She knew that the bonds on relations only weakened when doubts about someone were answered by the person doubting them. She had done everything else she could, she was just a bit too afraid to loose someone so close to her. She wanted to be there through his good and bad times and she wanted to stop those tears while being the reason behind that smile of his.

That's the only reason she had agreed to be friends. No matter how hurt she was, she would always smile just so she could never see him get worried or upset. She would just talk like everything was alright but in reality she was broken and hurt. In simple words she was wearing a mask of happiness.

She knew alot of people but had never been so attached to any of them. It had took alot of time and effort for her to face the reality, the reality that they could never be one, that some people are meant to stay in our hearts but not in our lives, and once again the determination was rising. Those questions unanswered were once again waiting for the answers. She didn't want all of this happening again. It had took a lot of effort to get back on her feet without someone's support, but now, it just felt like she would never be able to get up without that strength.

The feelings long lost were rising. No matter how hard she tried to reject, she couldn't. She was once again on the path that had made her who she was today. And she couldn't even stop herself. Something or someone was attracting her. Some force was pulling her towards him. She knew what would happen. She could already see herself standing alone and even if she resisted she knew what would happen to her but why was she still going into this trap? Because in some corner of her heart, the part that yet hadn't been broken, had hope that maybe, just maybe life wouldn't play tricks and finally, once and for all, she would live happily on her true destination. That maybe this time she isn't wrong and for the first time she had done something good, something correct. The only fear that now remained was;
"What If History Repeated Itself?"

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