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Live Your Life The Way You Want!

Don't let people decide your future. Be who you want to be, live your dreams and struggle for success. Forget what the society thinks, actually just forget what anyone thinks! Say what you feel, act straight and never give up. Be strong, and never quit. Don't let others take away the uniqueness within you. Ignore the people what they say. Just live your life and let them live theirs.

From the day we are Born, is just the starting of life where others decide our name. Like your family decides your name even when you aren't born. How sad could that be? They have just chosen your name, think about the things that would happen during your life, or are just happening.

Well, forget the family. Family is love. We are talking about the people here, whether it be your society, friends, cousins, schoolmates, or your enemies. They will hate you for who you are, they will probably try to stop you from succeeding, or will probably give an advice which would be in their favor.

Always remember, you are born alone, and you will die alone. The thing I'm trying to tell you is that, if you are born alone, then you can live your life by yourself. You don't have to depend on others in order to succeed. You just don't have to rely on anyone for their help. Remember! You can help yourself! You have this uniqueness within you, this power which no one has. This heart and mind of ours is very special my dear friend. Use it well, and then you will yourself see the results.

The pain, the hurt, the screams and the abusive language you hear daily, make it a way to succeed. Make it a way to motivate yourself, to find yourself and to know the reason of your existence, you need to shut the hell up anyone whoever hurts you. That broken heart of yours, it may be of a girl, a boy, from family, or from people, but remember! Everyone is broken inside, everyone! You were strong my friend, that's why you fought through it.

This war is not over, you still need to fight. You have to get up on your knees, and face the situations. Actually, the war was never over, you just are increasing the level of each round daily as you grow. Take it as a game but play it well, because in this one, there is no respawn, nor restart.

Always remember, only you yourself know who you really are. No one can understand you ever, except for you yourself. There's no use of crying daily in your washroom or under the pillow late night, trust me, there's no use. You have to stand up and face the situations. In order to succeed you must find your uniqueness in your daily routine, just maybe with hard work and struggle, you may succeed.

Your time is limited, and so is everyone's ofcourse, don't waste it! Time is very precious my friend. It's more precious than money, you will only remember in your old age that you had all the time you wanted in your younger-self. Remember, it takes many days to earn someone's trust, and just a few seconds to loose it all. You will probably waste all of your time living someone's else life. Your time is limited, so live your own life. Don't die a copy of others, die original.

Remember, everyone wants something for themselves in this generation. Anyone would do anything to get an advantage for themselves. Let's take an example; during exams, no one is there to help you, you're all there by yourself, all that matters that time is what you did the whole semester, what knowledge do you have and what have you learnt! Now compare that small example with this life. Get it?

"In Order To Succeed, We Must First Believe That We Can!"

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Live Your Life The Way You Want!


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