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Shining Soul

Tags: school

She stood there at the end of the hallway staring at all the different people there. Nobody had noticed her as usual as she stood in the very corner. That hallway brought back memories. Memories of HIM. She didn't want to remember anything. She wanted to forget. She wanted everything to end. But deep down inside she wanted to keep all those scars fresh so she could know how easy it was to fall for someone, make them apart of you and then all of a sudden live life on your own. She was one of those many thousand people who had survived those scars but her story, it was different in some way. It wasn't like all the other 'stories'.
It was the first day of School. The first time she had seen him. In all these years this was the first time she had got attracted to someone at the very first sight. He wasn't anything special yet she felt something interesting about him. She couldn't help but staring at him and that was the moment when he looked up. There, her heart skipped a beat. His eyes were an ocean, which drowned her already.

Just standing there in the corner her eyes were wide open as if they just saw a miracle. Now, her heart was beating at the speed of light and she could see him walking towards her. She stood there without moving a muscle lost in her thousand thoughts that maybe sometimes miracles do occur. But she didn't notice when he passed by and that she was staring at nothing but thin air at the very next moment. This was something she will never be able to forget. This moment had changed her life forever.

In everyone's life something strange happens that changes them forever. She suddenly felt something rise inside her. Something she had never known before. Maybe it were those love chemicals inside her body - flowing and jumping with the reaction of some kind of love chemistry. Yet her unforgettable past used to shake her tremendously with the thoughts of HIM. Just like a broken glass, she stood there with deep thoughts until she heard the ring of the school bell.

They were together in school since kindergarten but they kind of had never interacted. She knew each and every bit about him, his past, his present and his amazing soul that was hiding under that playboy's smirk.

He was an outstanding captain of the school's soccer team, and she was one of the geeks in school. She was simple unique and a universe of beauty but no one ever cared to notice that. He hardly even knew her as a classmate or a schoolfellow. 

Everyday she would come home and talk to him and tell him everything she felt, every pain and struggle she would go through. But little did he know she was someone who would accept him the way he is, who would never let go of him and always hold his hand to make him feel better when his parents throw things at each other, when they fight till the need of divorce. She knew he was himself a broken soul under the heart breaker's mask. She was just waiting for that day when everything would happen according to her plans and ofcourse when she experiences a miracle. Yes! 

"I am in a relationship where I am the only one who says I love you, and he just smiles in the photograph." -Clair.

The last words in her diary and the miracle she was waiting for, was his presence around her, and the love that roamed inside her.

She walked to the classroom and entered with unusual thoughts in her mind, sat on her place in the fourth row around the corner and got lost in her mind. Suddenly that man appeared again in the class and sat just beside her at his place. She couldn't stop herself from staring at him. He then noticed her glowing hazel eyes which made his heart ponder. He smiled at her which made her lit like fireworks in her inner-self. She just couldn't get over with the beauty of his soul shining in that room.

She heard the ring of the school bell again for the off-time and stood up while picking up her notes from the desk. Walking towards the school gate she dropped her notes which flew away like some feathers. He appeared to her again, helping her pick up those notes while staring at her tremendously. Her cheeks went pink with a bright smile on her face, she thanked her and continued walking towards the school's gate. He jogged from behind and introduced him to her. They continued chatting with each other until they left to their own paths.

Since then every day they used to talk. She was finally getting close to someone. All her dreams were finally coming true. This is what she had wanted all along to live life like this. Every word she had written in her diary was now coming true and all those dreams she had were being fulfilled. She was now deeply loved by someone. 

Just as she thought everything was going well in a settled path, but life took a turn, the wind started blowing the other way, north was now south for her and east was now west, everything went in the opposite direction.

She was waiting for him in school the other day. He was never this late. Restlessly waiting she finally found him walking through the hallway greeting people laughing, smiling, when suddenly he reached her. His smile faded and without saying anything he just walked past her. She was shocked. He couldn't do this, he couldn't just leave her without a goodbye. This just couldn't be it. Everything had just started , how could it end so quickly.

This wasn't the only day he did that. From then on he did that every day. He walked past her without saying anything when one day all of a sudden he didn't come to school. Later that night she got a message from him saying all those moments he had spent with her were simply beautiful, he just couldn't explain them in words. She felt something wrong and called him but he didn't picked up. The next day in school she heard stories, stories of him, stories she couldn't believe, nothing could had happen to him right? 

She called him again that night. No one picked up. She dialed his number again and suddenly someone else picked up. She heard another female speak from across the line informing her of HIM. She couldn't believe it. She threw the phone away and rushed towards the hospital and there he was. Lying on the bed breathing his last breaths. His mum told her she wasn't allowed to tell her because he had said so, but he wanted to meet her so badly and wanted to look in those eyes last time. He wanted to hear that voice all along last time, and see that beautiful face for the last time of his life. 

She bent forward and whispered in his ear. He opened his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks. She held his hand and sat by his side. He told her he was just leaving the world but not leaving her and that he'd always protect her from everything. He was there for her all she had to do was feel his presence. He told her he would always be by her side. Just then the machine buzzed and he took his last breath.

Those hallways of school still bring memories of him. How he was always full of life. She can still feel his presence around her. He may have left this world for all other people but for her, he was still alive. 

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Shining Soul


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