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2018-03-03 14:04
You're about to start your own business, or trying to grow your existing one, and while attempting to research how to grow you've become inundated with industry jargon. There are sales and m… Read More
2018-02-24 14:58
Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics Having an online digital imprint for your company is necessary for the longevity and success of businesses today. This new digital age is fast-moving… Read More
2018-02-24 14:48
A bank is the most integral part of an individuals financial life. Banks are how we make payments, get paid, and keep a majority of our savings. Banks have had to be dynamic over the last 20… Read More
2018-01-18 14:58
Last night I received an email from Google with the subject "Resolve 1 security issue found on your Google account." Many Gmail users have received a similar email over the past week. I was… Read More
2018-01-17 15:00
Perhaps no other animal has been so vilified and revered throughout history as cats. Stories about cats are as varied as the cats themselves. From the curse of black cats to the worship of t… Read More
2018-01-17 14:41
Deciding to become an entrepreneur is scary, especially in technology. With the high amount of competition, it may seem as though you will never be able to build a successful business. How c… Read More
2018-01-16 14:44
As I was driving home this evening, a song came on the radio that immediately took me by surprise. My hand shot towards the volume dial, and you can bet your last penny that I was cranking t… Read More
2018-01-16 14:41
There are many decadent pairing options when dealing with the great reds of the wine world that make settling on an entrée difficult. The first step to a good pairing is knowing your… Read More
2017-09-11 13:42
There is nothing more glorious than a clear blue summer Colorado Rocky Mountain Sky. So bring good sunscreen! Whether you arrive via Denver International Airport and rent a car, or drive in… Read More
2017-09-10 13:39
I am a 28-year-old American woman from Atlanta, Georgia. Ever since I was a teenager, I, like many women in the US, have had a warped relationship with food. We are told to eat five "small"… Read More
2017-09-08 13:26
When President Trump was elected, he promised to bring coal mining jobs back to West Virginia. But is doing so as simple as rolling back regulations on mining? Here are a few ideas from othe… Read More
2017-09-04 13:30
Do you know which macro-nutrients are the most misunderstood? Fats! Because of the world's fascination with dieting and weight loss, fats have gained a negative stigma. Most people think it… Read More
How To Look Pretty And Good Without Makeup
2016-07-19 13:40
Many women believe that the makeup is the only way to look gorgeous. Not many people realize that natural beauty can be better than artificial dyes. It is only necessary to properly care for… Read More
A Pragmatic Look Into Pancreatic Cancer
2016-07-18 13:53
Cancer is a term widely used to describe diseases that destroy body tissue. When a person's DNA becomes damaged, their cells can become cancerous. In normal cellular activity, a cell will re… Read More
What To Look For In A Personal Trainer
2016-07-18 13:45
Hiring a personal trainer can be an intimidating step, but the rewards are innumerable. Finding ways to get in shape is a difficult task, especially without help from someone with experience… Read More
An American Icon: Grandma's Pot Roast
2016-07-18 13:32
Pot roast holds a place in Americana. Walking into grandma's house on Sunday to the smell of a pot roast slow cooked all day is a memory many Americans share. The pot roast – or Yankee… Read More
Third Parties In The United States 2016
2016-07-18 13:22
In the United States, there are two dominant political parties – the Democratic and Republican parties – as well as a number of smaller political parties that are commonly given… Read More
Discover Tips For Men Dating Older Women
2016-07-17 13:51
Older women in their 40s have an increased need for sex. This is why the trend today is for older women to hook up with younger men who can match their sexual needs. This is also known as th… Read More
Hollywood Has Slowly Lost Its Originality
2016-07-15 14:01
Original movie plots are becoming fewer and fewer as the years go by. At one time, a new movie would draw in massive crowds, especially if that film in question was an extension of a favorit… Read More
How To Install Insulation In Your Home
2016-07-15 13:57
Believe it or not, the most common type of insulation in today's homes was discovered by accident. In 1932, Dale Kleist was working with two pieces of molten glass in an attempt to create a… Read More
Understanding How Child Support Works
2016-07-15 13:45
Just because you and your ex are no longer together doesn't mean that he is off the hook for supporting the child you have together. Thankfully there is a legal route you can take to ensure… Read More
The Need For Blood Donors And Your Dog
2016-07-15 13:41
Much like the case with human blood donations, dog blood donors are in great demand. The similarities do not end there, however. As with human blood banks, dogs are screened for blood borne… Read More
An Amazing Way To Earn Money Online
2016-07-15 13:15
Web-based surveys for money could be a wonderful home-based online business opportunity for people for several good reasons. One of the best advantages of this job is a low-cost investment a… Read More
Oral Hygiene For Your Dog
2016-07-14 13:51
The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that eighty percent of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three. This may be because most pets with painful dental conditions do not show o… Read More
Take A Risk. Your Career Will Thank You.
2016-07-13 14:01
Someone has a personal brand. They have taken their time through the years to create the image that they want the world to see. It can be hard to escape from the bubble that has become the n… Read More
How Documentaries Have Affected Our Society
2016-07-13 13:56
How important are documentary movies to society? Documentaries have had a big impact on our lives. Whether the information was good or bad, documentaries took the blinders off and opened our… Read More
How To Perform A Successful Online Survey
2016-07-13 13:49
Surveys are used as an avenue for collecting public opinion on different aspects ranging from social, political as well as economic analysis. The existence of surveys can be traced as far ba… Read More
Salt-free Ways To Add Flavor To Your Food
2016-07-13 13:17
Salt flavors your food well but if you are a diabetic or someone who recently suffered a heart attack, it is wise to cut back on your salt intake. Herbs and spices are an excellent way to ad… Read More
Caring For Plants During The Winter
2016-07-13 13:10
In cold climates, gardeners never know what is in store during the winter. We could have snow, or we could have unusually warm conditions. Even if someone only buys plants that are tough eno… Read More
Pills For Quick Weight Loss
2016-07-12 13:59
Did you know that you could lose those extra pounds without the hassle of straining exercises? This was just a dream in the recent past but is now a reality. Pills for quick weight loss are… Read More
Be Positive For A Positively Great Workout
2016-07-12 13:42
My dad is one of the hardest workers I know. He is from the old school, where the work week is six days long, you get up for work long before the sun rises and you don't get home until long… Read More
How To Survive Negativity In The Workplace
2016-07-12 13:23
Negativity in the workplace is often a difficult situation to contend with, especially if it is consistently occurring. After all, who wants to spend a significant percentage of their time i… Read More
Starting Your Career As A Paralegal
2016-07-11 14:01
If you want a legal career but do not wish to become a lawyer, you can become a paralegal. The good news about this field is that you won't need to attend a four-year university. You can enr… Read More
Proper Ways To Care For Baby Clothing
2016-07-11 13:51
Babies outgrow their clothing quickly, but another reason why baby clothing does not always last long is because of improper care. Your baby also has sensitive skin, and when clothes are not… Read More
Don't Go Broke While Preparing For A Baby
2016-07-11 13:25
You're pregnant and excited about starting a family with your partner. But you know how expensive parenting can get and you want to be as frugal as possible while preparing for the new arriv… Read More
10 Easy Shrimp Recipes The Family Will Love
2016-07-10 13:43
In addition to being one of the easiest, most versatile foods to make, shrimp is also one of the most popular shellfish in the United States. Before being prepared, per four-ounce serving, s… Read More
Swinging (and Missing) At Curveballs
2016-07-10 13:34
The day was April 10, 2012. It was the first time I had played any sport semi-competitively in over three years. It was also the first time I had done so a few years north of the big 3-0. I… Read More

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