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Disappointment In Election Defeat…

…is always a bitter pill to swallow and best swallowed quickly, never allowing the taste to linger, and turning disappointment into something positive.Disappointment In Election Defeat

Positives are hard to find when you have put so much of yourself into something you strongly believe in. As activists, we tend to forget that the electorate don’t have nor want the knowledge we possess. Otherwise the job would be easy. The public know nothing of the history of certain issues and in an ideal world, activists would be teaching people from the ground up, instead of bombarding them with current affairs which is the same tactic being used by everyone else.

Yesterday’s French Election result was disappointing because it is just the start of something far bigger which will only become apparent some years down the line. However, ordinary folks can’t see that far ahead because of their busy lifestyles and live very much in the here and now. Which is part of the reason that Macron, the little banker, won this election. Although France is in more turmoil than it has been since world war two, the French still have something to hang on to, for the time being, but that grip will slowly become less firm in the not too distant future.

The bottom line is that Marine Le Pen would never have been allowed to win anyway and the margin of defeat which was projected was unbelievably large. She was so gracious in defeat that it gave the impression that she knew all along what the result would be. Many people must be questioning how someone who told his fellow countrymen that ” Terrorism will be part of our daily lives for years to come ” could even come close to winning an election to be President of his nation. He might as well have said ” Many of you will killed and maimed over the next few years and your property will be destroyed as well as our heritage will. Get used to it ! ”

Would that have changed yesterday’s outcome ? Very doubtful. The general attitude seems to be ” As long as it doesn’t happen to me…me, me ,me “. No one seems to realise that as the screws gradually tighten , everyone will be affected in some way and what the powers that be have given you, they can rightfully take away.

What happened in France and what will happen in France also applies to the UK should the Scarlet Pimpernel Party be re elected. That the Tories are being so evasive makes me think that there could be a legal reason why they are bound to silence, but a search on google containing that query draws only a few irrelevant results and a message at the foot of the page stating that “some results have been removed etc ”

The BBC, or Tory Broadcasting Service, continues to give May and Co an easy ride. In an interview on the Marr show yesterday, our hard to pin down Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, ended up talking about Brexit. Not his brief you might think and you would be right. It is, however, the brief of the Tory Party and the main issue of their election campaign and Hunt will avoid questions about the health service at all costs. The sad thing is that a seasoned and usually hard hitting journalist like Andrew Marr was complicit in allowing him to escape virtually scot-free.

A force has crept into politics over the years which has become so obvious now that they don’t even try to hide it any longer. You only have to glance at Western European governments to see their connections with Big Money and how they play to a different set of rules from the rest of us. If Theresa May wins then it will be because of these connections and nothing to do with politics. Big Money won’t have it any other way.

However, ” as long as contradictory processes are at work, there can be no resolution ” ( Hegel), from which I take the meaning , as long as viable opposition exists, no one can assume total power to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

No easy task, but we have to derig the present system by whatever means that takes, in order to ensure a free society once again. There are still many of us alive who remember what that was like.

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Disappointment In Election Defeat…


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