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If Mutton-Headed Mugwump…

…is the best insult a Foreign Secretary can muster to describe the Leader of the Opposition, it only goes to demonstrate the ever widening chasm between Government and ordinary people. ” Mutton-headed ” is self explanatory and ” mugwump ” indicates the genre of literature that our Foreign Secretary prefers.mutton-headed mugwump Had Boris Johnson been more in touch with things at street level he would have picked up some more appropriate and profoundly wounding put downs by now.

Its very reminiscent of the language used in books I read as a child. Very Billy Bunteresque. All the boys slept together in the ” dorms ” and there was always a nasty older boy as the head of the dorm who gave his younger charges called ” fags “, a damn good thrashing if they didn’t conform with his rules. This to me was as fictional as fiction ever got, because if anyone, head boy or not, tried that at my school, his days on this earth would have been drastically reduced.

It wasn’t until some time later in my life when I got the chance to visit Windsor for an afternoon. On most streets I witnessed many morning-suited ” oiks ” from Eton visiting the highly priced commercial establishments there. After a few minutes, the thought occurred to me that what I was witnessing here was the future government, heads of corporations and banking cartels of a future Britain, which is what the wealth of their parents allows them to be groomed to do. They seldom visit our streets, but instead, are taught about what happens there, and the people who inhabit them.

Therefore, Boris Johnson will certainly go down in history. Not for his untested diplomatic skills as Foreign Secretary, but as a politician who called the Labour Party leader, a ” mutton-headed mugwump “, although there is no denying that the phrase itself holds a certain charm.

Less charming is another phrase which has entered the Tory propaganda machine language. Strong and Stable. Mrs May has uttered this countless times over the past few days during her visits to empty factories in Wales and speeches to heavily sedated work forces. Its rumoured that even hardened Tory activists are threatening to put down their knitting and leap from high buildings if they hear it again.

Surely, the phrase befits more, the description of a mature malt whiskey or a fine vintage wine. Not a bunch of confused aging millionaires who are attempting to ruin a country.

The worrying thing about all of this, despite a less than strong leadership and their list of transgressions growing longer by the day, is that it would appear the Tories will be elected again with a record majority, expending very little effort in the process. That bears no resemblance to what could be termed as reasonable sense and demonstrates just how unaware of reality we have become.

People seem to have become reliant on others to make sure that the right thing is done and cast their votes accordingly. The problem with this approach is that whilst everyone is relying on someone else to do the hard graft, nothing is getting done, because no one is doing it in sufficient numbers to have an effect, and those who do are easily suppressed and ignored.

It seems to have gone largely unnoticed that this government are privatising every public service once owned by we, the people who use them. Our government in our present political system is essentially a not for profit organisation. It exists to provide services for us. Private companies and corporations have no such obligation and exist purely for the benefit of their shareholders. Their existence is exclusively based upon profit and they are under no pressure to maintain or run an unprofitable service. They are able to make cuts and reduce staffing levels in order to balance the books and can raise and lower prices at will.

That’s what we have to look forward to if we return a Tory government in June, yet no one seems to notice. The return of a Tory government, with the majority which is projected, would give them carte blanche to do whatever they wanted, yet no one seems to notice. Only when their policies start to have a hard hitting effect on the middle classes, will people start to pay attention and begin to voice their protest. And at the same time, they will be asking why no one did anything about this before, in complete ignorance that poverty and reliance on state benefits render a person voiceless, as far as public affairs are concerned.

As we head towards plutocracy ( def. ), we have to ask ourselves if a revolution is avoidable. Protests will be to no avail as, indeed, they are not at present. Petitions will be discussed as the law demands , then voted out of existence, as the government exercise, what we will come to know as, their power. To exercise power per se, was never the intended purpose of a democratically elected government, but it looks as if that is exactly what we will get.

Unless , of course, we can all come together in June, by setting aside all the nit picking differences which prevent us from voting for an alternative, thus bringing about an end to this awful tyranny and making sure it never happens again.


more to come…

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If Mutton-Headed Mugwump…


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