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French Election – Part One Is Complete…

…with the result being what was widely predicted and a head to head contest will take place in two weeks to decide the outright winner.French Election - Part One Is Complete... Yesterday’s result confirmed that the French are disillusioned with old school politics and are ready, either for change and a restoration of France to it’s people, or more of the current situation.

If the balance swings towards Le Pen, change is almost certain to happen. However, if Macron is elected, the French will find themselves in the same situation as we Brits, should the Tories be re-elected. With an administration which will continue down the road of trying to be a global player, sacrificing many valuable lives in their quest to attain it.

Macron’s rise to Political leader is no accident and tinged with shades of inevitability, given the connections he established on the way up. His globalist leanings are blatantly displayed by his buying himself out of a government contract for 50,000 Euros, in order to go and work for the Rothschild banking cartel. In 2012, he was a member of the The Young Leaders program ( wiki ), part of the French -American Foundation which was set up by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which, itself, is reputed to be the Shadow Government of the United States.

Aside from his globalist persuasion, he stands alongside Angela Merkel’s ” open borders ” policy , and is fully in favour of immigration from the Middle East. He previously worked as an economist in the governments of Francois Hollande ( an ex Young Leader ) and Manuel Valls, and his political views have been likened to those of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

So what do the French get if they elect Macron ? He is standing as an independent, but his previous and present records are more allegiance based than independent. It looks suspiciously like the Hollande camp are attempting to maintain a foothold in government and have hedged their bets by promoting Macron. There will definitely be more moves towards globalism, more immigration and further cementing of France’s status in the European Union. In fact, the complete opposite of what Marine Le Pen proposes.

Patriotism has always been a big part of a French person’s existence, in my own experience, but it seemed to be suppressed and lying dormant for some time. Marine Le Pen has aroused this patriotism once more and the people are fighting back through the ballot boxes. Five years of a Macron administration and immigration could irreparably and insidiously destroy any influence that patriots are able to exercise, as will be the case with five more years of a Tory Britain.

Its beyond my comprehension sometimes, that people are in favour of a one world government with the continual wars and injustices it brings, thereby relinquishing freedom and the chance of creating a well balanced and caring society in the country of their birth.

This is when the ignorance of the people comes into play and I don’t use the word ” ignorance ” in a disparaging way. People genuinely don’t know the in depth details about politics because they don’t have the time. They are too busy working or looking after their families and rely on biased television broadcasts and newspaper articles for their political insight. Something universally earth shattering or personally devastating has to occur before they pay attention. The political parties know this only too well and exploit it to the nth degree. Otherwise, as Aneurin Bevin said ” How can wealth persuade poverty to use it’s political freedom to keep wealth in power. Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics “.

It defies logic that, at every election , we elect people who have nothing in common with the majority of the population and expect them to treat us fairly and with respect. We elect them as custodians of our money and trust them to provide essential services where they are needed within our country. We didn’t elect them to go off on expensive hare brained schemes that some banker in America thought of. We didn’t even elect them to think, necessarily. Politics isn’t even a necessity in what we elect them to do. Public service isn’t really that complicated. Its made so by the people we elect through their fear of the plebs being able to do their job and look after themselves.

The next few weeks will be interesting, just to bear witness to which way the electorate jumps, and the consequences thereof. We all have a chance to make a difference. Will we take it ?


more to come…

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French Election – Part One Is Complete…


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