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Consider ” Isis ” In It’s Contemporary Context…

…and it conjures up images of Middle Eastern rebels attempting to overthrow governments by extreme violence and committing outrageous atrocities in many parts of the Western world, all in the name of their God. Isis is also linked with government agencies who supply terrorists with the means to wreak their havoc, in shady deals, the evidence of which will be suppressed, at least until the present generations who might have some come back are long dead. ISIS in this case is the acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.Consider " Isis "

It’s unfortunate that this name has become overwhelmingly associated with this turn of events, because in Egyptian mythology, Isis is regarded as queen of the Gods, so the name has been around for many centuries. She was the wife and sister of the ruler Osiris apparently and represented the moon, as Osiris did the sun.

Her fan base widened over the centuries, reaching Greece, Rome and , ultimately, Asia, where she was regarded as the giver of dreams. Here, she was equally regarded as the inflicter of diseases and, paradoxically, the restorer of health. I often wondered where the big pharmaceutical companies of today got there ideas for the win win situation they find themselves in.

Unfortunately, as legend has it, Osiris was killed by his wicked brother, Set, and Isis’ grief was so intense that her tears caused the River Nile to overflow.

Another Isis can be found in the United Kingdom, being that part of the River Thames which runs from it’s source in the Cotswolds until it joins the River Thame at Dorchester, notably running through Oxford on it’s way. ( wiki here ). The name ” Isis ” is mostly related to rowing clubs and regattas from the University of Oxford and a place where many anglers still pursue their sport. Romantic images of young lovers punting along the Isis, looking for somewhere to tie up and enjoy a picnic on a warm English Summer’s day, spring to mind. It would have been romantic also, to tie in the in the tears of a goddess to the River Thames somehow, but sadly there is no connection.

Yet another Isis exists in the United Kingdom and this time there is a tenuous connection to both the goddess and the river without an acronym in sight. This Isis is a scientific research facility run by the Scientific and Research Facilities Council in Oxfordshire, which explains the connection to the River Isis. Previous facilities were shut down and a new facility was opened in 1985 named Isis, after the goddess. The connection being, her ability to restore life, just as the scientists had breathed life back into their work with this new facility. I won’t even pretend to understand fully what goes on at the facility but there is a wiki here, and the facility’s website is here.

This is by no means exhaustive, and I’m sure there are many other examples of where Isis is used in innocuous terms. However, it has been engineered into our everyday modern Language to mean something unpleasant, something bad or even something to be feared and this is forced upon us relentlessly by our media until, especially the young people, know no other meaning. Apart from employees of the above facility and residents of Oxford.

The word Moab came crashing into our lives and those of the unfortunates who were around to experience it first hand, last week. MOAB in this case is an acronym for Massive Ordnance Air Blast or Mother Of All Bombs. Someone must have been up all night thinking of that one.

However, Moab is the historical name given to a plateau in Jordan on the shores of the Dead Sea, wiki here. It’s also the name of a city in Utah which is surrounded by two National Parks and you can find more information here. But for most of us it will be the version related to the bomb which is uppermost in our memories.

Its another example of how our language is being manipulated and even weaponised to ensure that the good inferences of a word are eradicated, to be replaced by something more sinister, and thereby eradicating part of our meaningful history. This is purely by intent, because authorities don’t want kids knowing that there was a better way of life as experienced by people of my generation.

I wonder how many parents realise that their kids are indulging in Orwellian Newspeak when they refer to something as ” sick ” or ” wicked “, as they describe something beautiful or amazing. The dictionary of any language is replete with adjectives to describe something as attractive, yet this generation of offspring have managed to pare it down to three or four, which all mean the exact opposite.

The worst thing about this destruction and misdirection of our language is that it is being filtered down by those at the highest levels of our education system to the children at the lower end of the education system, in order to compartmentalise them, making sure that all attain the same level. No one is allowed to shine. Everyone gets a prize.

Meanwhile the children of the rich are being groomed for great things in a system which bears no relation to the lower classes’.

Its time to get back to calling a spade a spade and if something is good then use the appropriate word. We’ve all agreed on a language so why complicate it ? Life is complicated enough.


more to come…

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Consider ” Isis ” In It’s Contemporary Context…


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