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European General Elections…

…get underway today with the Dutch elections, amidst the rumbling undertones of protest from Turkey , of all places.European General Elections Holland and other European countries have denied Turkey and their representatives permission to hold rallies within their borders.

Turkish citizens have flooding into Europe, Germany in particular, for decades, and it has largely gone unreported in Britain, and probably in Europe also. I got to know about this first hand some 15 years ago during a friendship with a German lady, who expressed concern about the number of immigrants even then. Similar to the South coast of France which has been rehoming North Africans since I was there as a boy. Again my knowledge is gained first hand from relatives who lived in Toulouse.

In my own opinion, what seems to be happening, is, that although people come to live and work in a different Country, their allegiance is still with the country they came from, instead of fully adopting the customs and traditions of their new home.

The whole point of emigrating, as I used to see it, was to go somewhere that a better quality life was perceived. My Father always wanted to take the family to Australia. However, I think his reasons may have been a touch selfish as he loved the sunshine. Whatever his reasoning was, it certainly wasn’t with the intention of banding together with other Brits to eventually overthrow the Australian administration in a couple of decades, at the expense of the culture and traditions of native Australians.

I assume that many Turks will have dual nationality and that Mr Erdogan will have assessed that there are enough Turkish citizens living in Europe now to warrant their own representation, in his view, and that someone from Turkey should be telling them why and how to vote. This was always going to be an issue in any country with large immigration as less partisan politicians court a huge guaranteed vote, like the Union votes, some time ago, which always went to the Labour Party.

From what I can gather, scholars and academics have always speculated that this would happen and governments have always been made aware. Yet nothing has ever been done to minimize or prevent the problem as financial benefits would appear to outweigh the health and well being of the public. Ethnic communities thrive in every city and never a word is said, because people don’t want to be tagged with the ” r ” word. Integration has never materialised and I doubt that integration was ever the intention of many of the immigrant groups. The result is that another society has been allowed to take root and grow within an already existing society, which does not recognise the values of the hosting nation. As their numbers grow , so does their confidence and their demands that we modify our lifestyles to suit their’s.

I would have never ending admiration for the person who can sort this problem by diplomacy alone. Immigration is on a roll. Certain members have made their intentions very clear and have an end in sight which is not for the native population’s benefit. As usual, in our attempts to be fair and nice and bowing down to pressure groups and name calling, we have allowed ourselves to be trampled upon by forces who can’t believe how easy it all was.

Need more evidence? I would ask you to cast your mind back to the Indian Prime Minister’s visit when he filled a football stadium with Indian/British or British/Indians. David Cameron, Prime Minister at the time, would have been lucky to fill the first row at one end on his own.

Statistics say that it only takes 0.3% of the population to set an ideal in motion and make the population generally aware of a situation. As things stand, 0.3% of the indigenous population is far greater than the same percentage of the immigrant population so there seems to be a lot of catching up and waking up to do.

Sociologists promote the ” end of an Empire ” theory and the inevitability of what is happening. They say that the process has turned full circle and that its time for someone else to dictate what happens in the world. This may be so or not, but, either way, it doesn’t mean we have to make it easy for them.


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European General Elections…


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