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The Loveliness Of Paris…

… appears to be increasingly at risk as rioters burn vehicles and property in the city’s suburbs.The Loveliness of Paris The loveliness of Paris being defaced is yet another sad reflection of the times in which we live, as Parisien authorities propose to erect a huge bullet proof fence around the Eiffel tower.

I’m so glad that I have memories of seeing this monument to decadence in all it’s unspoilt majesty , climbing the stairs to the second level, ( the top level was closed that day ), and enjoying the views across the city. I was in my early teens, but I can remember running around unhindered, playing chase with my younger brother and sister around the massive support legs while my parents sat on a bench enjoying an ice cream and admired the beautiful flower beds. It saddens me that the present and future generations of kids won’t be able to enjoy similar opportunities and make their own memories.

Heritage seems to be an unfortunate and overlooked casualty in the wars we wage in the name of peace. We arrogant Westerners seem to be of the opinion that, as long as we preserve our own Heritage, it doesn’t matter who else’s heritage we destroy. An example being the historic heritage of the Middle Eastern countries we have bombed, which goes back centuries and has withstood the test of time. Till now.

Some things are irreplacable. Or if they are replaced, it is usually with some poor imitation designed by an architect who has never been to the Middle East with the artistic license granted to him by his budget and availability of materials.

Whole infrastructures are destroyed and replaced with new. Not to suit the requirements of the local populace, but to facilitate the transportation of oil, machinery and weapons. Surely, if a government considers themselves to be humanitarian, they would look after the interests of the indigenous population and not give away their true purpose in such a blatant manner.

No wonder then that refugees are inciting all sorts of outrages. To them the West are the enemy. They don’t want to settle here. They want to get us back for bombing their homeland out of existence and I have to say that I wouldn’t be too happy myself if it happened to me.

So what did the arrogant Western governments expect ? Gratitude ? Probably. These ” refugees ” want payback and compensation big time and their will be no cultural integration as the religious divide is so vast. To allow them into Europe and America is a piece of social engineering too far and has only served to enhance the plans which the Islamic State has for us anyway.

I hope I’m proved wrong and I hope I’m still around to see the bullet proof fence around the Eiffel tower being demolished. To witness a government which cares for its own people is probably stretching things a bit far, but as I said earlier, I am more than willing to be proved wrong.


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The Loveliness Of Paris…


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