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Following Hours of Watching Video and Reading Articles…

…I can understand why people aren’t Aware of the machinations of modern governments, the systems which exist and the intricate threads that are woven between the pages of legal jargon which are designed to be beyond the comprehension of the layman. followingPeople just don’t have hundreds of hours to spend watching video or following articles and the government won’t wrap it up in an easy to understand leaflet, available from your nearest citizens advice bureau or local council office.

People are too busy working, looking after families, spending their free time indulging in the more pleasurable things and relaxing during the only two days they can call their own, and quite rightly so. After all, they have no need to worry. Because of democracy, there is in place, a group of highly trusted and trustworthy individuals who take care of all the finer details and organise systems which will produce the very best deal possible for the people they represent. At least, that’s how its meant to work.

In my opinion, what we get, is far removed from the best possible deal. What we get is “enough”. Enough to keep the general populace from becoming restless and asking questions. And should restlessness occur, they drip feed the system until some sort of balance is restored.

We have allowed ourselves to be governed in this way for centuries, and over the years, the system has been tweaked to match the circumstances of that particular period in time, which may also be read as , to suit themselves.law2 There are alternatives. We shouldn’t still be governed by ancient laws and the system could be updated. However, the updates that a government would like to see and the updates the public would like to see would differ enormously, I feel, and political interests and agendas would overshadow what is in the best interests of the people. But as people get on with living their busy daily lives and silently demonstrating their assent, then the status quo will prevail.

What I’m trying to say is that people who have time or are willing to spend the time on researching these issues are few and far between, and those who would govern us are only too aware of this. The information is all there if one cares to look. Or not there, as the case may be. I’m not imparting any new knowledge or whistle blowing or wiki leaking. I’m just giving my spin on what I’ve learnt from what is already available. The very fact that it is so readily available speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter any more if we know what has gone before. The powers that be have finished with those chapters and have moved on and away from what we are permitted to examine. The only thing we can do is analyse past behaviours and patterns to try and ascertain what might happen in the future, but it would still be a seriously unknown quantity.

At present there exists very few ways to police a government.washington-dc-city-skyline-pictures2 In my ignorance of things American, I was surprised to learn that Washington D.C. is, in fact, a city state, in the same way as the City of London and the Vatican. This can only make things more difficult, especially given the corporate nature of these places, where men swap hats as their representation shifts from the corporation to the people and back again. And lets face it, they aren’t going to police themselves any time soon.

If we were to suggest a system , whereby all government officials were assigned a member of the public to shadow them through their tenure of office, to sit with them in meetings, record phone conversations and after dinner small talk, and generally ensure that there was no monkey business, they would be the very ones to complain about human rights and privacy. But if they aren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to hide. Which is exactly what they tell us as they impose new restrictions and surveillance techniques upon us. A phrase involving a goose and a gander springs to mind along with questions we all should be asking, before we lose our voice completely.


more to come…

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Following Hours of Watching Video and Reading Articles…


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