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The Brexit Train Trundles On…

…and won’t be stopping any time soon after yesterday’s ruling in the High Court which says that Parliament should be involved in the decision making process leading to the invocation of Article 50. In fact, the Brexit train’s journey will have been lengthened by a significant period of time as MP’s discuss all the ins and outs.the Brexit train trundles on

From what I’ve been allowed to read, my understanding is that this case will have no bearing on whether we leave the EU or not. That’s already a done deal. What it does is to open the field of who will make decisions on our behalf, instead of decisions being made solely at Cabinet level, and allow Parliament to argue a universally agreed set of proposals which will benefit all of us.

In this day and age that sounds like a very democratic thing to do in what is becoming an increasingly less democratic society. However, I wonder if yesterday’s outcome was the purpose of bringing the case in the first place. I have a sneaking suspicion that the original aim may have been to overturn the referendum result. And, again, if my understanding of the situation is correct, that result still stands and we will exit the EU in democratic fashion. I only hope that the plaintiffs in this case didn’t get legal aid and sourced their funding privately.

Brexit, as a non-word, has become equivalent to swearing in Britain. It is a word used only in private conversations with people you know which side they are on.brexit2 Not something you would bring up in polite conversation with strangers. It is a word that has divided a nation already divided by many other social anomalies. Perhaps they should be called anti social, because none bring our people together.

Meanwhile, we will be subjected to updates on the mainstream news programmes. The ones where the news reader looks disdainfully at the camera, barely able to say the word “Brexit”, and spouts some utter nonsense about what Brexit has been responsible for today in his/her disapproving and patronising tone. His co-presenter has to sit silently, looking suitably pained, whilst maintaining the position of her/his nose in the air. You just know that, if it were allowed, their fingers would be wagging furiously and what they said would be nothing to do with what was on the autocue.

So we sit, and we wait, as the train is diverted to the scenic route where many obstacles are to be overcome.thomas-mader-2 As time goes by, new obstacles are placed in our way, and our destination becomes no more apparent. One can only acknowledge that this was the way it should have been done in the first place, and that much valuable time has been wasted during the process thus far, and I have little confidence in either side of the House to reach any kind of agreement which will truly benefit the people. A snap election may give the Tory party the edge they need to force legislation through unopposed, but would do little to enhance their popularity when the people realise they have been cheated once more.

The coming months will be interesting, as the situation we, as the West, have created in the Middle East becomes ever more fraught and has an impact on all of our countries and their social fabric.

In ending, I have to say that I noticed a headline which said that Britain was ready to stand up to the threat from Russia. Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I looked, the Russians were still in Russia minding their own business and defending their sovereignty, whilst NATO armies gather around them. I have no problem identifying the side to be on if “threatened” was the way I wanted to feel.


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The Brexit Train Trundles On…


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