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Computers and Smart Phones…

…let us believe that we are daringly stepping out onto the cutting edge of Technology. However, although it is new technology for us mere mortals, most if it is hand-me downs from the military, who have no requirement for it any They have no requirement for it any longer because they have already moved on to better, more advanced computers and technology, so what has been declassified can be released commercially.

The military need to be able to communicate and no one does communication better and this was where the internet that we all know and love today was born. It was called ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ), and went online for the first time in 1969. It didn’t become commercially and publicly available until 1991 when the World Wide Web was introduced. By which time the military were already another two decades ahead.

What got me interested was the increasing amount of attention that drones seem to be getting these days. I don’t mean the huge things that fire missiles at unsuspecting citizens, but the smaller ones that you and I can buy from Amazon or other reputable shopkeeper.

What also interested me is the speed with which these things became available with no natural transition from the radio controlled models which I built and flew. I would spend many hours building a model then fitting the servos which controlled the moving parts and a fuel driven engine. When it eventually took off there was a feeling of immense satisfaction and pride in all the tricky , fiddly work.

Nowadays, these drones are ready to fly straight from the box after a bit of charging of power cells.computers and smart phones The control box even has a screen on it now as the drone is fitted with a camera and the operator can easily guide his craft to wherever he desires. This ability massively increases the chances of getting the machine back in one piece also, as I ruefully recall losses and crashes which could have been avoided with this technology. A radio controlled helicopter was a notoriously difficult thing to handle and many hours had to be spent just learning how to make it hover a few feet above the ground, before any directional flight was undertaken. Drones don’t seem to be so difficult to handle and pilots have been known to use them to fly drugs and tobacco and other luxuries to prison cell windows from somewhere outside the prison walls.

I only found out recently that drone technology has existed, at least since 1962, drone2when a false flag attack was proposed on Cuba by the American Military (Operation Northwoods). This would involve two passenger airliners taking off from America and being replaced by two drone aircraft at some point in the journey. When the drone aircraft were in Cuban airspace they would explode and large loss of American lives would be reported, with the Cubans being accused of shooting them down. This would give the Americans a valid reason to commence hostilities. Having been approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the plan was ultimately rejected by President Kennedy and none of the operation was implemented.

I mention this because if they had that kind of technology way back then when I was fiddling around with balsa wood and super glue, I wonder what they are truly capable of now. We all hear about drone attacks in the Middle East and stories of pilots going to work in a business suit and sitting in an office all day, but if they are a couple of decades ahead of whatever we are allowed to see and hear, what kind of weapons do they have in store for the future.


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Computers and Smart Phones…


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