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Forgive Yourself Today (And Everyday After That!!)

From a young age, we are taught that forgiveness is important. I agree that it is important to Forgive, you can’t move forward without finding that strength. Yet, we focus a lot on forgiving other people rather than forgiving ourselves. So today, I am going to convince myself and you guys, that we need to find it within ourselves to forgive ourself.

When I make a mistake I beat myself up and feel stupid and frustrated; very stupid and frustrated actually. Its normal to feel this way, we want to be Perfect and have everything running like clockwork. Unfortunately, the reality is perfection is an illusion. I am realising this more and more each day, I used to look at celebrities and think they had perfect lives but now I know that’s just not the case. It’s the same feeling when you log into Facebook, everyone posts about how exciting their life is and you feel like you are merely existing.

The truth is celebrities, Facebook friends, co-works, neighbours, you and me, we all have good days and bad days. Most people choose not to post the daily grind on Facebook, it wouldn’t make for good reading. Updates like ‘just taking out the bins’ or ‘stuck in traffic’, nobody wants to read that!
But we all experience those things; even the most ‘successful’ people on this planet have to poop they don’t crap glitter! You are not perfect. We are not perfect and we must forgive ourselves for this.

Forgive your imperfections because that is what makes you a human being, they are part of  your beauty and your downfall. So what; if you don’t get full marks on a test! So what; if you are late for work this week! So what; if you choose to eat a tub of ice cream on the sofa instead of hitting the gym! It doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter if you have stretch marks, if you are short, tall, fat, thin, or if you don’t fit the media’s Bulls*** ideal  of ‘beauty’. Their ideal is fake, they photoshop beautiful people for no good reason.

We are not photoshop, we are real life. You can’t cut and paste the bad bits, the ugly bits, the damn right ridiculous bits, you just have to roll with it and if you make mistakes then roll with those too. Forgive yourself for the bad hair day or the junk food meal and then move on. We have bigger fish to fry and you can’t do that if you are fretting over things that really don’t matter.

P.S. from Cate –  Take a moment to revisit this brilliantly raw song by Beyonce, this is perhaps one of her best and most inspiring songs in my opinion as it explores the expectations of Women to be beautiful and how that breeds insecurity and an obsession with our imperfections. And instead of getting plastic surgery to fix your face or your body ‘It’s the soul that needs the surgery’ after all.

So Today (and every day from now) do yourself a favour and Forgive Yourself because at the end of the day you didn’t get to choose your outwards appearance, biology did so instead of worrying about what you look like cultivate the person beneath the flesh.

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Forgive Yourself Today (And Everyday After That!!)


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