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Think Big: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do it Right Away.

When we see big dreams, some big questions that comes to our mind are -

1. Why to have a big thinking, what is its benefit?

2. I can't, is not my cup of tea.

3. What will people say? The biggest disease is this term "what people will say"

Let's turn to speak on these points -

1. Why must think big

You must remember, as a child, Their was the subject of a drawing, in which drawing was made and we have to fill color in picture. If the color comes out of line marks are to be deducted and we also had to hear the remarks of teacher. friends, we have made our lives just like that, we have made a boundary around a yourself and we are afraid to get out of that line, we have assumed boundary to be our life. We do not take risks and take the cover off the whole life.

As a person who breaks their boundary takes risk and does something big, we are very happy to see him - hey, what's up, dude you have reached very far today, but we ourself do not get out of your shells. We have made our life limited. To break the wall we have to think large we have to dream big.

I will tell you a new trick today I'll tell you, your mind tells solutions to you according to your thinking.

Suppose you want to cross a river, what solution your mind will suggest?- "boat"

Now think of what the solution would come to mind if you have to cross the ocean - "the ship or the ship"

As you would think our brain gives us the solution. The biggest advantage of the thinking big is that you will begin receiving great solution.

Another big advantage of thinking big is that you will be guaranteed to reach somwhere in your life. I suppose you to thought to be the world's Greatest Doctor, maybe you will not become the world's greatest doctor, but at least you will become the biggest in Asia, if not in Asia, then in India you will become the greatest doctor, if not even in India then may be you will become at least best doctor of your city. But if you thought that I just have to be a little doctor of your city or district, you will not even become the greatest doctor in your street.

The third major advantage is that if you become a big man. The bread and reach millions of houses, because of you. If you become a big singer you will entertain millions, if you become a doctor to save life, you will save millions, if you become the owner of a large factory because of you the millions of people will get food, because of you the millions of people will get jobs.

2.  I can't, it's not my cup of tea.

Always remember, every human being who is successful today as it ever started very small. There is only a small beginning of all things.

"Start Small, Think Big"

Bill Gates, started the business from the back room of his house, and today he is the owner of world's largest company and founded Microsoft. Our former President A. PJ Abdul Kalam used to distribute the newspaper every morning in his childhood and later became the world's great scientist. these people's started small but their thinking always was big. It's not true that they weren't afraid, or discouraged, they also feel afraid, but the victory lies beyond fear.

3. What will people say? The biggest disease of all time - "what people will say" -

In the environment around us, which we'll get a lot of people will say -

- It's not your cup of tea.

- Have you seen your face

- Brother it is not so easy

So guys, I want to ask you a question that you believe these people more or you believe yourself? you know your own good, or these people's know more about you? You want to live your own way or their way of life?

This is your life, it do not give chance again and again, this is not a rehearsal, this is the life. you've lost the time that was gone. When you know that you are great , then why keep yourself behind because of these people's? People say things, it's their job.

Just remember folks about 10 years ago when we were younger, we had some dreams, but those dreams have drowned elsewhere today. Now think of your dreams today, you have a life if they could not be achieved in next 10 years from now how you will look like.

So guys, you have to change from today, today, you will have to think big. Swear to me today in this article that you will think big,

please write a comment below, "From today onwards I will think big, because I am the winner, I am the greatest person ever borned on this planet.

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Think Big: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do it Right Away.


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