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How To Become The Most Popular Person On The Planet.

Everyone likes to be Popular, to get people's around you begging for your attention. that's the great feeling aha! But do you ever wondered how some people's become so Famous. Have you ever thought why aren't you a famous person. people's are famous not for who they are but what they do. They aren't famous because they are humans, they are famous because what they say, how they say, what they wear, how they wear. what they do and how they do.

So if they are famous, why can't you be. What are the qualities that made them so attractive. Let's discuss.

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Decide for what you want to be famous for.

Do you want to beat the Shahrukh Khan and want to be the king of romance or you want to be know for the author of best selling novel. /first you have to decide for what you want to be famous for. This is the first step for becoming popular.

Careers in the field of art requires one to set oneself apart from others, they need to be the extremely confident. it requires you to be constantly in limelight and do weird stuffs to entertain people's. In this particular product you are like the product you have to sell yourself and that s what fame is when people know who you are without having you to introduce yourself.

It is not true that only artists are famous but any public figure qualifies for being famous, their are scientists who are world famous. Some of the cricketers and football players are more famous than Bollywood or hollywood actors and some politicians are their who qualifies for being famous.

A wealthy man can also be considered as popular as people recognizes him,  Doctor , lawyers and other people in public services can also become famous, for example "Anna Hazare" he is nor politician, nor an artist, but still is so popular than many of the people's. He is just the devotee of nation who likes to service the nation without any expectation. You don't need to be the Honey Singh for being famous.

You have to be the best.

If you consider any field and notice their is only one thing that makes some people more popular and some people are less popular and that is the Skill. People who are best at their skill are the one who are at the top of their field. You have to be the top of the peak. If you reach the peak everyone can see you from below. You will automatically gain all the attention. 

You have to devote yourself to entirely developing your skill, if you want to be the actor focus on being the great actor instead of thinking of fame because that is what is going to take you the peak, and once you reach the peak, people's are going to follow you, because they will have no other option other than following you.

If you look at the Sachin Tendulkar he is known as the God of the cricket because he has the brilliant cricketing skill not because he wanted to be famous.

Their are plenty of people's who are fame-seekers who don't know it and they devote their full time to advertise their music video, but no one is going to watch it unless it has some good music, it's better to wait unless you succeed at developing your skill. Because first impression is the last impression.

Their is plenty of singers in India but no one is as famous as Arijit Singh or Sonu Nigam because they have the skill that other singers lack.

Find your idols.

Find someone who is better than you in what you do and learn everything you can from them, suppose you want to be the singer find some local teachers and learn from them. after you become better than your teacher find someone else who is better than your teacher and copy them and become better than them. 

Choose your idol and practice your craft everyday and every night. Because fame is all about improving your craft. It is about the climbing the mountain and reach the peak from where everyone can see you.

You have to be unique.

This is the prime factor that determines the success o the individual after you have decided what you want to be and started developing your skill and became master of your art its time to think about your uniqueness. if you look at  anyone their is no one similar. Everyone has their uniqueness that sets them apart from others. 

I mean no one can play Helicopter shot better than Mahendra Singh Dhoni and he is famous for his popular helicopter shot because it is his uniqueness. it his his prime factor it his his quality in his craft that sets him apart from other cricketers and always stands out in the other players.

You have to develop your uniqueness once you develop your uniqueness it time to hold on it and sharpen your axe.

Brand Yourself

If you want to be famous think of yourself as the product and you are the sells man and you have to sell yourself, So how are you going to do it? Branding you have to convince people why you are the best. you have to market yourself and you have to prove why you are the best why you are unique.
The best way to brand yourself is to take every opportunity, never miss an opportunity because winners never do that and losers never become famous.

Make an action plan on how are you going to be famous and how are you going to brand yourself, how you can set yourself apart from others. It's your brand and it should dictate how you talk, what you talk, what you do, how you do.

Get the word out if you are really serious start something new advertise in local newspapers and Television and internet. Do everything you can because you can do it you are not a tree.

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How To Become The Most Popular Person On The Planet.


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